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    1967 657, Kohler 8hp converted to pull start, 6-12 Carlisle Tru power AG tires, ribbed fronts, old school swiss cheese pan seat and seat spring. Mid mount grader blade, back blade, aerator, dethatcher, garden trailer.
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  1. 2017 Apple Festival tractor show pictures

    Shea this was another guys. I've seen stacks like this at tractor supply.
  2. Great turn out this year! Excellent weather as well. Enjoy the pictures!
  3. Thanks shea! More horses at the Apple festival would be great! You sure are a ways away.
  4. Awesome hopefully I'll catch you guys! Dave we need some gtg's if there are!
  5. Yes it would Brian. This will be my 4th year showing the horse.
  6. Thanks guys! I'll upload pics from the show.
  7. You know I just realized what you are referring to. I was playing around with photo editor and ooops! That was the fish eye edit i failed to delete. Sure does distort my drive belt haha! Thank you, I love the slider. Always wanted one somewhere..... 😀
  8. Painted up the back blade and washed the old man. October 7th can't come fast enough, I'm excited! I failed to mention that the horses new stall is almost complete!
  9. The new horse stall is underway!

    After some research it looks like it may be a raider 10. The flywheel side of the engine and hood look similar. The house looks to be vacant, I'll knock on the neighbors doors and see whats up. I really want it! 😂
  10. The new horse stall is underway!

    I'll be honest every time a pass that house I stare at that tractor. I want it in the worst way. It looks to be a mid to late 60's something. Looks to have a 10hp ish kohler on it. Similar hood to my 67' 657.
  11. And my favorite part....excavation!

    Js my wife and I catch breakfast there almost every weekend. We only live a couple miles up 819 from there. Literally across the street from cherrywood golf course. In Truxall.
  12. And my favorite part....excavation!

    Thanks guys. Jeff that blade is nice! I plan on cutting it up again and fabbing up a pivot as well. Sure could use the angle. I cut my donated gravely blade in half or close to it. The other end I turned into a mid mount grader. I'm more of a fan of the back blade to be honest. I prefer it over the mid mount for snow removal. Much less stress on the horse than the blade up front. Works well in the gravel and dirt with the weights on. Where are you from js? Your welcome to swing by!
  13. And my favorite part....excavation!

    Thanks hillbilly