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  1. Does Onan still make small engines?

    Definitely true. My dads D160 motor was rebuilt once that was almost 30 years (previous owner and lack of oil) put close to 5k hours on 3 acres of lawn and never had an issue till it beat out a valve. In my book thats a pretty darn good engine that lived a long life.
  2. Does Onan still make small engines?

    Here we go. I'm not here to bash but personally I think onan is the better running engine in smoothness and power. Wheel horse didn't just throw the engine in the largest series just because (excluded XI modles) it made good power and could keep up with what you threw at it. Those engines were in just about anything garden tractor to generator/welders and lasted a long time. Briggs sure they're cheap and older models dont last because aluminum bores (most singles) to the lack of valve guides sure they'll run forever but they're gonna smoke. Yea I know onan has its infamous valve seat issue and what caused it was there was not enough interference fit (only .003) and it would come lose now if it had .005 or so it would've been fine.
  3. Anyone know why he's selling?
  4. engine quits 520hc

    Haha yea where are you at in PA? Besides that have you changed the plugs? If you have a hot wire to the coil it should have spark unless the IGN module is bad or the magnetic rotor is bad, also have you changed plug wires. Also make sure there are no wires caught up in the steering column grounding out.
  5. Snow blower is off the 416H and the mower deck is getting welded up and rebuilt
  6. Im so sorry to hear that im sure he'll be proud though lookin down on his son and that beautiful horse.
  7. Thoughts on a possible purchase?

    Tall shoots are more valuable compared to to the short shoots.
  8. Opened The Onan

    I dunno it looks fine to me maybe its just the camera making it looks sunk down but ive zoomed in and out and it looks flush with the surface to where it should be... And a block transfer isn't to bad just make sure you have all you gaskets and seals and run taps through all the holes in the cyl block to prevent stripping
  9. work horse Gt 1142

    Thank you! This helps out a lot
  10. work horse Gt 1142

    Thank you! :)
  11. Hey im ISO a work horse GT 1142 Wiring diagram so i Canget the colors and wherw the wires go so i can rewire the rats nest of broken and faded wires. Thanks
  12. backing up woes with 20HP hydro

    Thank boovuc its gonna have to wait there a snow storm coming and there saying 5-8 and some are saying 6-12 but i will get it fixed with the help of this.
  13. backing up woes with 20HP hydro

    I have noticed my 416H is doing the same all my mounting is good how do you go about adjusting the linkages
  14. Yes some have a back like was stated above open ball have a retaining ring
  15. The cages arnt riveted but are almost like a spring steel and fit in tight and press against the race to hold it