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  1. For the ones that have done a tricycle conversion with chain steering. What gear ratio do you use from the steering wheel to the front end? Thanks. Tom
  2. Wanted 654 Hood

    Looking for a Hood for a 654. Doesn't have to be perfect. Let me know. I am in Lancaster PA. Thanks. Tom
  3. Project: D160

    HaHa... Guess they would love this then, I am doing a Case Cadet. I like the 190 case sheet metal but not the hydraulic drive. I made a new rear frame extending it a little to make it proportionally correct and am using a cub gear rear. Right now it has a vertical shaft vanny in it. I am no purist by any means and my tractors work for a living. There are many that are restored to factory specs and I like that but prefer to be creative myself. I am building a "super" super cub diesel. It will use the yanmar diesel from a green 332 and am adding a turbo. Plan to use some of the other components from the greenie as well. People will talk, people will talk... I say have fun with your project! I have a D180 project tractor that now is a gear drive. (Wheel Horse gear rear) Tom
  4. Looking at a 416-8

    Do you want this as an original tractor? Or a good working tractor? If original by all means do the onan but for a working machine the vanny will way outperform the old flattie and use probably 40% less gas. I have repowered many tractors using modern ohv engines.
  5. Ranger or Not

    Thanks for all the info. I'm thinkin its a lawn ranger. If it quacks like a duck etc...
  6. Ranger or Not

    Yes I do mean the early round hood style. The one I just got (front half only) looks suspiciously like my round hood lawn ranger. I have a rear from a workhorse in it now. Don't care about the lift system as I plan to make it a puller for my new lawn tractor series.
  7. Ranger or Not

    Whats the difference between a Lawn Ranger and a "full" size? Besides the tires/wheels. Thanks. Tom
  8. Project: D160

    I have a D180 project tractor that now is a gear drive. Not sure yet what engine it will get. Tom
  9. Looking at a 416-8

    Why not sell the onan and do a Vanguard repower?
  10. 704 hood ?

    My email is toms580@yahoo.com What are the differences (besides tire size) between the full size and a Lawn Ranger? Thanks. Tom
  11. 704 hood ?

    Okay... A little more investigating. Brought it in the garage tonight. It came with 8" fronts and 12" rear tires not on the tractor , however after some gentle sanding on the belt guard it does say Lawn Ranger. I have a couple pics on my phone of it (have no idea how to get them on here though). If someone could email me I can forward them. Thanks. Tom
  12. 704 hood ?

    Is the 704 hood unique to that model? I bought a half tractor at an auction and think its a 704. There was no rear and no engine. I have a rear from a workhorse tractor that will make it whole and will find an engine for it. Probably an OHV recoil start. Thanks. Tom
  13. Breakage ?

    I think what I am going to do for the puller is make a spool and use a one piece axle with keyways for a long key instead of the half moon keys.
  14. Breakage ?

    I would like to know what breaks. I'm sure there are common failures. What fails on the differential? Are any of the gears weaker than others? I do not have a bad one but am going to use one for pulling and would like to know what I need to improve on.