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  1. C175 6x6

    I've got Sam he he
  2. C175 6x6

    Stroll on we will prob not that much he he
  3. C175 6x6

    A quick video of its abilities to climb
  4. Hi all this my latest project which is nearing completion it's a Wheelhorse C175 with two driven axles at the rear and a driven steering ache at the front it is powered by a two cylinder Kubota engine , power steering this has taken me nearly two yrs to think about and build Meadofield was my inspiration after seeing and driving C4 and Bendy il post more build pics in due course
  5. hello from Huddersfield uk

    I think it's a ball burne but close enough
  6. hello from Huddersfield uk

    You no me two well Mark
  7. Hi shadyady good start to your project , i must live quite near you well Sheffield I'm a big wheelhorse collector as well as some of my friends on our sister Forum my old machine , if you need any advice or after any parts give me a ping or if you are selling any parts let me no all the best on your restoration keep up the good work !
  8. 1981 C-175 8 SPEED

    It looks just like mine does at the moment good luck with your restoration
  9. Hi all as most of you may know I'm a bit of a wheelhorse Nut , and we all like to make and design our own attachment and adapt our machines to be as versatile as possible I've seen some original wheel horse generators on the net but they are very rare so I've decided to build one . I first started by sourcing a 240v Generator off that site . Then I've now been designing my own quick release cradle for it to sit in . Attached Thumbnails
  10. Can a Gt 14 deck fit a a C175

    Thanks for the information guys it's a real help I'm gonna see which is the best way forward when I get back to it on the weekend cheers James
  11. Hi all I've just bought a gt 14 mower deck and I want to know wether it will fit my C175 with out to much trouble thanks James
  12. Hi all I've just bought a gt 14 mower deck and I want to know wether it will fit my C175 with out to much trouble thanks James
  13. D200 restoration

    Cheers mate good idea
  14. D200 restoration

    It spelled tyres mate Lol