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  1. Points plunger question

    Have any of you had one warp and get stuck? The stuck plunger broke when we were trying to pull it out to replace it. It's the aluminum plunger. Has anyone been successful drilling the old one out?
  2. Where are you?

    Check!! Mug is on th C-160 in my profile pic
  3. 16 Kohler questions

    The old K series like the bigger batteries also.
  4. deck compatability

    It should fit. You will need to change the mule drive belt. A 48 inch may be to big a deck in tall thick grass. Look at your machine and the donor. If they both use the mid tach-a-matic (Which they should) they will be compatible. the 300's and 400's can use the same attachments as a lot of the older C series.
  5. Lubricant Question

    80W90 is fine 2 qts of what ever brand you feel comfortable with. I have a 1975 that had dino in it from the factory, and lasted until a seal went out in 2007. There was water in the oil when I drained it, so I filled it back up with synthetic lube.
  6. Benefits of using Seafoam especially for ONANs

    I've used the spray on my K series kohlers, and it seemed to make a difference. just use it sparingly in the fuel. I wound up replacing all my fuel hoses (like MalMac states)
  7. Mowing Wet Grass

    If you have to mow wet lawns; it is easier to drop the deck and scrape the wet grass. Once it has dried I've had to use a chissle and hammer to get the rock hard stuff off.
  8. Suburban International!

    Sweet!! :woohoo:
  9. Ready for the next truck project!

    Here is my new project (Why I haven't been posting) 85 El Camino
  10. Happy Birthday Daddy Don

    Belated Happy Birthday Daddy Don!
  11. Exploding Grinder Stone?

  12. Lawn Boy Push Mower Issue

    Have you cleaned out the exhaust ports lately? I seem to remember they would clog up sometimes, gradual power loss then die. The Solid state ignition would also go out on them, be running fine then just quit. I really like the old OMC engines they used to put on them.
  13. Yard sale find

    I found this aerator today for 5 bucks