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  1. 1977 D160

    Changed Status to Pending
  2. Tub Cart

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. 1977 D160

    Sorry, but I'm actually looking to free up space in the barn, not very interested in trades.
  4. Tub Cart

    I'm selling a tub cart I was gonna restore. Rusty but solid, small crack near the rear tounge where most have issues. $50 for forum members!
  5. 1977 D160

    I'm selling a 77 D160. I've had it kick on starting fluid, but was told the engine smokes a lot, comes with extra engine block that i was told was good, barely used 26x12-12 rear AG tires, still have small feelers on them in spots, comes with mower deck and snow blower. Both need a little tlc, but should work without much effort. Also has 3 point hitch and rear attachamatic bracket. Asking 650 elsewhere,, but 550 obo for you Redsquare folk. Thanks! Will add pics once I renew my supporter status.
  6. What's In Your Mirror?

    Thanks Craig! I've been keeping an eye out for an anniversary model for a while, just needs 2 or 3 little things, but now I'm all set for the show already! Haha
  7. What's In Your Mirror?

    One was brought back to it's home, in CT tonight .
  8. What's In Your Mirror?

    That's the plan!
  9. What's In Your Mirror?

    C175 Auto. Wish it was a series 2 or single cyl, but she's a good sounding motor. Just needs a carb cleaning.
  10. What's In Your Mirror?

    Sold the green machine for some red!
  11. What's In Your Mirror?

    Single blade!
  12. A bunch of old german cars used these fuses, You can get them at most auto parts stores. I've never taken the loader off of mine, so I cannot really be of assistance, sorry!
  13. about 315 lbs. its not fun trying to put it on, but it does mow like no one elses business. but yes, you have the correct mule drive. the one for the 60" deck has a goofy spring on it which no others do.
  14. 2 MORE DAYS :)

    All set! See you all tomorrow!