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  1. Selling a reproduction belt guard for a suburban. Used for front mounting attachments. The belt guard is an exact replica of the original one. Please contact if interested. Price includes shipping.
  2. Rj/Suburban Heat Shield

    Yes they are still available. Yes it is a reproduction made after the original one.
  3. Suburban/rj sickle bar and or reel mower

    Hi guys, Still looking for a front mount sickle bar and or reel mower that fits the suburban/Rj series? I will be going to the big show in June. Shoot me a price if you have one you are looking to sell. I know they are hard to find and am willing to pay for one. Thanks guys
  4. Wheel horse suburban reel mower

    Still looking for one if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. Wheel horse suburban reel mower

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a complete reel mower for a suburban tractor. I will be going to the show in June in PA. If you have one you are looking to sell please contact me. Thanks
  6. Rj/Suburban Heat Shield

    Hello, Im selling a heat shield for an Rj/Suburban series tractor. The shield comes with two mounting clips. Please let me know if you have any questions. Its $40 Shipped. I accept Paypal. Thanks
  7. I am currently looking for some wheel horse suburban/Rj attachments. Im interested in the reel mower, sickle bar and cultivator. I will be going to the show in June. If you are planning on bringing any attachments to sell please let me know. Thanks
  8. I'm interested in 2 suburban heat shields. my 1st preference is unpainted, or the others will do.

    I see you have these on ebay.

    will you take $40 for 2 shipped to:

    Jim Guenther

    303 Buchanan Dr

    P.O. Box 8

    Buchanan Dam, Tx 78609


    1. Bren48mc


      I could do two for 55 shipped to Texas. I have them on eBay for 40 a piece. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks 

  9. Reproduction Heat Shields

  10. Reproduction Heat Shields

    I'm selling reproduction heat shields. Take your pick! $35 per a shield. If you buy 2 shields I will give you the second one for $20. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  11. Reproduction Suburban Heat Shield

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Reproduction Suburban Heat Shield

    Yup I have several available in dark grey primer or brown. Whichever you prefer.
  13. Suburban series belt guards

    Here is a picture to show how it is mounted. It helps add extra protection. Here is a picture of one in use I found on google. It helps keep your feet away from the belt. Hope this helps
  14. Suburban series belt guards

    It covers a portion of the belt that drives the mower deck so it could be applied for mower deck use. Thanks for looking!
  15. Suburban series belt guards

    Selling a few belt guards for the suburban series tractors. The guard might also be compatible with the rj series. $50 a guard shipped.