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  1. Wheel horse plow

    Selling a wheel horse snow plow. Should fit many models. Have the angle handle also. Needs a cutting edge.
  2. k181 white smoke question

    Yeah that's what i was thinking pfrederi. This tractor has tons of hours on it. Ill probably just leave it be until it needs the rebuild. Was just kind of curious what would have caused it. Thanks for the super fast replies!
  3. k181 white smoke question

    Hey everyone my b-80 ive had for a long time and just started having a problem this summer. When the engine gets warmed up good and hot when i idle the engine down it will puff a little white smoke i was wondering what you guys think would cause this? Could it be a blown head gasket?
  4. Wheel horse 520

    Update i messed with the float in the carb now its not getting enough fuel.
  5. Wheel horse 520

    Hi im selling my wheel horse 520h. The tractor will run but it seems to be getting to much fuel and bogs down. Tractor ran great last year ive owned the tractor about 2 years. It started having this problem after sitting for the winter. Would also be interested in trades for a newer riding mower make me a trade offer!
  6. Looking for wheel horse snowblower

    Yes it does it has the idler pulleys and the 2 belts. Ill grab some pics as soon as i can
  7. 518 runs odd once warm

    I had a 416h that would run good cold then it would start to surge when it got warmed up. It ended up being the float in the carb.
  8. Looking for wheel horse snowblower

    Looking for a wheel horse snowblower to fit a c-125. Im willing to trade a wheel horse tiller i have for a good blower. Near Binghamton ny.
  9. Grader blade

    I imagine that it would work on a 520h
  10. Grader blade

    I had it on a c 125. Not the highest ground clearance though. I put a new cutting edge on it i think it might be to wide.
  11. 416-8 PTO Issues

    Did you try adjusting the trunnion at the pto? My b-80 used to do that until i turned it a few turns.
  12. Raider 12 overheating

    Have you checked the air filter? That would be the first thing i would check if you havent replaced it.
  13. Grader blade

    Selling this grader blade for wheel horse tractors. Its a homeade blade but works really good. No longer need it.
  14. Wheel horse c-121

    Selling this wheel hose c-121 hydro. This tractor needs some work but has alot of potential. This tractor will run on gas sprayed in the carb but not on its own. This tractor also does not charge the battery. The tractor itself is in pretty good shape. The hydro on it is very strong. Its been sitting for around a year. I can show the tractor running.
  15. I put on one of those in line hand primer pumps they work pretty good. Like this. Just make sure you get the right size for your fuel line. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/182005970824?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true