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  1. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    A family emergency has made me have to list it. I listed my motorcycle too, and I'm praying that it goes first. Then I can keep the horse. Priorities priorities, the bike doesn't plow worth a damn anyway.
  2. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    As soon as I figure out how to get files small enough to post I'll show some pictures. I used a rock shaft and bushings from another D200 to build it. I like it! I know what my new decals are going to say!
  3. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    What do you mean "laying on it's left side? Thanks, it's made from 3/16" wall steel sprinkler pipe bent on an exhaust bender.
  4. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    That's an ammo can with pins, tools,and chains inside
  5. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    I have a lot more pics if I can figure out how to make them small enough to post.
  6. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    I lucked out and bought a running K582 off fleabay for $51. I had to drive 9 hrs to pick it up, but totally worth it.
  7. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    I finally got it mechanically sound, my next project is to get some paint on it They make a huge difference handling snow. Don't know how I lived without them
  8. Wanted to show you guys my d200

    This is my hardest working member of the family. It has a K582 swap for 23 hp, home made ROPS bar that is also an air tank, home made manifold and stack, home made foot operated directional control. It has the 3pt and pto, but no steering brakes. Wanted to see what you guys thought about it.
  9. D200 engine swap?

    This is her.
  10. D200 engine swap?

    The hour meter was broken when I got it, and I've put about 1200 hrs on myself. I can safely say, A LOT, lol. It was my fault, I was running some Lucas and 20w50 oil working it it 90-100 degree heat this summer. I'm fully convinced if I had changed back to straight 20w50 without Lucas I'd be fine right now. The journal on the crank is covered in galled aluminum, which looks like lack of lube to me. It was 9 degrees out when she went, and I got in a hurry and didn't do my normal cold weather several minute warm up either. I feel dumb, but I'll have it back up and running ASAP.
  11. D200 engine swap?

    I have an old D200 tractor, that I just love and use a daily basis. The other day while moving a trailer in the back yard, and Bang!, it broke a rod. I'm not having any luck finding parts for the Kohler K532 that's on it, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried or heard of swapping in a 20hp Kohler magnum? I have a good magnum engine, and snow season is upon me. Can it be done feasibly?