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  1. Hi can anyone on here point me in the right direction to find out the above dimensions i.e., length width ,wheelbase I can't seem to find this information any where on here many thanks nigel
  2. Wheel Horse and snow removal

    That's a nice bit of kit max
  3. Getting a man cave !

    Does it lift up and down jeff 🙄
  4. K91 govener stiff

    Right thanks for all your help I will try carb or brake cleaner first and let you know whether it solves the problem, just a note, I have not had this engine apart but it has been standing since before it was imported from the USA quite a few years ago, but like Ian says it starts and runs with no smoke if you work the governer by hand
  5. K91 govener stiff

    Umh ! Many thanks for the diagrams, looking at them I still can't understand why my crossshaft is so tight ? Any ideas please
  6. K91 govener stiff

    Hi we had all that off but the shaft is still very stiff has anyone got a diagram of what's on the other end of the shaft to give us some idea what's going on and any ideas on sorting it please
  7. No Steve it would of fallen to bits, all we have done is cleaned it right out ( there was not a lot of rust in it ) flushed it then today ian wasn't in so I put tank sealer in, a lot of it 😁Now we will leave it for a week to go hard and hope it's filled the holes, it's worked in the past for us, but we will see
  8. 1955 RJ belt sizes ?

    Thanks Gary just what I needed 👍🏻
  9. 1955 RJ belt sizes ?

    Thanks boys
  10. I have looked and can't find any info for the drive belt size, anyone know what they are please
  11. Humpty Dumpty..

    Get well soon jim
  12. 1960 suburban colour ?

    Just waiting for decals noeNoe
  13. Rj 35 and 1960 suburban decaals

    Ok mark get printing then please asp
  14. Can anyone help me out with Picts and dimensions of decals for a 1955 rj and a 1960 suburban please so I can get some made in the uk
  15. It's the showman😁👍🏻