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  1. Landed a 520H finally

    I have had good results with this method: Try soaking with your favorite penetrating oil. While they are soaking for a day or two. Locate a set of left hand drill bits. The idea is if the bit grabs the broken bolt will wind itself out. Remember drill motor set counter clock wise!
  2. NGK or Champion?

    The southern coast is now the peoples republic of Maine. Transplants and people from away. "We love Maine", now we make just it like where we came from.
  3. NGK or Champion?

    I'm probably going to regret this, since spark plug preference is similar to what brand of car/truck do you like. But on the other hand, as a golf course equipment manager I deal with what plug/gap is appropriate for the application all the time (love the overseas engines with no name plugs). Example: the go to plug for B&S engines, for years was J8. In the 80s we substituted J17/J19 (same gap) in all applications. J8s didn't play well with unleaded fuel back then. So even if you have the original manual, cross check with the latest application chart for the plug manufacture you use. Things do sometimes change. As to plug preference a change to NGK, was my choice, across the board, when I took this job. More heat ranges/better coverage over the others brands (local availability). All equipment is standardized with NGK at first annual maintenance. All plugs are changed every year (cheap insurance). Some of the small engine manuals claim 200/400 hrs for change out, don't believe it. Note to Mainers: If you are running non ethanol fuel in a Maine registered motor vehicle, according to my av gas dealer, it is illegal. In Southern Maine their watching! Be careful.
  4. Story of the Plum Tractor WHEEL HORSE 312-8 Classic Tractor 1990 Mod# 31-12K801 We named Biddeford. Purchased locally in November 2015. Ran out well, but the P O informed me that several years ago the tractor was rolled over. The only noticeable damage was a twisted hood and bent steering wheel. So with a 42” R D deck, single stage sno-tho and the right price I snatched it up. As you will see in the pictures battery acid had its effect on the tower, tunnel and gauges, requiring a frame-up repaint. The wife, checking in on my progress asked if tractor rebuild #5 could be any color other than red? I replied that there were not too many optional colors used. She proceeded to walk across the garage and pointed to the post card on the wall, what about these colors? Getting the flames right could be an issue, was my reply. Don’t want the flames. By the way Terry has a Carbon Set with flames on it (someone has been looking over my shoulder). I get to pick the shades of Plum & Yellow, you do what you need to do to make the tractor look good. Let’s see,Don-t Scare Me.pdf one purple paint job for an unlimited budget? WooWoo, new tires all around. And that’s the story of the plum tractor.
  5. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Caught the sun yesterday and here are some pictures. #1 group shot, #2 Standish, Carmel & Arundel, #3 Canaan, & Livermore, #4 Biddeford. Enjoy!
  6. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Peacemaker-Jack, As soon as we get a sunny day I'll round up the heard, and if they will stand still long enough pictures will be posted.
  7. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    Great Thread! Mine were named out of desperation. Everyone said they all look alike, although they really don't. At least I don't think so. So here goes. Three 520H: Standish, Carmel, Arundel. 516H: Canaan, Livermore. 312-8: Biddeford. As you may have guessed each one is named for the town or city in Maine they came from.
  8. 520H Backfires under load

    Greetings, Have you checked the RPM @ full throttle? The factory spec is 3600RPM Picked up a 93 520H last fall. Had a noticeable miss. Found max RPM @ 4200, set to spec, problem went a way. Hope this helps.
  9. 40" mid mount blade on 520h

    Item #13 (about 6" long) will line up with one the trunnion position holes. The lift arm will need to be removed or loosely tied out of the way. This is how I set mine up to get positive down pressure. Sorry, this is on the 50" blade but should be adaptable to the 40"
  10. 48" plow?

    The thick blocks do serve as a useful function, they lower the pivot point, allowing the longer frame to raise the blade to the same height in the up position. The this setup is on the 1994 I just purchased. the blocks appear to originally been painted red.