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  1. 520H Backfires under load

    Greetings, Have you checked the RPM @ full throttle? The factory spec is 3600RPM Picked up a 93 520H last fall. Had a noticeable miss. Found max RPM @ 4200, set to spec, problem went a way. Hope this helps.
  2. 40" mid mount blade on 520h

    Item #13 (about 6" long) will line up with one the trunnion position holes. The lift arm will need to be removed or loosely tied out of the way. This is how I set mine up to get positive down pressure. Sorry, this is on the 50" blade but should be adaptable to the 40"
  3. 48" plow?

    The thick blocks do serve as a useful function, they lower the pivot point, allowing the longer frame to raise the blade to the same height in the up position. The this setup is on the 1994 I just purchased. the blocks appear to originally been painted red.