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  1. 5' deck for sale

    If this fits a 520xi let me know.
  2. I have a good 48inch deck  if your interested give me a all at 618-694-9372

  3. 48" sprung deck, 520xi

    Yes, looks like a similar situation. I'll have to think about how to use a ratchet strap for this. How did you use a ratchet strap, with the deck on and hooked it to what? Your bracing is impressive. Once I figure out how to pull the deck back in shape I will find a welder to do something similar. The vacuum for the power bagger puts a lot of weight on the right side. I see a lot of flex in my deck with the weight of the vacuum on the right side. I'm interested in hearing if you experience any issues as you start to use the power bagger. I use mine mostly in the fall to pickup leaves.
  4. 48" sprung deck, 520xi

    I did lower the right side gage wheel to get me by for now. The deck in the classifieds is a bit too far for me. I see a few methods to fix a deck including the one in the youtube link and I see something about drilling holes to put in a rod so you can bend it back in place. I would guess I need to tear down the deck and get some good measurements. Perhaps the stiffening plate is slightly bent. There might be a metal fabrication shop nearby that can help out.
  5. 48" sprung deck, 520xi

    Good things to check but the above is mostly not applicable in my case. Over the last 15 years I've hit a number of stumps and it always seems to be on the right side. This Spring I hit another stump and the deck is really off now. IN the fall I usually use the vacuum bagger system and that does seem to be a bit rough on the right side. The deck baffles on the right have two cracks that are at least an 1/8" wide that I've ignored for a few years. Although, I will review the lift arms and how they drop. However, my measurements are showing the right side down considerably from the left.
  6. 48" sprung deck, 520xi

    Yes, the right side is close to an inch lower than the left.
  7. I need to fix my deck. Anyone have luck leveling a sprung 48" deck? I saw this video on you tube so perhaps something similar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk1zwvMKhmg
  8. 520xi battery light

    Looks like I have the same problem. Anyone resolve this issue yet? Wiring or the regulator? My battery is charging just fine.
  9. 520xi starting issue

    Battery is old so I will replace it. The terminals were dirty so it might be just the battery. Will check the other connections while I have it apart.
  10. My 520xi is having trouble starting. Sometimes when I try to start it I hear the click of the solenoid but it doesn't turn. Usually trying a few more times and it will turn over and start. The manual mentions something about servicing the starter. Does the service consist of cleaning or replacing the brushes? Brushes look a bit pricey when I looked for them. Also, I'm going to replace the battery. The Interstate workaholic battery has worked quite well! Hopefully the new ones are just as good!
  11. 520xi side light kit

    No chance to miss you in the dark! I would guess the kit I saw is just a solid light on the side of the bezel.
  12. I was curious if anyone knows what the side light kit is for a 520xi or similar in the series?
  13. Adjusting a mowing deck

    I put on new front wheels but not the back and now I see my front wheels are digging in. It sounds like I should also replace the back wheels and probably adjust the jack screw. I also noticed the deck seems to tilt a little to the right hand side. Besides using the jack screw what other adjustments are there for left/right? I have a 520 xi with a 48 inch deck.