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  1. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Really enjoy looking at all the pics. Thanks Mrs. Rules!
  2. I've managed to get a little more done this week. I had to shorten and bend the trans hi/lo shift lever to get it where I wanted it, I also added a brace to stiffen it some then cut a slot for it in the tunnel cover. There was some play in the frame where the drive belt idler pulley shaft goes thru it so I reamed the holes out and added bushings to fix that. Then I cut a pair of foot rests from a B series tractor down to fit this Ranger and added a couple of braces to the frame to support them. I've still got a little tweaking to do to them but I'm pretty happy with how they fit. I decided to use a different steering wheel so I need to get the seat mounted and figure out what height I want the steering wheel to be. In the pic it's mounted to the original Ranger steering shaft and I think it might be too low.
  3. Rest in Peace JimD

    Hate to hear this. Rest in peace Jim.
  4. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thank you for the pics, Mrs. Rules! You always do a great job posting them!
  5. Happy Birthday, guys! Enjoy the show Caleb!
  6. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday, Terry!!
  7. I started piecing this thing back together to see what modifications I need to make before paint. I had to modify the R.H.side panel and the tool tray to clear the hi/lo shift lever and the tranny dipstick on the 8 speed.
  8. RJ refresh

    Lookin good, Tom!
  9. Richard, I found a video on youtube of a guy modifying a hand lever and it looks like that might be the way to go,espicially while the boys are so young. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Interesting. I’d sure like to see pics of that setup.
  11. I pick this Ranger up a few years ago with the intention of building something my grandkids can drive when they get a little older. I took it apart a while back (a long while back) and it's been sitting on the shelf. I've gotten rid of the Tecky and the mower deck, I have a K161 pull start Kohler I'm gonna put in it and I'm planning on adding a second clutch pedal so the kids can reach it as well as a set of running board style foot rests to keep their feet out of the back tires. I've also got an 8 speed tranny here so I'm going to see if I can make it fit too. This tractor is gonna get a rattle can paint job, it's just easier with my limited shop space and the kids will likely scratch it up anyway. I took a few parts to get blasted yesterday and got those back today, I think I'm going to mock up the frame, tranny, engine and seat pan before I paint those pieces. I'm going to need to add a 3/4" rod to the frame for the extra pedal and some kind of bracket for the foot rest and probably have to add a mounting tab to the drive belt cover so it'll fit the Kohler. I picked up a set of tires from Miller Tire and have those mounted, at this point I'm still painting the rear rims so I won't inflate those tires until the paint drys.
  12. New Horse Hauler

    Now that's a truck! Very nice, Karl!
  13. Rick, these are the only pics I had of how the lift lever and motion control lever hook up. Hope they help.
  14. Rick, it’s been a while and I’ve only done it once but I think you need to remove the access panel located under the ignition switch and unhook the motion control lever and the hyd lift lever and remove them before or with the dash. The plastic cone is attached to the plastic dash with 4 screws from the back side.