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  1. Happy Birthday WHX12

    Happy Birthday, Jim. That's a pretty nice present you got there!
  2. Utility trailer upgrades

    That's a nice upgrade to your trailer, Jay.

    Continued prayers, Duke, for a full and speedy recovery.
  4. Sometimes you just know...

    Looks like you did good, Craig!
  5. R.I.P. Jim. Prayers sent.
  6. Daughter caught "Red" handed

    Looks like she's having fun, Craig.... You might be done mowing for the year.
  7. A Few of the Carts & Such.

    That magic shed is full of nice stuff!
  8. I don't have the specs on the grass rod, Jim. Sorry.
  9. Here are the specs again, seems photobucket no longer lets me share them.
  10. What "brand" did you grow up with??

    My Dad had a Case garden tractor, model 155 I think, 10hp with a 38" deck and hydro drive. We also had a Swisher "Ride King".
  11. Some Pics from Zeek

    Thanks for the pics, Zeek.
  12. 854 with Wide Ags

    Those back tires look great on there, Steve.
  13. I Love A Parade!

    Thanks for the great pics, Richard.
  14. 854

    Tom, there's a nice original over in Rosemount if you can figure out how to talk him out of it.