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  1. Happy Birthday Terry!!
  2. A Sobering Day

    Sorry to hear this Ed, I'll keep Mark and your family in my prayers.
  3. Any recommendations

    Thanks guys, we are planning a cemetery tour and Craig the benets' will definitely be sampled.
  4. My wife and I are heading to New Orleans in a few weeks to visit the WWII Museum. Neither one of us have been there before, anybody got any suggestions on where to eat or what to see? I think we're only gonna be there about 3 days.
  5. Happy Birthday Lane!!

    Happy Birthday Lane!
  6. Kids Lawn Ranger

    Nice build Mike! These Rangers are perfect for the little ones.
  7. Mike, the cable clamp bolted to the engine I found in my Dad’s auto parts store back in the 70s. They sold and serviced push mowers back in the 50s and 60s and it was a leftover part from that. I had a few of them at one time but this is the last one I have. The clamp up by the governor was in my junk drawer too. Not sure where it came from.
  8. Mike, I had to get longer cables, here’s how I ran the throttle cable.
  9. Best snow removal pictures

    A few years ago.
  10. Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  11. Happy Birthday Tim!!

    Happy Birthday Tim!
  12. Thanks... Yeah it’s original paint.
  13. Kubota Parts

    Bob, You might post a classified on the "Orange Tractor Talks" forum if you're looking for used parts. If you want new parts and don't have a dealer out there, there's a dealer about 15 miles from me. If need be I could get the parts and ship them to you.
  14. Happy Birthday Denny

    Thanks guys!