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  1. I don't know the answer to your questions, Ed but I do like the spring tension setup also. This is the first time I've seen this type of mule drive. Here's a better pic of it without the cover. An interesting note, neither one of these pulleys had a bearing retainer clip in them. I don't know why they stayed in place.
  2. It is a 5-0601 deck, Bob. Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks, Ed. It's not like new but I've fixed the cause of her biggest concern, the tractor jumped when she let out on the clutch pedal. A good used input pulley and a nice set of rear hubs took care of that. Along the way I tried to make this thing as dependable as I could and stay within a certain budget. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it came out, the hubs were donated by a fellow member and I was able to correct an overcharging problem with a good used Rect/Regulator that I had on the shelf. The only other big ticket items were the blades and belts, the rest was all small normal wear items plus a couple of things that were missing that Shirley wanted to replace, the steering wheel cap and hub caps. Shirley was a little surprised when I told her that one of our vendors (Glen Pettit) makes and could supply those items. Thanks Glen! I also have some of that grip tape that I'm gonna try to talk Shirley into letting me put on the footrests for safety reasons.
  4. I sure enjoy doing it, Paul but I've got a couple of my own that have been apart way too long. I need to get back to those one of these days. lol
  5. I finished up Shirley's Raider this morning and put one of my seats on it so I could take it for a spin, she took her seat to see about having it recovered. To me the seat just sitting on the seat pan is too low so I put a set of springs under it to raise it up and give it a little better ride. I'll have Shirley try it out and decide if she want to leave the springs on or not. This has been fun to go over and fix what I could and should make a dependable mower for several years to come. I sorta hate to take this back to Shirley, it's a really nice original.
  6. 1533 Bearing Removal

    This is what I use. A piece of flat steel, 1/8"x3/4"x1-1/8" and a 10" long punch (brass bolt). Cut the flat steel just long enough to slip thru the inner race of the bearing, place it as pictured and tap it out from the outside. Move the flat from side to side on the bearing as you drive it out.
  7. New Horse Hauler

    That's a very nice truck, Aldon! Congrats!
  8. Cab install, HELP NEEDED, 416-8

    That’s a nice outfit, Glenn! I bought a cab for mine a few weeks ago but won’t pick it up until Next month. I’m sure i’ll Be referring to this thread when I install mine... Good work!
  9. Good bye to an old friend

    Sorry for your loss, that's always tough. We went through that with our dog several years ago.
  10. Got the engine cleaned up and mounted, wiring's done and got a package of goodies from Glen Pettit today ..... Not a whole lot more to do until some parts get here.
  11. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I retired a little over a year ago but I drove these for a fertilizer and chemical company since 1989. Now I work for these guys.
  12. Made a little progress today, found a couple of small cracks in the seat pan so I welded those up. Got the rear rims blasted, one rear tire had a lot of goo in it, what a mess to clean up. Working on cleaning up the engine now, getting it ready to put back on.
  13. Some old parts on an old K90 Kohler

    Looks like you've got your work cut out for you on this one, Lane. Keep us posted on your progress.
  14. Well, I've started to go back the other way on this thing. Got the tranny put back together, the brake pad glued back to the band and a good start on making a new wiring harness. Shirley's decided to use the old tires (which are hard as a rock) so I picked up 4 tubes today, she wants the rims painted so I need to get those blasted. I've done about all I'm gonna do to the deck, replaced all the studs that hold the belt cover on, made a new shaft for the front roller and the one the lifting frame rides on, both were wore pretty good. Put new blades on, freed up the idler pulley slide bar, welded in a new idler pulley mounting bolt and replaced the gauge wheel bolts with ones the correct length. I'm waiting on a new belt and idler pulley and the deck will be done. I also got the mounting tab welded back onto the dash stand and have almost all of the parts cleaned up and ready for assembly. I'm hoping the parts I have ordered will show up this week and a member here has donated a nice set of rear hubs so Thank You for those!