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  1. New addition to the garage family

    That a nice looking ol cub! Congrats on the addition.
  2. The time has come.

    Good luck, Jim! You'll be in my prayers.
  3. New to the herd

    A couple of nice ones, Tom. Looks like your grandson has already laid claim to one.
  4. Happy Birthday 19richie66

    Happy Birthday, Richie!
  5. Happy Birthday Paul!

    Happy Birthday, Paul!
  6. One of those days

    Sorry to hear that, Ed. A couple of weeks ago I left my leaf blower at a cemetery that I mow, went back to get it a few hours later when I realized that I'd left it but it was gone. Ugh!!
  7. Good to see you here with another project, Mike. I'll be watching.
  8. Picked up a tall chute blower

    You're probably right, Mike but we're about due for some. Last year we didn't get enough to cover the ground.
  9. Picked up a tall chute blower

    Thanks... I'm not sure if they stall out or not, I'll just watch it when I use it and try not to take it to the end of it's travel. We'll see how that works.
  10. I recently picked up a nice single stage tall chute blower for my 520 and decided to put an electric chute motor and an actuator on it. After researching different threads here on the forum I decided to use a 4" actuator (ebay) and an electric seat motor (Amazon). I cut the seat motor shaft then turned it down on the lathe to fit a coupler that i picked up from McMaster Carr, then ground a flat spot on the shaft for the set screw. I also made a new shaft for the worm gear so I could keep the original shaft in case I need to use the hand crank again and I added a shaft support to the mounting bracket. I made a bracket for the switch box and used a couple of momentary rocker switches to control the motors and used a couple of Weather Pac connectors in the wiring harness so I can unplug the wires under the hood when I take the blower off. Right now I'm not going to put any limit switches on the rotation motor, I'll add them later if I need them. I still have a few things to finish up, I'm going to cut a piece of inner tube and zip tie it over the chute motor to help weatherproof it and I need to insulate some wiring from the muffler heat etc but overall I'm happy with the way it turned out..... And my wife finally got tired of listening to me complain that I needed a welder and bought me one for my birthday.
  11. Happy Birthday Terry!

    Happy Birthday, Terry!
  12. Good deal.....Bob Maynard told me about the bolt pattern being different than most and I have the same seat that's on his 416.
  13. Looks good, Craig!

    Happy Birthday, Lane!
  15. Praying for you, Richie and all of Florida.... My daughter and S.I.L. from Tampa left last night and are now near Montgomery, Alabama headed home. They avoided the interstate and had little problem with traffic and were able to find gas near Tallahassee.