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  1. My Dad had a Case garden tractor, model 155 I think, 10hp with a 38" deck and hydro drive. We also had a Swisher "Ride King".
  2. Thanks for the pics, Zeek.
  3. Those back tires look great on there, Steve.
  4. Thanks for the great pics, Richard.
  5. 854

    Tom, there's a nice original over in Rosemount if you can figure out how to talk him out of it.
  6. I'll take the blame, Tom. 👍 You're gonna like that tractor when it's done.
  7. Happy Birthday, Bob!
  8. Happy Birthday, Ken!
  9. Looks great, Steve!
  10. I'm not gonna make it this year, Steve. Got a wedding in Nashville that weekend.
  11. Happy Birthday, Karl!
  12. I think that's the correct amp gauge.
  13. Congrats, Bob! Lots of good info in those 10,000 posts.
  14. Happy Birthday, Richard!
  15. The more I look at that 606, the more I like it. You did a nice job bringing it back to life, Craig! Those painted hub caps look good on there!