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  1. First Haul of 2018

    Nice find. They are still out there. Glenn
  2. R. Lee Ermey 1944-2018 Thanks for Everything

    I really liked his style. I have an autographed picture from him to me. The infamous jelly donut scene from Full Metal Jacket. Best movie I ever saw. RIP Gunny. Glenn
  3. Happy Birthday Don!

    Happy belated Birthday Don. Glenn.
  4. Snow shot Sunday!

    Super nice action shots, that baby really throws the white stuff. Glenn
  5. Snow shot Sunday!

    Rain here, cold to. Cone on good weather. Glenn
  6. Wildfires here in Oklahoma

    Yes, be safe. Thats frightening. Wow Glenn
  7. New Girl on the Block

    Quite a collection there Ed. I dont know where you "hide" them all.. Glenn
  8. New Old Owner!

    . Nice to have you here. Glenn
  9. Shop Stereos. What does everyone use?

    I had a 30 year old panasonic with BIG speakers. It finally blew up. Now I need something. Lol. Didnt get anything yet, waiting till we move. Glenb
  10. Happy Birthday Stigian

    Happy belated wishes. Glenn
  11. New workshed/Stable

    Good project. Nice find. Glenn
  12. You want what ... For THAT?

    Wheres the cab, cab lights, snowthrower, rear weights, gold plated snow chains. Glenn

    Glen, I wish you a fast and full recovery. I am praying for you. From the guy in New Jersey that spells the name right. Glenn
  14. the 953 repaint and semi restore has started!

    Nice start on the engine. Looking good. Glenn
  15. New to me truck

    Very nice, best of luck. Glenn