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  1. Help—to buy or not to buy

    I like the duals coming out the back. Glenn
  2. Happy Birthday Jay

    Happy birthday Jay. And many more. Glenn
  3. Happy Birthday Glenn!

    Gentleman, thanks for all the birthday wishes. The day was busy, still moving "stuff". On a good note, we listed our old home Tuesday, it sold the first day. So now theres more to do. But the day was enjoyable, long as your doing things with family, its our most important thing, wife, kids. Thanks again, you wheel horse folks are my family to. Glenn
  4. Newbie (Scotland )

    Hey Tommy, glad to have you here. . Glenn
  5. Unexpected 603

    I second the patina, great looking. Glenn
  6. Happiest kids on the block

    You have a great life. The smiles tell it all. Glenn
  7. 1077 99% complete

    SWEET! What more can I say. A+ Glenn
  8. New shoes for 520

    They set it off, first class. Glenn
  9. Tobacco Road GT14

    Fantastic save. A whole new horse. Glenn
  10. Gift Horse

    What a beauty, best of luck. Glenn
  11. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    Or a magic shed like Craig has... Glenn
  12. Hello All - New to Site

    Ron,a great story and a fine picture. The best part is your history of that horse. Someone will chime in on a replacent seat and the wheel horse wanted section is a good place to start. Glad you joined us. I see a few more in your future, its addicting. Ask us. . . Glenn
  13. 4th of July photo opp

  14. American made...American proud!

    Happy 4th of July. Glenn
  15. Happy Birthday Martin & Meadowfield

    Sorry for belated birthday wishes. Glenn