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  1. All three horses

    I have only 3 myself. Nice group shot. Glenn
  2. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    Good detective work finding it, I have been busy with the new home. Will start a thread on it, there's been drawbacks. Be good Jim Glenn
  3. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    Getting rid of machines is tough. But, in the future they can be replaced. I keep telling myself that now I am down to 3. Glenn
  4. Scored a wheel horse snow cab!

    Great find. You will enjoy it. Glenn
  5. 520h

    Best of luck with your new machine, it will do the job. Glenn
  6. A little walk-around the 400 today.

    Another beauty. Nice ride. Glenn
  7. Leaf pickup/mulching with Rear Engine Rider.

    Thanks Scott, was just curious on it. Years back I sent you the parking brake adjustment information when I did my 854 over. Sometimes I think maybe I should have left it in its old clothes. Good to see you posting. Glenn
  8. Leaf pickup/mulching with Rear Engine Rider.

    Hey Scott, good to see you, it's been a while. Ever get your 854 Done? Glenn
  9. My New 416-8

    Best of luck and Glenn
  10. 2017 Pioneer Power Le Sueur, MN

    THANK YOU, everyone posted great pictures. It's amazing the variety of machines still out there. Glenn
  11. Hurricane Irma: Bad news for Florida

    Glad to read everyone was good, most of my family and friends in Florida were good to, the power outage was the biggest, storm surge and stuff as predicted worked out differant to many other spots. Keep the faith folks, all is good. Glenn
  12. Happy Birthday Terry!

    HI Terry, happy birthday. Medicare will be sending your card. Lol Glenn

    Denny, geez, all I can say is a belated happy birthday to you. Sorry I missed it. Glenn
  14. Happy Birthday Tim!!

    Tim, sorry for missing your birthday. Glenn
  15. Happy Birthday Steve

    Steve, my friend. My only defense is I haven't been on much. So sorry to have missed your birthday. Hope it was fantastic. Glenn