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  1. I would like a weight, lights and nice fat tires for my 854 to. Looks great Steve. Really nice. Glenn
  2. Off to a good start. Clear pictures to. Glenn
  3. Really really makes it pop. Me Like! Glenn
  4. holy smokes, Jay hope you folks are ok. you will get them tractors back to perfect, just hope your good. Glenn
  5. James, thanks for the variety of pictures, you take nice shots. The scenery pictures were a bonus. Very beautifully area. Glenn
  6. Craziest looking thing I ever saw. Looks dangerous to, but I am a chicken with that contraption. Glenn
  7. Thanks Mike, every picture helps the addiction. Glenn
  8. A bunch of gold, good stuff. Glenn
  9. Steve, thanks for sharing. Great! Glenn
  10. Stunning. Real nice Glenn
  11. Outstanding parade photos, thank you very much. Enjoyed every one of them. Glenn
  12. Boy or boy, that Steve sure gets around. Lightning fast he is. That hard lemonade picture he seemed to be having the biggest smile.. why is That? Glenn
  13. GREAT PICTURES Jeff, thanks a million for posting them, it's appreciated. Glenn
  14. Those pictures are fantastic, BIG THANK YOU ,, makes me miss it more. Glenn
  15. I can't go either. The past 2 years I had one graduate each year. This year I am building a new home, the boss tells me we better move in before winter. On the bright side, there's always next year........... Yes, have fun fellas. Pictures will have to hold me over. Glenn