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  1. Loaded up for the Big Show! Heading east in the am!

    Lane, have a safe drive. Glenn
  2. PB blaster helped me, but it was a fight. Read others posts, plenty of information on it. Glenn
  3. It’s Motor Monday!!

    Kohler K181S on my 854. Not the best pictures. Glenn
  4. Shed find

    VERY good catch. Glenn
  5. Sneak peak

    Very clean rigs. Nice. Glenn
  6. 1983 C-175

    Ok, we are getting ready to move to our new home with a small driveway. My son Mike decided to let the C-175 that I bought him go. I put a new drive belt on it, fuel line + filter, front to back, oil change plugs, miscelaneous repairs. It runs fine. It has the non pressurised motor and Eaton 1100 trans. The carb can be tweaked, I never got it right where I wanted it. Hydraulic lift, snow blade, plastic wheel weights and new 2 link chains. The rear pan has a small crack, a tear in the seat. Otherwise this machine is straight It also comes with a deck (I never used it) spins free and is rust free, its clean. I will get some other pictures during the week. Its in my garage packed with stuff around preparing to move. Many of you saw the pictures every year of Mike pushing the snow on our 500 foot driveway, this machine handled it VERY well. I hate to let it go myself, there tough to find, and this one lived in a heated garage, so when put away, it dried out. Send me a pm if interested, or use my email. If there are any particlar pictures u want, ask. Oh, I forgot to mention that I bought this off the original owner, in a way. He died, left it to his son in law who didnt want it, sold it to me. Dont knot if that matters, but wanted to say it. Glenn
  7. New tractor shed?

    Better than nothing. Glenn
  8. New Horse Hauler

    Best of luck. A beauty. Glenn
  9. Help

    . . To red square. Glenn
  10. So I bought an RJ58...

    Slow and steady, nice. Glenn
  11. Happy Birthday, jackhammer!

    Belated birthday wiahes. Glenn.
  12. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    John, its looking sweet. AND water view to........ Glenn
  13. Happy Birthday Terry

    Terry, happy birthday, and many more. . Glenn
  14. "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    Pictures would help. Glenn
  15. Power Coating

    Do you mean powder coating? I havent, but there are some threads on folks talking about it. Its interesting, the pros and cons of it. Try a search, see what it brings up. Glenn