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  1. I'm going to miss the old girls!

    Best of luck to you Mike. Glenn
  2. Original Tub Cart

    Pretty darn nice. Glenn
  3. Old pics from Kens tractor

    I always liked finding the original paperwork with the tractors, makes the purchase and history complete. Nice find. Glenn
  4. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    nothing like a original one owner machine, wow. Glenn
  5. 522xi out of the bushes?

    Mike, great find, great story. Best of luck. The 522 is a beast. Glenn
  6. Prayers needed

    Tyler, condolences to you and your family. I can only offer prayer. Glenn
  7. New Rescue this weekend!

    very nice buy, best of luck. Glenn
  8. High guys from The Netherlands

    HI Henry, welcome to red square. You have questions, members have answers. Glenn
  9. The new horse stall is underway!

    Plenty of room in there for additional horses, nice start. Glenn
  10. black rat snake

    If my Mrs. Ever saw that she would jump to the high heavens. I don't care much for snakes. Glenn
  11. Happy Birthday Neil

    Hey Neil, sorry I am late . Blimey! hope it was great. Glenn
  12. What have you done on your WH today?

    I had 8 tractors, my wife was very good about it. If we werent moving I would still have them all, probably, no defineitly have a few more. btw Aldon, nice job your doing. Glenn
  13. Blackhood reproduction fenders(plastic)

    Will you do fenders for all blackheads, or just C-195 Models? I posted here in case other members were thinking like me. Thank you, looks really nice to. Glenn
  14. What have you done on your WH today?

    I have been pretty busy with the new house, and kids home from school. Don't forget the bride says we better be in before snow . Anyway, it been so hot, I said it's about time to get the snowblade off the C-175 and find the slow leak in the front right tire. So that was my wheel horse break. OK, the blade is off and the tire still has a slow leak, something is better than nothing. Glenn
  15. New member

    Hey Mal,, welcome aboard. Nice machine, you will get in the groove. Always nice when a new member joins the fun. Glenn