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  1. 14hp for sale

    Sorry guys. That's not the one I seen. This was a 414-8. The guy said his tenant left it at the house when he moved out. Had a 14 mag engine. He was only asking $200.00 for it. Did anybody on here get that one?
  2. 14hp for sale

    Chip I called the guy last night, 1 hour after he posted it and somebody had beaten me to it. I wanted that thing bad. I have a 414 it would've nice to have a spare. My blade deck isn't in that good of shape anyway. Heck it might not have been much wrong with it. But thats me a day late and a dollar short
  3. Martin, all i can say is you've set the bar mighty high on wheel horse restorations.
  4. Beautiful work Martin. If that was my tractor that thing wouldn't come close to a piece of grass.
  5. Cleaning and preserving tire chains

    When I bought mine used they were pretty rusty. Took them to work and sand blasted brought them home and sprayed 2 coats of paint. from here on out it will be what the rest of the guys are doing OIL
  6. Martin Your garage looks like a Wheel Horse factory. I believe you could start one
  7. best throttle cable trimming method

    Finally figured out how to post a picture.This is what I use. I've had them for 20 to 25 years. Can't remember where I got them though. Ordered them through the mail, probably out of some catalogue. If you weld you could make some pretty easy.
  8. Man you have field dressed that thing. Nice looking work. 🚜🚜ðŸ‡ðŸ‡
  9. c85 owners i have a couple questions.

    That's what I was thinking too Kelly Thanks for the info
  10. c85 owners i have a couple questions.

    Those are all great suggestions guys thanks for your help
  11. c85 owners i have a couple questions.

    I forgot to say it does this with engine off. This is a tractor I was looking at to buy. Owner says the motor needs rings. He was cutting grass with it and it started smoking real bad so he parked it and has been sitting ever since. Motor isn't locked up though
  12. A big 10-4 Rick on the troybilt seals. I have an early 70's tb horse tiller. They are probably the strongest tillers ever made that you walk behind. Mine haven't leaked yet but I know it's coming
  13. Re-purposed JD Weights For The C-160

    Must be nice to have fresh tomatoes in January. Here in va. I won't have a fresh tomatoe til the first of July. I need to move to Florida
  14. c85 owners i have a couple questions.

    I didn't think it was working right. Thanks for the info
  15. Have any of you experienced motor shake with the iso mounts? My neighbor has a cub cadet 1650. It has the iso mounts and it shakes pretty bad. Next question is about the pto. My 414-8, when engaging and disengaging the pto the pressure plate moves to and from the clutch disc like it should. This c85 i was looking at, when you move the lever back and forth, the plate doesn't move in and out like mine. Is it just froze up or way out of adjustment. Also the motor moves 1/4 inch or so when engaging and disengaging the pto lever. I wouldn't think the motor should be moving like that. But i haven't seen a working one on a c-85. I'm new to these horses but i like em. I've only laid eyes on the 414-8, c-85 and just yesterday a c-125 at my buddys house that he was working on. Thanks Mike