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    C-81 (1979) 8HP Kohler, Snow Plow, 38" rear discharge Mower, 1970 GT14, 48" Mower, Snow Blower and 3 PT Scrapper Blade
    GT14 (1970) 14HP Kohler, 3 Point Hitch, S/Stage Snow Blower, 48" Mower
    Sears Suburban (1970) 13HP Honda, 3 Point Hitch, Generator, Chipper, Two 42" Mower Decks, Rear Scrapper Blade
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  1. YUP 2 weeks on Doxicyclene (spell) and you'll be fine.....MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT RELIGIOUSLY AND DO NOT SCIMP ON THE 2 FULL WEEKS!
  2. 5k Generator

    Didn't have the real Wheel Horse deal substituted a Harbor Freight Gen Set Head 20AMP 5KW and adapted it to my GT14.... saved my kester with the Mini burst tornadoes we had in Brewster, NY this past Tuesday we were powerless for three days...
  3. Near to me members, you ok?

    10-4 Parts of Putnam Lake are in real bad shape and still no electricity... we came live last evening at 8:00PM. The two houses at the intersection of Gage and Sherwood Hill got blasted....!
  4. Near to me members, you ok?

    Kyle glad you okay, epic storm, I don't remember being out of power this often since I more here (1974). Mother Nature is hitting us with the big hammer..... Give me a shout if you need anything.....
  5. Near to me members, you ok?

    Morning Karl just saw the above, (still no power running on Wheel Horse Gen power)...… no damage to house MULTIPLE trees down, when this is over don't want to see a chainsaw for like 6 months!
  6. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    God job Sully "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"!
  7. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    You gotter done! Congrats low pressure so should work just fine.....
  8. Happy Birthday 953 nut

    Happy Birthday Richard and many many more!
  9. Military Members

    Jay bee thank you for your service, it a pleasure to talk to someone who did time in Di An could ever really experience the happenings unless you were actually there. P.S, thanks for making the drainage ditches around the hooches as deep as you did,,,,, keep us reasonably dry in the rainy season.......!
  10. Military Members

    Thanks so much Karl, greatly appreciate your friendship also..... to answer you question I never heard anything from the Navy.....
  11. Harbor freight generator

    Purchase the power Head HF sells and put it on a Horse.......
  12. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    You should be fine with the Oil Filter, attaching a copy of the drain pipe I added on my C-81, have done the same with all my machines..... you just need to do a little calculating (right pipe size, pipe length, thread and elbows........ always tilt the Tractor to the drain side and drain when hot......
  13. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    You doing well Sutty, yes the oil tube is there to make a channel from the drain supplied to whatever you are draining in... I personally hate them and on all my tractors I have installed whatever piping and right angles I need to make changing the oil a breeze. Regarding filters you do need to install the correct filter (one recommended by the manufacturer). In the U.S. this is easy since most of the Non OEM manufactures follow the OEM specs..... the issue is that some tractors specify that the filter has a by-pass valve so that if the filter every gets completely clogged the valve will kick and prevent a starvation occurrence - damage to the engine.
  14. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    From what I read you did very well you certainly are more detailed and precise then I am..... there is nothing wrong with Synthetic oil it is just sometimes too good for old machines and if the rings and valve guides are a bit worn they could pass some oil where you weren't before etc. especially if you are using the old girl real hard, also it will find any faulty gasket and will leak a bit..... you hit the head on the nail with the viscosity observation... the Synthetic is thinner and I believe has some silicon content.... This is why I suggested the Shell Rotellar T, great oil thicker used in the diesel engines and I believe some Zinc which your old Kohler valves will appreciated..... p.s. you can mix the two like 1/2 and 1/2 and get the best of both worlds.
  15. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    I do NOT run Synthetic oil on any of my older tractors especially if they are worn, as the superior qualities of this oil will find every sin in the engine, I only use Synthetic on a engine that ALWAYS used Synthetic. I use Shell Rotellar T (Tractor Supply) on all my old machines and have had excellent results for over 10 years.
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