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  1. Tobacco Road GT14

    Great idea Riche but then I would have to find one and pay for your first class round trip Florida to NY and back...…..OUCH!
  2. Tobacco Road GT14

    As per the pics I have the nut loose what is holding this now is "A' Shaft as shown in DaveO's pics..... I am really afraid that it is stuck and rusted so bad that that "A" shaft is almost welded in there. I do not want to damage or break this off...… so for now she will have to be stuck in the ON position. Attaching some pics of the finished machine
  3. Tobacco Road GT14

    Thanks for the input Sarge …. how much heat did you put on it ….. like glowing red or much less and how many times, where did you apply the heat (top - side) did it do any damage to the valve or anything else......
  4. Tobacco Road GT14

    That be what I am doing …. 10-4 on the snapping off the "A" shaft...…..
  5. Tobacco Road GT14

    The short "T" handle shown is the way I got it..... as I stated since it was so short I did grind a tiny bit off so that I could get a socket on the lock collar... but basically this is the condition it was in as I got it…. my thought here was to lengthen it when and if I ever get it freed-up.. and also as stated perhaps an old slotted socket over it so I can rock it ….. but when I tell you it's stuck ….. I mean it's stuck!
  6. Tobacco Road GT14

    Thanks for the reply Dave, my situation is that the Hydro Gear Transmission is STILL IN the Tractor I have the Locking Collar free but have no way ( I don't think) to now put sufficient tork on the valve to get it to come out..... I will continue to soak it for a while ….. was thinking about taking an old socket cutting a slot in it and trying to use this to see if I can get some movement...…… worse scenario here would be to damage this or not be able to get it back into the DRIVE mode..... If I am missing anything let me know any other suggestions appreciated.
  7. Tobacco Road GT14

    Wow if I can get some time to get to the tow valve and get it fixed, might be a possibility...… afraid otherwise would be difficult to get her off and on the truck. also know you aware GT14 hydro's are not good pullers.
  8. Tobacco Road GT14

    It is my reference to the poor condition of the machine as I found it.
  9. Tobacco Road GT14

    No worries the belt guard is ON, only "not on" for the initial test drive, appreciate all the input..... to be honest my personal best achievement was fabing ALL the wiring and not having a single issue.
  10. Tobacco Road GT14

    Here's a quick video of the running machine
  11. Tobacco Road GT14

    Okay Dave will give that a try in a bit since you made it look doable..... thanks much! Sooo I finally got back to this task inspired by Daveoman and of Course Stevebo who challenged me to bring the "Old Girl" to his gathering this fall...… I put a 1" socket over the nut (I just had a small operation pin on the valve and I ground it down a bit to enable me to get the socket on)….. anyho after 5 mins with a impact hammer the nut finally loosened-up but the valve is still stuck at tight as King Arthurs sword...… have been soaking it with Kroll on and off all afternoon nothing yet..... afraid to put any heat to it due to the close proximity of the hydraulic hoses and of course the seals in the valve and hydro itself..... any other idea's Thanks
  12. Tobacco Road GT14

    Sooo about three months ago I had a friend of a friend pass to me the most needy Wheel Horse GT14 Tractor I had ever seen, it was completely taken apart every single part had rust and two coats on oil paint one blue and one yellow. parts were missing and of course there was no labeling of parts or assembly there-of. All wiring, gauges, rectifiers were removed and non existent….. still the machine was calling to me to try and do the almost impossible...… My thanks to Aldon for parts and support and Kyle for Technical help and shoulder to cry on. …. The only saving grace of the entire project is that the engine and tranny were indeed still good...… in fact the only remaining issue I have on the machine is that I cannot free-up the relief valve so that I can move the machine w/o power..... I think this might be stuck forever … but not the end of the world.
  13. #56 ROBR SE Brewster, NY Rob Rottkamp
  14. Shallow water see my address above. Thanks Robr
  15. Hi Tgtack sorry I missed you... RobR 21 Sherwood Hill Road, Brewster NY 10509 Thanks