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  1. New Skins No Chains! Woo Hoo!

    No Chains okay with snow but add some glare ice and I think you will find the chains and weights are the only answer..... especially if you have a pitched surface. My personal opinion is that with global warming we have more ice then ever rather then cold fluffy snow....
  2. Aldon, as you spent TOP dollar on all these gems I think in the end you may have to decide what is the minimum dollar $ amt you would accept for each steed and then those go that make the cut list. While all our fellow constituents are perfect gentleman we all are also known for our tightness of those 6 inch green presidential notes. Love ya man we will all miss you.
  3. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    Thank you Glen, it was suggested but the other reasons I planned on doing this was support and I can tell at a glance how much the Blade is wearing and when it is time to reverse it.... also you do NOT have square the holes on the Poly since the old wear edge already has this done.
  4. Hole in block where breather compartment is

    Hmmmm agree with the perhaps "condensation" but wondering if the oil level was way to HIGH and the crank beat it into a froth..... also might the carb needle valve gotten stuck and thinned the gas out adding to the froth.....????
  5. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    Okay, so I ordered. rec'd and installed the Poly Scrapper Blade 4" X 42" X 1/2" and installed on my C-81 ding dong done..... looks good and should work good..... we'll see snow coming Tuesday... Thank you gentleman. P.S. used 5/16ths X 1 1/2" inch carriage bolt (Tractor Supply) to mount.
  6. Not A Wheel Horse but Whose Complaining

    Two weeks of pretty straight work.... but realize this is not a new to me as I have done six or more.... key is always to get the parts you need prior and of course wait until your desire to start and and complete gets to the overflow "getter done" stage......
  7. When ever I purchase I have a discussion with the previous owner...... whenever he flinches, and/or looses eye contact with me ...... I know that area will be needing immediate attention t.... One item I didn't see above is whether the charging system on the new purchase works properly ...... this is usually a not easily fixed important function......
  8. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    Thank you bigplow1, will give this a try........
  9. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    Sounds good what is the best way to cut the material and cut it straight? Thanks
  10. Have a C-81 with a 48" Snow Plow, the current Steel Bottom Scrapper Blade is on it's last season..... I have noticed as of late that quite a few folks are installing the POLY blades..... I plow a 100' macadam driveway and my concern and/or question is how well and how DURABLE are these blade. I did install feet on my existing steel blade plow (see pics) to limit the normal wear. Thanks for you input
  11. Lets see the snow rigs!

    The Suburban does a great job up and until you get 10+ inches of snow then you have to slow her real down..... the GT14 with blower is a beast......
  12. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Here you go..... bring the snow .... no worries......
  13. I did my C-81 with a pair of headlights for a common Sears Garden Tractor and it work out great.....! Even used the plastic lens (2 pieces) for the front lens.... cost me zero.....
  14. frame swapping a sears ss14

    I have a spare set of fenders would have to dig them out and see what shape they are in.... if I remember correctly not too bad. p.s. I use almond rustoleum for all my white areas.... I brush-on a base coat let it dry a bit and then topcoat with the matching color via rattle can.... works wonderful and lasts a long time