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  1. ‘69 Charger mower deck lift rod squashed..

    I thought this lift bar was 5/8 dia, but not. It is 3/8" dia but is OEM....with the bend in it. This MAY solve your problem, if it is long enough. Yours for $22 bux Paypal As a 2nd thought, MAYBE the Flat Lift Bar can be flipped end to end to put the lift hole to the rear of the deck....allowing the use of a straight lift rod and trunion. (see last 2 pics)
  2. Need help with mower spindle

    Two types of spindles for these decks. Either type will fit either the 42 or 48" decks, but the top pulleys are, of course, different OD. One spindle style uses a WOODRUFF key on the pulley end, which is 3/4" diameter...for a 3/4" ID pulley. The other style, WITHOUT the woodruff key has a shaft pulley-end diameter of only 5/8", for a pulley with 5/8" ID. I have, in hand, a good shaft that uses the WOODRUFF key on the pulley end. Not new, but in good condition and very useable. For pic and a price, ask me at the following email address: daveoman@windstream.net if you need ONLY the spindle shaft, I have a USED one in the WOODRUFF key design shown here.
  3. Belt alignment 312-8 with 37" mower deck

    The engine PTO belt MUST be on the INNER race of the PTO pulley. Here is the schematic...
  4. It MAY BE that your rear axle bracket is not aligned properly. Just a 1/2" inch either way critical. Release the top four bolts and whack it one way or the other. Go easy with the whacking. Don't forget to retighten the 4 nuts. If not, you MAY have to put a spacer washer behind the idler pulley, or MAYBE bend the bracket just a little to straighten the belt route.
  5. Charger 9

    a couple other pics...
  6. Charger 9

    I have a 1972 Bronco 14 with the same Sndstrand Hydro-gear power unit # 90-2046. I bought it as a dealer demo in 1973. Never had any issue with it, except for the main drive belt that I have to replace in 2005 or 2006. (32 + years service from the OEM belt...) The charger 9 shoul also have the 10-pinion LSD differential ...also a plus (for most guys). If you buy it, I'd recommend modifing it to accommodate the more modern front mule drive which can be done in an hour or so. All you gotta do is drill the from frame under the hood to accept the front tach-o-matic hitch and you'll need a different drive belt. Herre is a Raider 10 that I upgraded a few years back. I have all the parts to do this if you go that route.
  7. ‘69 Charger mower deck lift rod squashed..

    I also have a Bronco 14, but with a new style deck on it. In your case, try moving the trunion mounting to hole closer to the rear of the tractor. There is a longer 5/8" dia lift rod too, that is pre-bent to handle the load and avoid hitting the lower steering shaft mount. I have one....will; be back shortly to show a pic of it.
  8. Sundstrand hydro transmission?

    Here are two Excel ss detailing the parts and schematics. You may find them helpful. YOU can do this... just be meticulous and keep work area clean. Have a coffee can of kerosene to rinse parts as you progress thru the process of re-facing the brass and other steel internal parts. Once again....what is your email address? MOTOR 90-1136, 37, 40.xlsx PUMP 90-1136, 37, 40.xlsx
  9. Sundstrand hydro transmission?

    Your sundstrand unit is 90-1136 and here is a rebuild kit source. Part # 99890 seal kit $92.00 O-rings, gaskets, seals Can ship from Nova in 2-3 days. Gordy Pearson Nova Hydraulics 6212 Parliament Drive Indianapolis, IN 46220 Ph: 317.322.0242 Fax: 317.322.0247 Download them repair manual and follow the step-by-step procedures. This is not a difficult task, but takes time to do it right. You MUST rebuild the hyd pump and motor assy's. If you'd give me your email address, I can forward specific instructions of what to do. I have rebuilt sevferal of these units over the past 20 yeaars or so. I am: daveoman@windstream.net
  10. DITCH DIGGER / on Dozer A-frame

    Forgot to say... using a bench grinder, grind the lower leading edge of the 7" pipe (1/8" thick) to where it is SHARP....like a mower blade. To get the 'oval' shape of the pipe, I used my shop press....aka 12lb sledge hammer. Lay two boards on cement floor to stabalize it from rolling. ]Took about 5 'presses' to get there.
  11. My house is at the base of a long & tall hill, making for near flood-level water run-off. My basement was flooded recently, so I ran a shallow ditch behind to divert the water away from my house / garage. I'm not much for digging, so I improvised a 'sod cutter' to mount onto the A-frame of my dozer blade. This is a 7" dia well casing, about 1 foot long. I sharpened the lead edge to cut the sod, then squashed it to an oval shape of about 5" high. With the solid link in my dozer frame, I could put lots of down pressure to force the cutting edge of the 'sod cutter' into the ground. It worked out pretty well, then only had to rake out the sod strip. Made a 2nd pass to get the diversion ditch about 4" deep...enough to divert water flow.
  12. This is the dozer blade and required axle bracket for the C-160 tractor.  This also fits the 300 400 and 500 series and others from the early 70s to the end of time.  

    DOZ 42.jpg

    1. dkg520


      Thank you very much

  13. Tach o matic issues with C-85 mower deck

    Not to drive this into the ground, but 2 or 3 times it is written here for the FORK (# 2 ) is to be STRAIGHT UP. the fork should not be straight up...it should be tilted forward some.... at an angle to engage the UPPER ROD ( # 5). The fork MUST engage that rod #5 or it'll slop back and forth...
  14. Rm 367 toro blade number??

    Pats has the set for $52... link here:
  15. 4ifrank

    Your deck should look like this...am I right? If so, there is no 'frame' for the deck cover just ....just 8 nuts to hold it on. You should see 8 threaded studs sticking up around the perimeter of the pulleys..some may be broken off. Lets do this thru EMAILS... my address is: daveoman@windsteam.net Or... tell me your phone # & I'll call.