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  1. woodruff key problem

    Did you get this put back together yet??? I've done this a few time myself...can probably help out.
  2. PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    $25..darwbar w/out pin (TSC HAS pins) $25 Lt and Rt spindles (wheel held on by 3/8 bolts OR by C-Clips...either set) Park brake lever...not sure what you mean... $20...belt guard. Can you send a pic of the brake lever you need, and the belt guard too. I ahve several belt guards from different older tractors...
  3. where to buy parts online

    Here is the lowest prices I've found for OEM parts... good service and fast delivery. I've been buying parts here for 3 or 4 years and find that prices are 10 % or more lower than other sources. http://www.psep1.biz/arinet.asp?aribrand=TO#
  4. Front Plow Question

    Looks like this...Either width 42 or 48" will suit your Bronco 14.
  5. Front Plow Question

    There are short and long-frame A-frame dozer blades....what tractor are you mounting the dozer blade on? There are also 2 different REQUIRED axle brackets too.
  6. How to remove mower deck pulleys

    Your are looking for pulley # 109967. I have none.

    I have a pair of good Wheelhorse OEM RUBBER straps, with cleats. $22 SHIPPED to you in USA.
  8. 44 inch 2 Stage Snowblower

    A few years ago, I mounted a 2-stage BerVac snow thrower on my C-160 auto. WOW...what a beast. It was a little too much for my 16hp Kohler, but still threw snow onto my garage roof...about 14' high. Eventually sold it as the snowfall here doesn't warrant much more than a dozer blade...which is what I have now. The 520 with 20hp Onan would handle it much better than my C-160...enjoy
  9. 310-8 Shifter doesn’t engage (I think)

    I'm an admitted thief. I stole that pic a while back from someone....lol. As long as it helps...all is well.
  10. How to remove mower deck pulleys

    SOME of the 42" side pulleys have a ridge / lip used to lift off the pulley using a Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover tool. Auto Zone will rent you this tool for FREE, as long as you return it undamaged, and promptly. Here is the 42" Left / Right side puley I refer to. It is pulley # 102072 and has a keyway slot. There are also some 48" decks that use a similar pulley.
  11. Choke cable

    yes... I have both as shown above.... you choice @ $20 each...SHIPPED to USA zips
  12. 2 different size rock shafts?

    The dual arm shaft is for 1976 and 1977 C-120 and C-160 tractors. Another pic here...
  13. 310-8 Shifter doesn’t engage (I think)

    Seems to me the BALL at the end of your gear-shift lever has come loose on the DOG POINT SCREW and is just flopping around. Pull the shift boot up and you'll see this image. This is the NEUTRAL position. To adjust the dog-point screw, first release the JAM NUT that holds it in place. There is a small hole in the ball of the shift lever....the dog-point screw fits in that hole. Wiggle the BALL of the shift lever to where you can FEEL it and tighten the SET SCREW to where the ball is rather stiff to move around. Then, back off the set screw 1/4 turn and tighten the JAM NUT to hold it.
  14. C-160/Starter Won't Engage the Motor

    That is the WRONG bendix gear. It should have 10 or 12 teeth. The teeth are so small on yours that they will jam on the flywheel teeth as they are simsply not big enough, and too close together. Here is what you need...(I don't have ne...this is a file pic). These are on Ebaqy...50bux or so.
  15. Wheels

    I may have a pair...they are from an A-90 but not sure of the axle dia. will check to see.