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    The adjustment is on page 18 of this .pdf file. You can alos find it on this forum in the MANUALS section. Sunstrand Hydro (part 1).pdf

    You should NOT have to add washers or such to make the parts of the shift arm line up. I've seen this before. When the frame plate breaks, the whole tractor 'SAGS' right at the frame plate/trans bolt connection. The thing to do is jack up the rear end of the tractor, then let it settle down on the FRONT EDGE of the trans case to 'pinch' the frame plate back iton position, letting the weight of the tractor do that....as a fulcrum point. This is real tough to explain. Maybe this pic will help. Once yuou have that in position, then mount the ANGLE IRON repair kit I sent you.
  3. 48" deck parts help

    I have the SPINDLE SHAFT for your 48" mower deck. This has the WOODRUFF KEY on the top end and the threads are good on both ends of it too. While this is not PERFECT, it is in very good condition....with correct woodruff key. $62...shipped in USA
  4. Welding rear ends

    It may surprise you, but the LT and RT trans case sides are the same part#s ...103636 and 102617 ....for the C-1`20 C-160 of 1973 thru 1977. So, depending on the model year of your D-160, I probably have a case side for you. Near Meadville, PA.. The D axles are much longer, but the internals of the trans are otherwise twins. Fine me hereat this email address: daveoman@windstream.net
  5. Looking for a K301 oil pan

    I have two of them..USPS ..FLAT RATE to MA is 15. 20 for the oil pan....$35 total to me via Paypal.
  6. Hydro pump Shaft cylinder block removal

    The base of the cylinder block looks ok. HOWEVER... the VALVE PLATE needs work...lots of it. You must continue to sand out the circular gouge using 220 grit paper on a FLAT SURFACE plate. If you don't hot oil will simply bypass thru the gouge, detrimental to oil pressure, resulting in loss of power.
  7. Hydro pump Shaft cylinder block removal

    I can see lots of scratches and scarring on the brass-surface parts. you MUST get the surfaces as smooth as possilble, using 220 400 600 progressive grit sandpaper on a FLAT surface. All 9 pistons and the valve plate....as well as the BASE of the cylinder block need refinished. Parts should look like this:
  8. Starter

    Thanx for the schematic... I copied it. Are these things worth my time to cleanup and resell? ? ?? Spring is broken in this one. I took it apart just to see if I can use the NYLON gear in others ...Yes. Also to see if it would flip over...YES again.
  9. Starter

    With ABSOLUTE amazement.... I was working on the exact same starter today... A briggs. Talk about coincidence... Found o9ut that you can flip the 783 to put the worn side in.. I hasve 3 or 4 of these in my shop... Can you tell me the model number of this starter??? no numbers on it at all.
  10. Bearing suggestions needed

    Well, the Origi8nal is only 42+ years old. Of course, it is all up to you..
  11. in need of some 854 parts I need a  belt guard clutch rod and tie rods any help would be appreciated

  12. broken 520 h rear axle

    I ahve a pair....10 and 13" . Which do you need?
  13. 520h rear axle

    Which one did you break...the long one at about 13" or the shorter at about 10"..? I ahve both... my email is: daveoman@windstream.net
  14. CRUD! Snapped a head bolt

  15. CRUD! Snapped a head bolt

    Try the old man's trick. Heat it a little bit and push some wax onto the stud. That will draw the wax onto the threads, giving them just enough lube to let the stud turn out. Have not ever tried this myuself, but told that it works.