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  1. 1257 mower deck drive belt

    Belt dimensions are on this page. Click on the picture Garry
  2. First wheel horse purchase.. need some knowledge!

    Have kept the serial numbers in the 1964 file because I believe it was released as a late 1964 model. Added the 1965 file because it does show up in a 1965 parts manual. Click on the picture. If they had used their normal formula for a model number it would be a model 1054 but they already had a 1054 model at the time. They may have just reversed the last 2 digits and carried on. Garry
  3. Procedure for setting timing for H55

    Here is some info from another service manual that likely answers your question. It states points start to open at .xxx" before TDC depending on the size of the engine. Click on the picture first. Garry
  4. Onan points / condenser part #

    This service manual includes Wheel Horse part numbers but don't know if that will help you. Click on the picture. If Boomer sees this he will respond and can supply parts. Garry
  5. PTO Thrust Bearings

    Here is the parts list. See if there was any other option. Click on the picture. Garry
  6. 1989 414-8 switch wiring

    The black is likely correct but if it were me working on this I would remove some tape and /or open the harness up to see where it goes. It should go to a chassis ground. The other wire should be purple according to your detailed wiring diagram. Since it isn't you need to see where it goes. If it goes to the other low oil relay in your photo it is likely correct. It is not purple there either so either the diagram is wrong or mother nature has changed the color of the insulation. The black wire at the low oil relay is likely another chassis ground and the wire with it shows as dark blue in the diagram. The pair of wires at the other end of the low oil relay show as purple and light blue in the diagram. What is the model number and serial number of this tractor? There was a shortage of parts during production so a substitute relay was used. Click on the pictures to open another page on the subject. This is for the same relay when it was used much earlier as an ignition kill relay. The info may help An understanding of how a relay works and what relay terminal goes to what is going to help here. Are you familiar with that? If not we will walk you through it. Open the harness up to see where the wires go. Tape is easily replaced and the wires can be put back into the split loom after you figure it out. I often tie strings around a bundle of wires as I remove the tape or open a split loom. That allows you to trace the wires and maintains the bundle so you know what wires get taped again after the repair is completed. Garry
  7. 417A - Adjusting PTO Engage Lever Safety Switch

    The Nyliner bushings may be worn. I suspect the shaft could be shimmed to take up any wear. https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/mowers-lawn-garden-tractor/31-17ke01-417-a-toro-417-a-garden-tractor-1985/pto-clutch-and-control/ Garry
  8. Work Horse 700 transmission issue

    The boot around the shifter should be hooked over the set screw at the front of the shifter. Put the shifter into neutral. Pull the boot up. Back off the 1/4" jamb nut and using an Allen wrench back the screw out about 1/8". Pull the shifter straight out. Look down the hole and see how the shifter tabs are centered forming a rectangular hole where the shifter goes into the shift rails. That is neutral and how they should be when you put the shifter back together. There are 2 shift rails the shifter slides left or right of center which is neutral. The front one is rev and 1st. The rear one is 2nd and 3rd. Looking at them will give you an understanding of how it works. You can use a long screw driver to shift gears. Try 3rd - slide the rear rail to the right. The front rail tabs must be centered in the hole (neutral) when shifting the rear rail. Leave the rear rail in neutral (tabs centered) and you can shift the front rail left or right. Just make sure both rails are centered (neutral) when you put the shifter back in. Reason I explained this is it is possible to be in 2 gears at once which locks up the transmission. Wondering if that is what has happened. Placing both rails in neutral and reinstalling the shifter will correct it. To prevent that from happening shift slow until we can explain it. Garry
  9. Work Horse 700 transmission issue

    If you rock the tractor back and forth with the engine not running will it go into 3rd that way? There are no syncros in these models so the straight cut gears can struggle to mesh. If the engine is running and it won't go into gear it is common to leave the shifter in neutral and let the clutch out just enough to turn the gears a bit so they align - push the pedal down again and try to shift.. Have you had the shifter out of the transmission? There is a donut on the shifter that the dog-point set screw pivots in. The hole the screw dog-point enters is shared with a roll pin that secures the donut to the shifter from the back side. If that roll pin shears it will allow the shifter to turn in the donut and some for the shift action is lost to the shifter rotating instead of sliding the shift forks. Some donuts are welded to the shifter and those will not experience the above problem. Garry
  10. 520Lxi won't start

    Welcome to the forum. This set of diagrams should help. Each circuit has it's own diagram. Garry
  11. The joy of cut safety switchs!

    Your tractor should have a voltmeter so a bit over 12 volts is normal when not running. Should go to about 14.4 volts engine running if the battery is charged up. Garry
  12. The joy of cut safety switchs!

    This is what the clutch pedal switch looks like. Click on the picture. Garry
  13. The joy of cut safety switchs!

    The power wire to the ignition switch is connected to the battery (+) side of the starter solenoid. Goes to a fuse and then to the switch. The pto switches are at the right end of the battery. Should be two of them stacked together. One for the ignition and one for the starter. Left and right always from the operator's position. The clutch pedal switch is below the panel around the shift levers on the right side. It is activated by the belt idler pulley arm. This is a 1986 model? These diagrams simplify the wiring. Each major circuit has it's own diagram. Garry
  14. Newbie (Scotland )

    The few Commando 7 models that have shown up were placed with the Commando 8 models. So far the serial numbers don't indicate any where made in Belgium. Click on the picture Garry
  15. Inherited 312-8 looking for deck and bagger info

    Click on the pictures. You can download from the next page that comes up. As long as the pulleys are all still the V-type this should apply A good page to print out and have when installing the drive belt. Garry