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  1. K321 stator help

    I think the 50 volt diode will work. That is the maximum voltage it can handle and the stator is not capable of developing that much voltage. Garry
  2. New-to-me 1974 C-160-8 has arrived !!

    When you take the solenoid off interested in knowing what the Kohler serial number is. Think it is under it. Garry
  3. attachment manual lift

    Some of the tractor parts lists have what you are referring to I think. Believe there are named manual lift linkage or hydraulic lift linkage. Page 22 of the manual above for the GT models have this same page. Garry
  4. NGK or Champion?

    http://www.ngksparkplugs.ca/results-smallengine.cfm?model=empty&enginesize=16.0+hp&make=KOHLER&apptype=Power+Equipment+Engines&subapplication=K+Series Garry
  5. attachment manual lift

    Illustrated parts list help? Garry
  6. 800 Special Wiring Diagram

  7. hydraulic lift kit

  8. wh

    Click on the pictures below This is a later manual but much of the info for the C-Series is appropriate for your's Garry
  9. 314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

  10. Snow blower sprocket alignment

  11. snowthrower drive belt issues

    A supplement has been added to the operator manual in this file. It is the page following the illustrated parts list. May help you. Garry
  12. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    If you can hang the cable so one end is higher than the other it can be lubed by poking a hole in the corner of a small plastic bag. Place the end of the cable in the hole and tape the bag to the cable casing. Hang the bag and add some light oil to the bag. It will force the water out and replace it with lubrication. Garry
  13. Crazy Electrical Problem

    Other way around. You should only have power to the negative side of the coil when the points are open. The points simply ground the coil which takes it to 0 volts when they are closed. If you have steady battery voltage at the coil (-) the points are not closing or the contact surfaces are dirty preventing them from make electrical contact. Garry
  14. Snow-thrower wont stay up

    This is from a later model and lift arrangement but the lift arms are the same and have the attachments lifted by the same holes in the arms. Garry
  15. transmission issue

    Perhaps there is some water in the oil and it froze? If it sits for a while the water will start to separate from the oil and it goes to the bottom. If it then freezes the differential won't turn. Garry