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  1. 81 d160

    Tiller uses 90 to 140 weight GL5 gear lube according to the manual. Click on the picture Garry
  2. 246-H clutch issues

    Suspect your clutch assembly is 78-6990 Click on the picture Garry
  3. Solved run away tractor problem

    Wheel Horse 106077 replaced by Toro 106636 3-blade set (3/4" round hole) These are common original numbers if you look for other replacements. Garry
  4. C 160 auto questions

    A bit more info. Click on the pictures Garry
  5. 800 auto

    A parts manual. Click on the picture Garry
  6. Snow Thrower for 1067

    Can't answer you on the belt. The zinc plated pin at the rear looks to be 5/8" diameter. The original was a 3/8" bolt that went through 2 bushings in the large holes near the front of the tractor frame. Should still work with the appropriate sized bushings in the frame. If the pin is 5/8" it was likely adapted to fit the later front quick hitch. Question is did the bars the pin pass through get shortened to accommodate the quick hitch which is about 3" ahead of the holes in the tractor frame? Garry
  7. Solved run away tractor problem

    Guess I got it backwards but don't understand how you can place a bushing with a 5/8" wide hole on a 3/4" shaft. Bushing is part number 109916. Do the 3/4" shafts not have a 3/4" thread? Garry
  8. Solved run away tractor problem

    Check the blades you have for the size of center hole. If they are held on with a bolt and washer they should have a 5/8" x 3/4" double-D center hole. If they are retained by a large 1-1/8" wrench size nut they should have a 3/4" center hole. If the spindle assemblies have been replaced they likely got these later versions. Within the last year most suppliers have discontinued the double-D blades but you may find NOS (new old stock) at an established dealer. There was a bushing made to use a blade with 3/4" hole on a 5/8" x 3/4" shaft but Toro wanted more for the bushing than the blade. Will see if I can find the info on it. Garry
  9. 1975 C-160

    The 78353 fits the 5xi-Series tractors A 42" rear discharge was not available for the 1975 C-160. The 42" side discharge was model 5-1011 in 1975. Here is a list of the decks in the order they were produced. Anything before 5-1011 may not be totally compatible but everything following should plug and play. Also keep in mind the blades with a 5/8" x 3/4" double-D center hole are no longer available. DNA 1977 model 75-42MS01 replaces RL-426, 5-1421, 5-1422, 5-1423, 5-1000, 5-1001, 5-1010, 1975 model 5-1011, 1975 model 5-1012, 1976 model 65-42MS01, 1976 model 65-42MS02 1977 model 75-42MS01(Blades up to here have a 5/8" x 3/4" double-D center hole) replaced by (Blades from here on have a 3/4" center hole) 1977 model 75-42MS02, 1978 model 85-42MS01, 95-42MS00, 95-42MS01, 05-42MS01, 05-42MS02, 05-42MS03, 05-42MS04, 05-42MS05, 15-42SC01, 15-42SC02, 15-42SC03, 78345 Garry
  10. New C195 owner

    Same manual for 1982 and 1983 Garry
  11. New C195 owner

    Click on the pictures Garry
  12. Solved run away tractor problem

    Click on the picture Garry
  13. Snow Thrower for 1067

    Here is the ST-376 (37" introduced in 1966) listed for the 1067. Click on the picture. Here is a list of snowthrowers in the order they were produced. DNA 1977 model 76-42ST01 replaces 1966-67 model ST-376, 1968 model 6-1211, 1969 model 6-6211 plus 6-9111, 1970-72 model 6-6212 plus 6-9112, 1973-74 model 6-6212 plus 6-9113, 1974 model 6-6213, 1975 model 6-6214, 1976 model 6-6215, 1976 model 66-42ST01 1977 model 76-42ST01 replaced by 1978 model 86-42ST01, 1979 model 96-42ST01, 1980 model 06-42ST01, 1981-82 model 06-42ST02, 1983 model 06-42ST03, 1984-87 model 06-42ST04, 1987-89 model 06-42ST05, 1990 model 06-42ST06, 1991-93 model 06-42ST07, 1993-2001 model 79360, 2002-07 model 79362 Where you see "plus" they came in 2 packages. The basic snowthrower plus a kit to make it fit the different models. The addition of the wings on each end of the housing increased the width from 37" to 42" and eventually became standard equipment. The tractors went to a front quick hitch in 1973 which changed the design but this hitch can also be added to the older models. The pto clutch also changed but not sure when. Front hitch. Click on the picture This can easily be made up with parts salvaged from a 1973 or later long frame tractor. Garry
  14. Clutch Spring

    I found the 83-2730 spring replaced 1486 that was used as a pair on the early Lawn Ranger mower deck clutch. The 1984 8-speed clutch pedal spring was 108035 and still available from Toro. Appears to be quite a difference if the photo's are accurate. Garry
  15. Version 1.0.0


    IPL from Toro Master Parts viewer 8 pages 602KB 1986 - 1987 21" rear bagger walking mower 3.5hp model 04-35BR01 1986 - 1987 21" rear bagger walking mower 4.0hp model 04-40BR01