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  1. 310-8 uni-drive transmission parts

    According to the records you most likely have 1" diameter axles but there are exceptions. Click on the pictures If it axles are 1-1/8" diameter this trans is from the same time period. The 2988185 is the patent number. If the Kohler spec number and serial number are legible post those. Sometimes a model can be ID'd using them. Garry
  2. 16hp Briggs misses and dies after an hour or so

    Click on the picture Garry
  3. The 875 Of Destruction

    Here is a parts list with illustrations. Educate me with the item or part number you need. Garry
  4. Wanted 753 Main belt guard and/or seat

    The 4450 belt guard shows up for the models 633 and 753 which both used Kohler engines. There was an indent in the side panel where the 633 and 753 decal went. The guard for the 502, 552, 603 and 653 with Lauson engines was 4423. Since the indent was eliminated on later models those guards may also work or the mounting tabs on the Lauson models may be modified to fit the Kohlers. I don't know but seems to me this has been discussed before. Garry
  5. 308-8 42” deck

    Go through the operator manual and review the setup instructions. Make sure the tire pressures are correct. Click on the fuzzy picture of the manual below Make sure the fork in the hitch is captured by the cross shaft Garry
  6. Engine Temperature Sensor

    Does it come on and stay on or only when cranking the engine? It is possible the circuit board is designed to light the bulb while cranking the starter to serve as a bulb check. Garry
  7. Charger 9

    Click on the pictures below Odd that no serials have shown up for the late production unless I missed them. Perhaps the total numbers are very low. Garry
  8. early c-120

    Go to https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/parts/102954/ There is a list of the models that used that guard and it may not be complete as they often are not. Garry.
  9. Engine Temperature Sensor

    Click on the picture and again on the next page Some parts lists have it on the "Battery and Headlamp" page but the switch is no longer available from Toro. Garry
  10. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    I would put the proper plug in properly gapped along with some Marvel Mystery oil in the fuel and run it. Give it a chance. Garry
  11. c 101 only runs when wire jumped from coil to solenoid.

    Let us know what you find wrong or if we can provide more help. It is threads like this that help all of us. Don't worry about stumbling around because we all did when we started and still do. Garry
  12. Blade Identification

    What is the width of the blade? Garry
  13. c 101 only runs when wire jumped from coil to solenoid.

    These wiring diagrams should help you figure out how the power gets from the ignition switch to the coil. Click on the picture. This is the switch you need. Click on the picture and again on the pictures that come up on the next page. The switch must have the "I" (eye) terminal to work on battery ignition. An identical switch with a "M" terminal is for magneto ignition. Garry
  14. 1969 Raider 10 drive belt idler

    I think the bolt is all that holds it. I try to adjust so it does not pinch the belt with the clutch applied. It allows the gears to be selected easier when the belt can move. Garry
  15. 85 312-8 wiring dagram