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  1. The governor tries to lower the rpm. The throttle cable tries to increase rpm. The link between the throttle cable and governor is the spring. The higher the rpm the more pressure there is on the governor to reduce rpm. The throttle cable needs to apply enough pressure through the spring to overcome the governor pressure to get the desired rpm. The disc should be free to rotate. The throttle bracket is all that the nut should lock in place. This allows the throttle cable to come from any direction. See if the description in this manual makes more sense - Section 5 Garry
  2. 6135 spring 3-5/16" between hooks coil 5/8" diameter 2-3/8" long 34 coils of .070" wire Garry
  3. Welcome to the forum. These the correct ones? Garry
  4. How similar is the 8-3900 to the one being reproduced now? Garry
  5. I think that was the last 42" deck model to use the double-D shafts. There is a list of decks on that page in the order they were produced so yours could be older and one of those. There is also pages that show the spindle assemblies over the years that could be used to upgrade the assemblies. Nothing saying the newer decks could not have received older used replacements. This is the next model of deck that was produced and it uses 3/4" spindle shafts and they are both 1977 models - a mid model year change. Garry
  6. 1962 serial 62-02856 and on have a bent shifter to clear the hydraulic pump Garry
  7. Suspect the spindle assemblies are like this one or older The spindle and pulley are known as the double-D series with a 5/8" x 3/4" hole. The mower blade center hole should be the same. Garry
  8. Here is the ipl Detailed wiring diagrams that show what switches are involved for each circuit. Pto switch is part # 111332 and it uses 2 of them. One for the ignition circuit and one for the starter circuit. If the starter circuit is the problem try pulling the pto handle back hard and hold as you turn the key to start. There is also a magnetic low oil switch in the starter circuit. Do not remove the switch from the engine without reading this first. Garry
  9. Can't even guess what the problem is. Here is an illustration of the parts in case you have not seen it Garry
  10. 117261 was replaced by 95-7691 and appears to be the part number Toro used for the engine. Item # 1 on this page Garry
  11. If there are just 2 wires going to the switch it does not matter which one goes where. I don't know what the switch looks like. Garry Is the switch 104680?
  12. Have a model and serial number? 5 different models over 16 years. Garry
  13. There are 2 manuals in the file with the same model number for both decks. I believe the first is a later version like you have. The only thing I don't see is the item 10 clutch link shown in the first manual. It should pull the idler pulley forward which would tighten the belt. The link the pulley is connected to pivots around the mower drive shaft so the tension on the rear belt would not be affected. I could be all wrong because I have never seen this setup. Garry
  14. The C-Series in this later service manual is similar to your B-80. Here is the pto adjustment from Section 9 of the manual Garry
  15. Part 2 of this manual covers the charging system. Have never seen this before to diagnose the voltage regulator if it has 6 terminals. Garry