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  1. PTO Belt Size

    Click on the picture of the manual below Garry
  2. Work horse gray part

    Does this help? Found in a manual that had nothing to do with the WorkHorse models. Click on the fuzzy picture. Garry
  3. Bolt Size

    Adding the part number so a search later on should bring it up Part number 251064 and no longer available from Toro. Garry
  4. Power constant at solinoid

    There are 2 pto switches. One controls the starter and the other controls the ignition. Sounds like the wires may be mixed up right there. Purple and light blue at one pto switch for the starter Dark green and purple at the other pto switch for the ignition. (Maybe the purples are switched?) Garry
  5. Toro model#79361 snow blower

    1993-1998 plus 2000 2-stage for the 300-Series tractors so it should fit the C-125. Garry
  6. Starter/Generator Voltage Regulator wiring

    I recall SOI stating the polarization is not necessary. Once you use the starter the voltage regulator is polarized. Garry
  7. Starter/Generator Voltage Regulator wiring

    Most likely a high impedance ground through the windings in the generator. Can you measure real low ohms? It may give you 1 or 2 ohms where a chassis ground will give you 0 ohms. Garry
  8. rpm

    No load idle speed 1200 rpm Maximum governed no load speed 3400 rpm Garry
  9. What model be this horse?

    Click on the picture Garry
  10. 1960's snow thrower

    I think this is what you have. Click on the picture. The roller on #41 chain is 1/4" long. The roller on #40 chain is 5/16" long. The thickness of the sprocket will determine which chain to use because the teeth have to travel inside the links. Garry
  11. 1960's snow thrower

    Is the main housing 32" wide? or 37" wide? The flat plate extensions on the end of the housing were optional. Just one idler sprocket on the inside? May be a 1965 model. Changed my guess. The serial looks like a 1964 number. Compare the chain. It may have used #41 chain which is the same 1/2" pitch (pin to pin) but narrower than what you have for the 42" model. Garry
  12. Need some help

    A Kohler M12, M14 or M16 may be the simplest swap because both engines use magneto ignition. You would need to make sure the oil pan and the pto crankshaft is the same. Not all are. Garry
  13. will this Deck fit a 520

    The 1993-1995 models 73502 all show a 42" SD deck in their attachment lists so yes it should fit. Garry
  14. will this Deck fit a 520

  15. Need some help

    The 133619 may be a serial number for the 1975 tractor model 1-0375. See if this number is stamped above the serial number. Click on the fuzzy picture. There was a HH-160 Tecumseh used in 1974 but the HH was changed to OH to more easily recognize the overhead valve design. Garry