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  1. There are two different size square keys used on the B-Series hubs. One for gear transmissions and one for hydro transmissions but can't tell which model uses which key. One is 3/16" x 3/16" x 2" and may be part number 1120 for the gear transmissions. The other is 1/4" x 1/4" x 2" and may be part number 2590 replaced by 5-1336 for the hydro models. If you clean up the outside of the hub you should find the square hole for the key. Clean that out and add penetrating oil on a regular basis. Then just using the tractor may eventually break it loose and do no damage. Garry
  2. I doubt it will ever come off now without destroying something. Why did you want to remove it? Garry
  3. This may address the problem of stuck needle valves Garry
  4. Possibly for the long frame tractors The short frame plow at the time Garry
  5. Dipstick description is on page 8 of this engine operator manual Garry
  6. 429424 looks like a 1968 serial number. Possibly a model 1-7231? Garry
  7. Garry
  8. This thread has been about replacing an engine with battery ignition for one with magneto ignition and the required changes. The same relay will work for an engine swap the other way - magneto ignition to battery ignition. Wired slightly different with the power supply to the relay fused. Garry
  9. Here is a relay we can get here in Canada at Princess Auto that comes with a wired socket. Once it is installed it is plug and play. No more wondering where that loose wire came from. Northern Tool carries many of the same products PA does. Garry
  10. This is something Wheel Horse did starting in 1980. The C-Series with battery ignition and B-Series with magneto ignition used the same 103990 battery type of ignition switch. The B-Series have what they named a kill relay added to control the ignition and utilized the very same safety switches and wiring. A brilliant solution. Garry
  11. I can't answer your question and there is limited info available for these units. Garry
  12. The simplest way to modify the ignition would be to add a relay to the M ignition wire. The relay would normally ground the ignition to shut the engine off. With the original battery ignition switch in the run position it would open the relay contacts and allow the engine to run. Doing it this way makes use of the original safety switches that control the ignition as they are presently wired. A very common relay Garry
  13. Next I would try a new spark plug. If it works use it. If it does not work save the new plug for the next time. Next would be the ignition coil. Need to use one with an internal resistor. Kohler # 231281 or a replacement for it. Garry
  14. 78-8180 a typo? WLDMT-STRG SHAFT is weldment steering shaft. i would say it is welded. Garry
  15. Can't help with the ID unless it is in this manual. You may go through the whole manual before you find your numbers. In printed format it makes more sense as there are left and right pages open at the same time. You should be able to figure it out but hollar if you can't. According to the parts lists the 1974-1976 B-100 used carb # A-237772 and 1977 used carb # 47 053 13. Garry