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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Wiring Detailed 7 pages 548.23KB p6-7 to p6-13 from the 492-4509 Demystification Guide 1994 264-6 model 72042 Serial 4900001-4999999 - May be the same as Ford New Holland model LS25 1994 264-6 model 72062 Serial 4900001-4999999 - Export model 1994 264-6e model 72062 Serial 4900001-4999999 - Export model


  2. This parts list may help with your bagger assembly. Sorry we do not have the instruction manual. Garry Adding - this later manual may help
  3. Here are the parts involved. Only thing that would allow that is a weld has let go at one of the ends of item 17. The round disc only holds the left side in position but being a welded assembly the right should stay in position with the left. Garry Got the picture from this IPL
  4. The most likely cause is the seat switch does not recognize the presence of the operator. When the pto (power take off) is OFF 1/2 of the pto switch powers the engine ignition. The other 1/2 controls the starter circuit. When the pto is ON or engaged the seat switch powers the ignition. Operator falls out of seat and the engine quits. Have the long tractor model number and serial number? Should be able to find a good wiring diagram of this circuit. Garry
  5. Wheel Horse had a habit of beefing up their roll pin connections by driving a second pin inside the first one. Impossible to drive out the two together. If you can drive the center one out the outside one will usually go easily. Garry
  6. 36" rear discharge with 3 blades 1/2 x 116" 4 page service bulletin for this deck Garry
  7. The 857 and 877. The 867 appears to have been single decals.
  8. You may find these shots of the parts lists interesting Garry
  9. Glued chipboard is not a good materials to use as the embedded three prong threaded 1/4 x 20 clips ( I guess they call these T nuts) that go into the seat back to secure the two screws will often come loose or work out. Don't know how they could come out. The nut goes into the wood on the front of the panel and the bolt goes into the nut from the rear. There are different types of T-nuts 1/4",43576,61994,40361 5/16",43576,61995,61645 Garry
  10. That is a big problem with the 2-piece flo-jet carb. Between the threads of the jet and the tube is a tapered seat. Even at the best of times that tapered seat will leak fuel and since it is below the fuel level in the bowl fuel will seep into the intake and show up as a drip when not running. If it does not leak too bad the flow of air when running draws it into the engine. The first fix was to grind the threads off the brass jet and reinsert it with a fine grinding compound on the brass tapered seat to polish the carb aluminum tapered seat. That requires a new nozzle. The next was to add a plastic washer to the tube that ended up as a gasket on the tapered seat. I did have luck making a washer out of Teflon tape but with a 1/8" ID that flimsy washer was a challenge but did work. I sharpened the end of an old nozzle and used it as a gasket punch. Next I used the Teflon thread sealer paste made by Permatex/Loctite applied to the brass taper with a toothpick and that worked. Recently read where a neoprene o-ring sliped over the tube will also seal the taper. All this will work if you can successfully get the jet out and back in. I saw where Brian Millar has a tap to clean up the threads but the jet needs to be out for that also. There may be new replacement imported carbs available now because that carb was used on a lot of different motors for many years. Garry
  11. Garry
  12. I think Dave's gears were turning and meant "bulb grease" which is like a dielectric silicone grease to stop oxidation. Garry
  13. The parts list available from Toro for the 1972 GT-14 show the pto switch as 100769. We do have an original 1971 parts list which I have more faith in and it lists the same switch for the 1971 GT-14. The switch is no longer available from Toro but Toro and Wheel Horse did not make switches. They sourced them from somewhere. I don't know what they are like so maybe a good description of what you have can be confirmed by other GT-14 owners. A good photo would be better. Garry
  14. Someone posted this the other day - Thank you to whoever it was Garry NPT_Thread_Chart.pdf