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  1. Noticed the available info on both models shows the transmission as a model 1400 Peerless and the only two models to use it. Is the 2300 similar? Garry
  2. Good job on the lift link. Welding the head of the bolt only keeps the pins square in the holes of the lift lever and attachment which minimizes wear. An improvement would be to use a longer bolt with enough unthreaded shaft to fit into the holes. Cut the threads off. I weld in the bolts so the holes for the spring pins are perpendicular to the link. That way I know where they are and can insert the spring pins blindfolded. A good chamfer on the small pin holes with a countersink bit makes finding the holes even easier. Some applications require a couple of opposite bends in the lift link to keep the lift pins horizontal to their attachment points. Welding the lift pins in the link in opposite directions may be enough. If it isn't the two bends don't need to be so severe. Keeping the lift pins horizontal greatly extends the life of the holes they go into. Garry
  3. Some of that belt tension mechanism goes back to 1980 so suspect it was only to ease the starter load. The 1995 314-H shares an operator manual with the 416-H. The 314-H has the tension release feature and the 416-H doesn't. In 1991 only the 312-H had it. No 14hp models in 1991-92. The 416-H did not have it. None had it in 1990. Garry
  4. If it has battery ignition you need to power the (+) terminal on the coil and ground the chassis to the battery (-). The charging system will not power the ignition. It should pull start then. If no spark clean the ignition point contacts. Garry
  5. It may have been a 1971 800 Special model 1-0150 or a 1974 A-90 Special model 2-4300. Garry
  6. Transmission does not look like a cast iron Uni-drive this type of tractor originally had. Kohler built the engine spec 47454b in 1972 for Dunbar Manufacturing. See if there is an ID plate up high under the dash housing. Garry
  7. Tractor drive belt 108427 - (HA/4L x 88" or 1/2" x 88") Garry
  8. I use this one on a C-120 8-Speed so it should fit a 300-Series. Had to move the rear 3/4" cross bar ahead 5". It is welded in so I just cut it out. The new bar is held in with pins in new holes drilled in the rear frame. If I drill out the remains of the old welded in pin it will still fit the 5xi models. Garry Adding I already had the rear axle quick hitch for the dozer blade on the C-120 and this 5xi modified grader fits. I don't know if a 5xi rear quick hitch will fit on a C-Series or 300-Series but I would doubt it.
  9. Looks like a 1963 serial number Garry
  10. Perhaps you can tell from this which one you need Garry
  11. The original engine numbers are listed on the Details page here Garry
  12. Here is the tractor Here is the mower deck A search of the Library (files) should bring up more results. Using the 22-14OE01 model number works the best. 14=engine hp O=Onan engine E-Eaton hydro 01 are both numbers. Don't get the O's and 0's mixed up and include the - Garry
  13. Sounds like you got it. If you can get the terminals sanded down to bare clean metal a coating of dielectric silicone grease on all of them should be all it needs. This product is available in small tubes and will not conduct current so no chance of it causing a short between circuits. Coat them completely and fill the plug-in connector. Garry
  14. 14hp is the E140v like on your engine decal is it not? Noticed the E125V used the same spec number according to Toro. That is odd. The Toro carb number is NN10668 and somewhere I saw the Onan number is 0146-0526. Garry
  15. This is done with the engine not running. A business card is a suitable gauge. Garry