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  1. hydraulic lift kit

  2. wh

    Click on the pictures below This is a later manual but much of the info for the C-Series is appropriate for your's Garry
  3. 314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

  4. snowthrower drive belt issues

    A supplement has been added to the operator manual in this file. It is the page following the illustrated parts list. May help you. Garry
  5. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    If you can hang the cable so one end is higher than the other it can be lubed by poking a hole in the corner of a small plastic bag. Place the end of the cable in the hole and tape the bag to the cable casing. Hang the bag and add some light oil to the bag. It will force the water out and replace it with lubrication. Garry
  6. Crazy Electrical Problem

    Other way around. You should only have power to the negative side of the coil when the points are open. The points simply ground the coil which takes it to 0 volts when they are closed. If you have steady battery voltage at the coil (-) the points are not closing or the contact surfaces are dirty preventing them from make electrical contact. Garry
  7. Snow-thrower wont stay up

    This is from a later model and lift arrangement but the lift arms are the same and have the attachments lifted by the same holes in the arms. Garry
  8. transmission issue

    Perhaps there is some water in the oil and it froze? If it sits for a while the water will start to separate from the oil and it goes to the bottom. If it then freezes the differential won't turn. Garry
  9. New Purchase, new WH Owner - A-100 Model

    Once you have the bolt and washer off the spindle the cavity above the spindle is ideal for applying a good penetrating oil. Keep it flooded for a week or two and the pulleys may fall off. That cast iron is as brittle as glass so pulling on them usually results in breakage. WD40 is not a penetrating fluid. Whatever type of fluid you use shake the can well before applying. We don't know your model number but this may be the deck you have. Click on the poor picture. Next page has small pictures you can click on to enlarge. They show the different spindle assemblies that were available over the years so you know how they are assembled. Garry
  10. 312-8 Tiller Question

    The 79370 tiller with a 39xxxxx serial number is a 1993 model. It will also fit the older models as listed in the manual using the instructions provided. The 1974-77 C-Series tractors became the C-xx1 tractors for 1978-79 and the C-xx5 tractors 1980-84 and the 300, 400 and 500-Series 1985-2012. If you go back up to the links to the manuals click on the poor pictures of each file and it will take you to the cover page for that file where notes have been added about the item. The main differences in the tiller models over the years was the lift arrangement changed in 1978 because the fuel tank got moved from under the hood to under the seat. The 12hp engine has plenty of power in low range as the slow ground speed is needed to give the tiller a chance to do it's job. Garry
  11. 312-8 Tiller Question

    That is the one you need. The parts list will show all the pieces Here is how it goes together Garry
  12. 1990 312-8 "Classic"-Drive Belt

    7473 is the correct belt Garry
  13. 314-H snapping drive belts

    Are you using a belt designed to bend backwards over a flat idler? Transmission drive belt 108501 - (HB/5L x 81.50" or 5/8" x 81.5") Garry
  14. 520h snowblade

    This will get you part of the way. This is what is added to the long frame plow frame if you have the swept-forward axle. Click on the picture. Garry Adding Unfortunately I don't see the bar to bar dimension