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  1. Can't help with your problem but there is a good section in this old Kohler service manual on this system. Section 7.1 to 7.6 Make sure your ignition switch has not failed. Start energized when turned off. The high amperage this system uses is hard on the switches. Garry
  2. Would this be it? Garry
  3. Bought this one from a small company that neither the owner or any of his 5 employees could use it without gouging the wood. Took the gamble. Set it up and had it wired. Turned it on and realized they had it running backwards. They were trying to push the belt across the surface to be sanded. Reversed the motor and bingo. Garry
  4. The original 9699 hood with 5 slots was replaced by 114289. Here are the years it was used 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 Too many models used it to list them. The 1982 model SK-486 was built to use up an excess of parts inventory and the hood was one of those parts. Garry
  5. Welcome to the forum. Lots of info here including a list of attachments for the 1276. Since these models changed very little over the years there are often more attachments that will fit but not in the list. Garry
  6. That is good to see. Sadly they don't include the 100200 number for the set of three 6693 blades for the 42" side discharge. They do not appear to carry any of the others 32" gear driven 3718/3719 replaced by 7908/7909 replaced by 7760/7761 replaced by 8777 2-blade set 36" gear driven 4116/4117 replaced by 8014 2-blade set 36" decks - 1 center blade 100776 and left and right 100777 replaced by 101335 3-blade set 42" rear discharge 105837 replaced by 106586 3-blade set 48" side discharge 4380 replaced by 6758 replaced by 100202 3-blade set There are others for the above that are less popular and did not check them. Someone posted a link to a site that advertised they had the 8014 set. Garry
  7. Here is a list of 42" decks produced over the years. At some point the blades went to a 3/4" center hole like you have now. Before that they had a 5/8" x 3/4" double-D hole and those blades are no longer available. Will figure out when the change was made. 5-1001 replaces RL-426, 5-1421, 5-1422, 5-1423, 5-1000 5-1001 replaced by 5-1010, 5-1011, 5-1012, 65-42MS01, 65-42MS02, 75-42MS01 (Blades up to this point had a 5/8" x 3/4" double-D center hole) (The following decks used blades with a 3/4" center hole) 75-42MS02, 85-42MS01, 95-42MS00, 95-42MS01, 05-42MS01, 05-42MS02, 05-42MS03, 05-42MS04, 05-42MS05, 15-42SC01, 15-42SC02, 15-42SC03/78345 New is also still an option Garry
  8. The set screw is a dog-point type. Garry
  9. Yes cloth backed like the small 6" x 48" belts or 3" x 24" for portable sanders. I will guess the backer for the pad material is just a plain metal pan. Wonder if that is what they use to get the uniform scratch pattern in stainless steel. Garry
  10. Depending on model number or If the part is priced it should be available from any Toro dealer. Failing that post a wanted ad in the classifieds here at Red Square. There are also other sources for used parts. Garry
  11. Item 24 in this parts list? Garry
  12. Stroke sanders have a table that can be raised and lowered to accommodate the height of the object to be sanded. It also travels on rollers so the object can be pushed into or out of the machine. The object is raised to a point where it just clears the belt. Inside the loop of belt is a travelling bar that has a graphite covered pad that can be raised and lowered by a lever to push the belt down to the object being sanded. Simultaneously the bar allows the pad to be rolled on bearings from one end to the other. One hand on the pad lever pushing the belt down to the object and the other rolling the table in and out as you work from one end to the other. The object on the rolling table and/or the pad needs to be constantly moving to prevent gouging. I can do about 30" of a 8' sheet of plywood and turn the sheet around to do the remaining 18". My main use has been to sand book-matched slabs with the edges joined to make 5' x 8' table tops. One was 6" thick and that is when I motorized the table elevator. Garry
  13. The answer may be in this service manual Garry
  14. Your deck is a 1990 model Operator manual Parts list Download and print this page off and have it with you when installing the belt Garry
  15. ID plate may be on the left side of the hoodstand just below the fuel tank tray. Will have the model number and serial number on it. Garry