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  1. Snow Plowfor 252-H

    Put it where it belongs. Thanks for supplying it. Click on the picture Garry
  2. 523dxi - Ignition switch - other models interchangeable?

    How to test the switch. Click on the picture below and on them again after the page opens. Garry
  3. Snow Plowfor 252-H

    See if you can upload it to here http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/category/30-large-uploads/ Garry
  4. Snow Plowfor 252-H

    We don't have either manual. Thanks for uploading the mower manual. How big is the tractor manual? Garry
  5. Snow Plowfor 252-H

    The 05 is the prefix for mower deck model numbers so suspect it is hard to read and should be 06. That blade is the one listed for the 252-H. The 06-42BB02 was sold for earlier models but likely very close to what you need. Click on the picture There should be a manual number on the ones you have except for the engine manual which I think we have. If you can post those numbers will check to see if we need them. Click on the picture Garry

    You will see a 6th digit of 6, 7, 8 or 9 added to the model numbers of the tractors and attachments representing 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974. Subtract 5 from that 6th digit to get the model year ie. 8-5=3=1973. Realised this after recording the model numbers with serial numbers. Clearly evident what they had done. About that time many attachment model numbers were carried over from your to year and that 6th digit was a way to identify the model year. Much easier than using the serial numbers. Had their computers been up to date at the time things would have been much different. Garry
  7. Name this deck , pictures inside no model tag

    I think you are correct and the serial number fits. Garry
  8. Name this deck , pictures inside no model tag

    I may be wrong. I was thinking the serial number looked like 21354 but may be 21x354. The last digit in the model number looks like a 1. There was 01, 02 and 03. Garry
  9. Name this deck , pictures inside no model tag

    Just a guess. Click on the picture. Garry

    There were some sold in 1973 but likely left over from the 1972 model year. They were considered 1973 models with a 1-0502-8 model number. Click on the photo Garry
  11. Sticker kit for a 81 d160

    Click on the picture Garry
  12. Snow Plowfor 252-H

    You are one number out on the model number. Click on the pictures Attachment lists here We do not have an illustrated parts list to confirm all the pieces are there. When you go here I don't know which of the 3 are correct http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/accessories/06-42bk01-toro-42-snow-blade-1988 At the end of the day that is the exact blade you need. Garry
  13. Wh disc? Sleeve hitch

    Click on the picture Garry
  14. GT-1100 ignition switch help

    Without seeing or knowing what the coil looks like I am a puzzled. Where does the wire that was on the control panel that you extended to the ignition switch come from? It should have gone to the ignition coil. Will guess the wire going to the screw at the coil is the ground for the high voltage secondary coil winding. You need to connect to the primary coil winding so try a ground wire to the spade terminal. It won't hurt anything if wrong because you are just trying to ground the coil to stop the engine. Not grounded it should still run. Garry
  15. wolfpack

    Needs to be like this for proper direction of rotation. Garry