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  1. Wheel Horse charging wiring

    Lights are a little brighter today. The b s h sounded familiar but couldn't connect the dots. That will be a kill relay. The B&S engines use a magneto ignition so no battery power is needed or wanted in the ignition wire. Wheel Horse at the time used a battery style of ignition switch plus a kill relay to control the ignition. There were two different versions of the relay used. Garry
  2. Wheel Horse charging wiring

    Welcome to the forum. Sure it is not a voltage regulator? Garry
  3. transmission fluid level

    Some info on the 265-6 made 1996-2000 using 3 different model numbers. Tractor serial number will identify the year. All used the 820-024 Peerless transmission. Garry
  4. Tecumseh HT55C parts Diagrams

    Thanks formariz. Made it into a pdf.
  5. Model #

    See an ignition coil on the back side of the blower housing making the engine a K241. Tractor model 21-10K802 or 21-10K803 02 likely made by Wheel Horse 03 likely made by Toro 1986 was the year company ownership changed. Corrected the model numbers This is the revised operator manual for 1986 with the correct engine oil capacities. Click on the pictures below. Not the best parts list but all we have Garry
  6. Engine Tecumseh H45D HB45D H55D HB55D IPL.pdf

    Version 1.0.0


    Illustrated parts list 4 pages 583KB Lauson


  7. I Couldn't Stay Away - I Bought Another One!

    Click on the picture in this link. There are 2 screen shots taken from the Lubrication Charts for the 857. A note in the chart states that the information represents the most recent recommendations. Click on the screen shots to enlarge them. Garry
  8. Model #

    An engine manufactured in 1986 could have landed on a 1986 or 1987 model tractor. 1986 was the first year for the low oil switch in the rear of the oil pan. The K-Series engines were used in 1986 10hp and larger. Tractor model 21-10K802 or 03. 02 likely made by Wheel Horse and 03 made by Toro. 1986 was the year company ownership changed. 1987 was the first year for the M-Series of engines 10hp and larger. Tractor model 21-10K804. Corrected the tractor model numbers Garry
  9. Battery exploded

    This is from a Stens dealer in Canada. They told me a few years ago they would ship to Europe. https://www.bantasaw.com/catalog/viewproduct.asp?i=&p=6309 Garry
  10. Plow Mounting

    This page identifies where the attachments are connected to the rock shaft. Looks like you have it on the wrong arm. You can enlarge the illustration. http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/mowers-lawn-garden-tractor/31-20oe01-520-h-toro-520-h-garden-tractor-1988/hydraulic-lift-linkage-520-h-520-hc/ Should also be in the dozer blade operator manual Garry
  11. What do you feed your engine???

    We have 87, 89 and 91 octane in Ontario Canada. In most cases our 91 has no ethanol. 87 and 89 up to 10% ethanol. Is there more than one way of measuring octane? I use the 87 in Kohlers and B&S. Use 91 in the 2-stroke engines because of the lack of ethanol. A new Stihl saw with what I suspect is throttle body injection hesitates bad on hot acceleration but since it is computerized they are trying to blame the fuel. Summer fuels are supposed to be blended to raise the vaporization point and just got more but the same. Heard this week that the refineries and starting the winter gasoline blend so my problem will likely get worse. Garry
  12. Test switch

    Pto OFF? Try pulling it farther into the OFF position while cranking. Transmission in neutral? Those 2 switches control the power from the S terminal on the ignition switch. 30 amps fuse OK? It powers the start relay and the above two switches control it. Garry
  13. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    In the mid-1980's this applied but don't know when the change applied or why it was necessary. Something must have changed. Drive belt # 1599 (HA x 139.00in 1/2" x 139") If used on later twin-cylinder models use belt # 103635 which has been replaced by # 110265 (1/2" x 141.00") Garry
  14. Test switch

    The test switch is powered by 12 volts from the battery so make sure the red wire is not shorted to ground. You likely blew a fuse if it did short. The light panel does not have any influence on the tractor wiring. You can unplug the circuit board if you want. Garry Adding - make sure your new ignition switch has one terminal identified by the letter I (eye). There are identical switches except for a letter M on them for the ignition and they are not correct for this model.