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  1. All the 42" rear discharge decks that will fit your tractor are listed here There are subtle differences in the models like the bearings used and the blade center hole size/shape which may be more obvious to you. Garry
  2. The cap over the drain for the engine is item # 131 in both these manuals. Listed as 3/8" pipe which has a tapered thread. All that means is that the threads on the end of the pipe have a smaller diameter than the threads farther in. Pipe threads don't seal well so the application of a thread sealer will eliminate any drips. Because the threads are tapered they don't need to be real tight. As soon as the cap starts to come off it will get lose real quick. Garry
  3. Should be a model 1-0502 since the 2 and 7 are readable. The 7 on the end is not used but if you subtract 5 from that 6th digit you get the model year. 7-5=2=1972 Garry
  4. Added your tractor serial number to the list and that helped to determine the build date. The 9-61 Julian build date format has shown up before and not how it was normally done. Interesting Garry
  5. Same tough design Garry
  6. The 1988 model 312-8 would be model 21-12K805. The online info available for the Wheel Horse tractors make it difficult to determine what transmission was used and where. The original parts lists if available remove the mystery. They did produce a transmission with six forward speeds and 1" axles using 4 pinion gears in the differential. Some models with 6 forward speeds used 1-1/8" axles and have a stronger 8-pinion differential but a few got four pinions. I believe you will have this transmission Garry
  7. Commonly known as a pinch squeal. If it is happening only when the pressure is first applied to the clutch that is normal. If the squeal returns when the belt is under load the clutch is slipping and must be tightened. One cause can be the retaining ring on the stub shaft in the outer pto bearing. Make sure the retaining ring is installed in the correct direction to stay in the groove or the applied hoop pressure just pushes the shaft into the bearing. The bearing has to go with the stub shaft. Garry
  8. HHCS = hex head cap screw Once upon a time I was able to determine the bolt sizes of most of the hardware used by Wheel Horse. If you get stuck post the part number and will see what I have. E-clips and most retaining rings are manufactured by stamping. If you look closely at them one side has rounded edges and the other side has sharp edges. They must be installed so the sharp edge is the side against the outer side of the groove in most cases. Make the sharp edge do the retaining after determining which way the forces are applied. Garry
  9. All the model numbers are listed here = DNA Garry
  10. I think that is what you need to use. The important number is the 150018 spec number. Garry
  11. The 1991 PAL Attachments are on page 67 of the file. Forget what PAL stands for but they are attachments approved by Wheel Horse. These PAL pages follow the Toro pages for each model year they are applicable to. Garry
  12. Belt has been added to this page Garry
  13. Model number is 91-16OS01 9=1979 1=garden tractor 16=engine horse power O=Onan engine S=Sundstrand hydro 01=numbers zero one and the parts list identifier Garry