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  1. Specialty forums are such a gift. The first significant snow is predicted and my 518H is little balky in the starting department. I replaced the battery this summer. When I turn the key it just clicks but after some messing around it will turn over and fire off just fine. I need to go through the wiring. I am guessing that a couple hours would yield similar results.
  2. Onan P216G, Tune-up

    Awesome thread. I just bought a 516 with a snow blower. Did the general maintenance and got it out for the first time yesterday to play around. I will likely tackle the carb cleaning in the spring. Thoughts on any auto fuel system cleaners like Techron? I have a bottle for my cars and thought about putting a few ounces in the tank of the tractor. Pic my wife took of me out playing yesterday. Need to put the chute at little higher angle....