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  1. swap larger moldboard plow for smaller

    how big is it and what would you say it weighed?
  2. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    that was awesome i always wondered how these worked with brinly plow......you now inspiered me to get one for mine love the rear rubber too! thanks for the video!
  3. Which horse is your favorite

    953's and 1054's!!!!!!!!! and GT-14's!
  4. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    very nice would like a set of those my self!
  5. trade JD 112 parts for 953/1054 snow plow blade and bracket

    ok got my plow for my 953 so but parts are still for sale!
  6. well like the rest of us getting the ready for winter and this new hard bar i hope will help in certain situations to scrape with but for now got set up on a chain and clevis so it can float for now but at least i have a original part for this makes me really happy.....now just getting funds together to get some tire chains
  7. need some idea's

    ebin unfortunately the pull clubs faded out in this part of the country i don't know any until you get around skowheagan area
  8. need some idea's

    me and another close friend of mine are thinking highly of holding a first western maine lawn and garden tractor show and tell....this would be held at his home were thinking at the moment a great together with all makes of lawn and garden tractors ...this would be held in the small town of Bryant pond maine for the highlight doing a tractor ride parade style...if anyone has held a event like this or has idea's i'm listening.....maybe we could do some pulling we do have a official tractor pull sled up to 1500lb class i believe....i don't know would love to here others feed back!
  9. What have you done on your WH today?

    i happen to luck out when i got the charger 10 on the plow tried to buy it seperately but yeah he happen to come around the corner with it and saw that A frame set up i was happy as a kid in a candy store some of the newer models will work too if you can't find one of the A frame type... the original plow set ups from factory are 54" wide and i think its a little too wide i think 42 to 48" is a perfect set up
  10. discovered i have no angle rod to move plow?

    well went to my local steel shop up the road today had 1/2" rod fabricated wit the bends and took home drilled holes in my press and put it together total cost $21.00 no dam $60.00 from a dealer.....maybe i'm just cheap but i can't see that money for i had made today
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    got my plow set up and working today.......and man am impressed what this will push .......LOL if this tractor was a woman i'd run off tonight to go elope...... that hydro lift is the cats rear end yeah had pushed some sand along my edge of the road and property line and just chugged right along......953 nut i know why you like these now ....man just can't say enough about it only imagine in snow what it will push!
  12. discovered i have no angle rod to move plow?

    i have the older A frame style
  13. having carb issues trying to solve ?

    i did notice mine is a tiny sloppy
  14. just when i thought i was going to be able to get everything set up i discovered my angle rod was missing that controls the left and right direction of the plow now is the rod the same size like the A frame style vs the new ? need one or if i can get dimensions that would be great i'll try to make one out of 1/4" rod stock of some sort
  15. having carb issues trying to solve ?

    thank you very much!