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  1. 1054 Transmission Rebuild

    well i've already been into mine and well we tried to compensate for some things missing and well worked good for a few minutes and just went to other problems from there so that i have another project i've been dubbing with too was given a 1947 GE big single door fridge and needs a relay and found one but not sure how wire it up being that old but anyway we'll see if i can get mine out this weekend good luck with yours my friend i'll be watching
  2. 1054 Transmission Rebuild

    man i still haven't got around to tear mine out yet trying to get over some personal stuff that has happened as of recent but anyways i'm locked into gears myself with my 953 bought some good used gears on ebay and go from there i think my spring and ball bearings and pin assembly is messed up and i hope it is i do have a complete cluster gear set if mine isn't chewed up we'll see i do know i will have to get new bull gear bolts the heads were chewed up on mine
  3. Finally got my 953

    nice machine you got there..........getting ready to rebuild the tranny in mine........get a plow for this and you will be amazed what this tractor can push
  4. 953 tranny acting up .....the 5045

    thanks nut ifound i think the most important pieces today on ebay......the pin and 2 ball bearings i was lacking and we'll see if some other things are the way supose to be but ordered another good used gear set anyways
  5. well after yesterday it was a good day really had made it through a small parade so no embarrassing moments it waited til i got back to the truck before it acted so i will give it that lol ....so i called a long time friend of mine that has been jd mechanic and auto for 40 years plus,..... just has been in a lot of back surgueries and he agreed if i get the parts he's going to guide me through on doing it myself plus has the special tools also
  6. Loaded up and ready to go to Owls Head !!

    well here's some quick pics of the truck and tractor show parked beside ebinmaines patriot horse and there were other horses there i noticed hiding too plus i saw i think a 702 model or a 657 in the back of a studebaker truck which was cool...... the downside of today when i went to go load my tractor the transmission acted up so luckily eric just happen to be coming through and used his ramps along with mine to make the incline not so steep but remains in the back of my truck with the tranny locked up
  7. Loaded up and ready to go to Owls Head !!

    alright broher we'll see you there i guess my son will be with me on this tour
  8. i found a set of gt -14 wheel weights and was wondering if they would bolt on to the 953/1054's rear wheels?
  9. head light lenses 953

    thank you nut i apreciate it!
  10. head light lenses 953

    is Glenn pettit still doing this i think i had heard a while back he was ill not sure......i had left a emial but no reply looking for lenses if anybody has a set must be 3"
  11. Possible 953 Score

    you did good .......there's a lot of good parts there if you decide otherwise the trannys are the good bad and the ugly sometimes.........but when they claim not going into gear is that when it is running or not? alot of folks don't realize the belt guard plays a vital role on that situation believe it or not you got to able to press the clutch with out the belt spinning the rear drive pulley or it never go in proper and i think this is how alot of trannys on this tractor took a beating of ignorance......at some point when mine finally gives out i'm going t o figuire a way on how to mate a 8spd tranny to it
  12. 953 with extended seat package lol!

    well you know when we put back the tranny together and tried a run with it wasnt sure to expect with it but so far no noises very queit does pop out of third going down hill but every other gear works fine though
  13. ok the 953 is just about complete and finally got my seat back after a long wait but she did very good quality and now i think i have the only 953 with a extend seat lol got the pump resevoir filled up too took it for a spin so here it is all i lack is getting the head light lenses now..........................ebin we'll see you at the owls head show the 21st
  14. WTB 953/1054 attachments

    still looking for these items going to a nicely restored tractor very soon done would love to get to work it lol
  15. 1054/953 Lawn Ranger seats

    man where were you about 2 weeks ago have one done right now lol