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  1. Tire Chains

    That's what I was hoping for with the diamond being smooth on pavement and then biting in the hills around the yard which would be better than no chains.
  2. Tire Chains

    Will they not work well in the mud at all? I plan on using them around my yard and occasionally hit mud but it usually isn't terrible.
  3. Tire Chains

    I talked to the people at tirechain.com and I decided to go with the European diamond style. I will post back once I get them on and try them out.
  4. Tire Chains

    So would you Duo or the European Diamond? That is what I think I have narrowed it down to. I don't know how much is gained by going Duo vs diamond, but I am guessing the diamond is much smoother on pavement.
  5. FEL Build for 520

    Yes. You would have to clean the threads first and get the joint compound out of it. I would take a paper towel or rag to get most of it off first and then a wire brush as necessary. The stuff will fill the holes if it is perfectly clean but the cleaner the better. Permatex (Loctite equivalent) would also work and is sold generally at Napa's if you can't get the Loctite version. It is expensive, but a small bottle goes a very long way.
  6. FEL Build for 520

    Hydraulic leaks? Are they NPT threads that are leaking? If so, I highly recommend using Loctite 545. You put it on the 2nd thread on the pipe and go a few threads around. It doesn't take much of it to work. The only thing that stinks is a 24hr full cure. When I did my loader it helped immensely and I had no leaks due to this.
  7. Tire Chains

    I have a loader with Ag tires and was looking to add chains to it. They are 23x10.5-12 tires. I have a very hilly, steep yard that is quite muddy most of the time (especially the spring) and was trying to figure out with the Ags if I am better off with the 2-link chains or the European diamond stud chains. I still use it quite a bit on the asphalt driveway as well so I don't think I necessarily I want to use Duo style, but if it will provide me much more traction than the other two I may spring for them. My other tractor I use turfs on with 2 link chains just for mowing the lawn. My initial though was the European diamond stud vs the 2 link because of the Ags. Thoughts?
  8. FEL Build for 520

    Looks great. You did a fantastic job.
  9. FEL Build for 520

    Beautiful job so far. I just partially (not painted is it) finished my loader build on a different forum. If you haven't bought the hydraulics yet fit everything to a common adapter. I choose male jics with female jic hoses. This way if a hose goes bad you can have one long spare you can replace any where temporarily. Jics (Flares) are nice because they don't need pipe dope nor do they have O-Rings to replace.
  10. Where to Find Ag (Tractor type) tires

    I just got Deestone Ags from Simpletire.com. Cheaper than Miller tire in general and usually free shipping.
  11. FEL Build for 520

    Sarge, thanks for the recommendation. I have a 50 year old AC buzz box that just keeps going and I keep debating buying on of these inverter types but can't seem to make up my mind if it is worth it or not. At $260 it gets more compelling to invest. The main advantage I see is cleaner welds so less cleanup afterwards. I have been doing a lot of welding lately as I have been working on my own loader lately. I got about 50' leads so my buzz box doesn't move so portability isn't a major concern.
  12. FEL Build for 520

    You're doing a fantastic job. Be moving dirt in no time. Great job.
  13. Just bought a bunch of parts from them for my loader. Shipped fast, great prices, and well packed.
  14. Troy Bilt GTX 20

    Ed, I have a Troy-Bilt GTX 18, with a 3pt hitch, a 60" mower and ~800 hours on it. I am currently working on building a FEL for it and progress is being shown on a different site. It is a serious garden tractor. A factory available FEL was available for it, it had power steering, and auxiliary hydraulics. It was in between the large frame and medium frame bolens series. I see them going anywhere from $800-$3000 around here on attachments and various implements. Things to look for that are hard to replace or are extremely expensive: 1) Power steering cylinder leaking. I don't think you can replace the cylinder and it is hard to find 2) The PTO with the larger mower deck or snowblower can go. It is a $200-$300 part to replace. Otherwise breaking down the price: Snowblower - single stage $400, dual $500-$700 3pt hitch - $300 - $400 Cab (Hard top? ) - $300 Weights and chains - $50 Before the tractor which is fairly low hours your looking at $1000- $1400 roughly in attachments alone based on what I have seen them for. I love this tractor and it is much bigger and stronger than my 1968 Raider 12.
  15. PTO Implements

    My Troy Bilt GTX is the same way. I am going to follow this thread closely. The best way to get the proper speed is to probably go to a hydraulic system. It would be easier. Put a pump on the tractor and then use a hydraulic motor with the standard 6 spline output. You would just need to control the flow rate. Here is a motor for instance: http://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dynamic/4-95-cu-in-PTO-Drive-Motor-9-7368-80.axd If you don't have many attachments you could put hydraulic quick coupler outputs on the tractor and put individual hydraulic motors on the implements and do away with pulleys and gears reductions and just use the motor to spin the implement at the right speed. You would just buy the motor to go at the right speed and this would have less parts to go wrong. I did find one gear box that is designed for a generator. You could get a different the 1"-15T lovejoy coupler up to the gearbox on one end and use the output on the other. Look here: http://cgg1.com/ptogearbox.htm I know some of the other manufacturers optionally had gear boxes but they will be really hard to find. Interested on hearing other's thoughts.