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  1. I have a 1991 520h and I can mow for hours on end until I turn the tractor off and then restart it. The tractor restarts nice and easy warm but when I engage the PTO (mower deck) it slowly kills the engine. If I disengage the PTO it revs right back up. It is an electric clutch. I was thinking if it was a kill switch wrong I would imagine it would kill it a lot faster than allowing me to cycle on and off the PTO. Any thoughts?
  2. Does it look out of place?

    Looks like a great find. What I have realized is unfortunately there are some things our red tractors can't do and you sometimes need a helping hand. The trailer looks great and will definitely come in handy hauling both the Kubota and the horses.
  3. Wheel Weights

    Yes they will work.
  4. So...Who got this deal???

    Wow... I wish I saw that. I am not too far either. Looks like a fantastic deal.
  5. Financing and cash flow,buy a car?

    I used to work in the finance industry for a bit and can tell you most likely tell you that they would tell you this. If you can make more money from the returns on investing the money that's what you should do. Always pay off the higher interest rate first. For me personally, since I am fairly conservative I would do the following. 1) Make sure you have an emergency fund. ~3-6 months of your debts/expenses covered in cash readily available in case of an emergency before doing anything else. 2) Assuming you have an emergency fund, I would pay off the house and then get a car payment. Part of the reason is because the interest rate is lower on the car. 3) GM does periodically do 0% financing on new vehicles so you maybe able to get a loan through them for less depending on how soon you need to buy. It usually is a few times a year.
  6. Adapting a tiller

    It might be. I know the green guys (JD) and I believe simplicity used a hydraulic motor for their tillers on some of their GTs. It will largely depend on the pump that you're using to drive the FEL currently. Most FEL pumps are somewhere in the 4-8 GPM so they may work especially considering people run tillers with 12hp tractors all the time so based on the rule of thumb it isn't too far off. The pressure relief setting might have to be increased though to use the tiller vs the FEL.
  7. FEL ladder frame question

    Okay this is giving me some good ideas. Does it hurt the ladder frame at all if you go vertical and then connect like in Shynon photos? Or is it better right between the rails?
  8. FEL ladder frame question

    Okay so both ends need to be connected at the very front and very rear correct? Not offset correct? Would 2x2x1/4 tube be sufficient or am I better off with 2x4x3/16 tube?
  9. With a front end loader for these tractors how important is a ladder type subframe? Does the cross piece in the front have to connect where the towers are? Can the frame where the towers are just mount to the frame and go back to the transmission or is that cross piece critical where the towers mount? Could it be set further back with the same effect or would it not be the same? I know it is important to go back to the transmission so if you hit something you don't snap the frame, but how critical are the cross members?
  10. Sale on red paint!!

    Ace for labor day also has Krylon buy one get one free. It is $6 a can normally here.
  11. Mower deck sheet metal thickness

    That's what I do with my other deck and plan on doing with this one. I take them off at the end of the year and thoroughly clean them and paint the underside every year before spraying with an oily substance typically with fluid film. This deck that I am patching is part of the 520H that was given to me, so I am trying to clean it up as best as I can. Honestly knowing the deck has nearly 2200 hours on it and most of the paint is in great shape other than those few holes is surprising to me a bit. I will try and get pictures of it up here of the actual damage. When I got the deck unfortunately there was so much wet grass everywhere I didn't know there were 3 huge holes.
  12. Mower deck sheet metal thickness

    Thank you for the information.
  13. I have a 1991 520h 48" mower deck and there are a few holes in it that are fairly big. I wanted to know what gauge sheet metal is usually used to fix these decks. I think I have 20 or 22 gauge on hand but I didn't know if that's too thin.
  14. Just a word of caution with a pressure washer. Be very careful around seals and seams because you can blast away stuff that you need and get water in places you don't want it. I have bought a pressure regulator I use on my gas pressure washer so I start with lower pressure and move up to higher pressure as needed.
  15. Wheel horse XL build

    Looks great so far. I don't know exactly your plans but I do have a few suggestions. If you have room try and tuck in a hydraulic reservoir. The bigger the better. Use float position on the hydraulic cylinders as well. Extremely handy on a 3pt. You should also size the 3pt to a cat1 rather than cat0. Power steering would also be extremely helpful especially given how big and heavy this will be. Looking great so far. Will love following this thread.