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  1. Just bought a bunch of parts from them for my loader. Shipped fast, great prices, and well packed.
  2. Troy Bilt GTX 20

    Ed, I have a Troy-Bilt GTX 18, with a 3pt hitch, a 60" mower and ~800 hours on it. I am currently working on building a FEL for it and progress is being shown on a different site. It is a serious garden tractor. A factory available FEL was available for it, it had power steering, and auxiliary hydraulics. It was in between the large frame and medium frame bolens series. I see them going anywhere from $800-$3000 around here on attachments and various implements. Things to look for that are hard to replace or are extremely expensive: 1) Power steering cylinder leaking. I don't think you can replace the cylinder and it is hard to find 2) The PTO with the larger mower deck or snowblower can go. It is a $200-$300 part to replace. Otherwise breaking down the price: Snowblower - single stage $400, dual $500-$700 3pt hitch - $300 - $400 Cab (Hard top? ) - $300 Weights and chains - $50 Before the tractor which is fairly low hours your looking at $1000- $1400 roughly in attachments alone based on what I have seen them for. I love this tractor and it is much bigger and stronger than my 1968 Raider 12.
  3. PTO Implements

    My Troy Bilt GTX is the same way. I am going to follow this thread closely. The best way to get the proper speed is to probably go to a hydraulic system. It would be easier. Put a pump on the tractor and then use a hydraulic motor with the standard 6 spline output. You would just need to control the flow rate. Here is a motor for instance: http://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dynamic/4-95-cu-in-PTO-Drive-Motor-9-7368-80.axd If you don't have many attachments you could put hydraulic quick coupler outputs on the tractor and put individual hydraulic motors on the implements and do away with pulleys and gears reductions and just use the motor to spin the implement at the right speed. You would just buy the motor to go at the right speed and this would have less parts to go wrong. I did find one gear box that is designed for a generator. You could get a different the 1"-15T lovejoy coupler up to the gearbox on one end and use the output on the other. Look here: http://cgg1.com/ptogearbox.htm I know some of the other manufacturers optionally had gear boxes but they will be really hard to find. Interested on hearing other's thoughts.
  4. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    Yes. I run them loaded and with tubes. It adds about 20lbs a tire which helps a little bit in the winter to keep them on the ground but I notice it the most after the blower is off and I play in the mud early spring.
  5. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    Glenn, This is my bad. I actually use these Xtrac on my Raider. I really love them. The ATV tires are really great for gripping. The snowhogs are on my walk behind blower. Getting confused between the two... Anyways here are pictures of the Xtrac mounted if you wanted to see it. They are 4.8-8.
  6. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    They have different sizes. I actually have the 4.8-8 because my Raider 12 originally had the 5.5-8 tires they no longer make. While I agree with Aldon on the Vredsteins they are extremely expensive (2-3x the cost) and that is the one of the reasons I settled on these.
  7. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    I put the carsilse snow hogs on mine. I use them all year round and I love them. They are nice and aggressive and they are designed for snow... https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0087P0MRG/ref=mp_s_a_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511034722&sr=8-1-spell&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=carsilse+snow+hog# Of course load turfs, wheel weights and chains is what I use in the back.
  8. And now...the Back Stories

    This is me circa the early 90s. I am in the front of the trailer, my cousin is the big guy in the back and my little brother is behind me. My grandfather is driving. I remember "wrenching" with him as he used to call it when I was a child. He would give me the honor to mow his lawn. We would use that trailer in the back for the wood we would split to haul it up to the house for winter time, or to the truck to bring to camp. He taught me so much more than just working on and with the tractor. I learned how to use a chainsaw, table saw, log splitter. Did a bunch of wood projects with him growing up, starting with bird houses and moving on to chairs. Fast forward to 2013, I just bought my first house and he couldn't be more proud. He has the very early stages of dimentia at this point, but he is still very, very smart and lucid for an 87 year old. He tells me he has the perfect thing for me and the house. He brings me back to behind the garage and takes the tarp off the old '68 Raider 12. He tells me that this will be perfect for the new house and he was waiting for me to buy one one day. There is a flat rear tire and the battery is shot. So we take the rear tire off, bring it to the local mechanic and put a tube in it. We get a new battery, hook it up and had a minor electrical fire. We fix the wires afterwards and I bring it home. Since it was already late fall I put it in the shed until the spring time. Fast forward to present day, my grandfather passed away in February, 11 days after the birth of my first child (daughter) and the Raider 12 that he gave me is still alive and well, mowing my lawn and moving firewood and anything else I ask of it. It has already spanned three generations. Hopefully it spans many more. 4 months old watching Dad do an oil change...
  9. 69' / 70' Bolens 1254-01 - PTO Coupler

    Yes. I believe that is correct. I have a Troy Bilt GTX (Bolens Duratrac, just different paint) and that is the type of shaft and driveline it uses for the attachments. The one thing with mine is some have the tube and others have the actual square driveline for attachments. I believe the 1254 uses the same thing. Do you have pictures of the gearbox? I believe the shipped assembly puts the cross in the shaft to connect the two yoke and driveline together. I would get it pre-assembled for the $20 because I believe you need a press to press the cross and bearings in. You could call and double check what assembled means. I have not bought from them.
  10. 69' / 70' Bolens 1254-01 - PTO Coupler

    Unfortunately these drive shafts are expensive. You could get what you need (15 tooth 1" shaft) here: http://www.paulbparts.com/product/weasler-pto-implement-yoke-domestic-6-series-clamp-yoke-1-15-spline/#attach-implement-yoke-before-shipping. I priced it around $110 or so. They will build the other half as well with a cross member. I think you will save a little bit with it if you order carefully. The other option is to place a wanted ad for it or go on ebay and search. Most of the bolens family uses very similar shafts. Good luck.
  11. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    My Raider 12 will also pop wheelies in 2nd gear and definitely in 3rd gear high. It didn't do it as much unless I went to 3rd gear before I loaded my rear tires and put chains on it. After Ioading the tires and adding chains 2nd gear does it. I add a huge cinder block in the front if I am towing a trailer to keep it on the ground even in low gear. Otherwise, when mowing I slow the throttle and use the throttle as a speed controller almost at the higher speeds.
  12. Great progress so far Aldon. If you can somehow get another pulley to put an alternator in there... The SI10 group is great and I used it on my Raider. https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/alternator-tractor-delco-10si-with-tach-john-deere-allis-massey.html?adpos=1o1&creative=196860178238&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgabMlMeQ1gIVTlcNCh2x-Q3tEAQYASABEgKTZvD_BwE
  13. Looks great so far Aldon. Keep up the great work.
  14. Thanks for the photos Jay. Makes much more sense now. Unfortunately got to many things going on to try a modification like that right now. I can't wait to see how it all works out.
  15. Nice work JPWH. Following this thread closely. I also got a Raider 12. What did the double pulley do to the length of the PTO? Do you have a inner shaft diameter of it? I am thinking about doing the double pulley as well. Do you have to extend the shaft out of the engine? How extensive are the modifications? Did you have to modify the drive belt clutch? Any more pictures or information would be nice.