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  1. 1974 D-200 Starter Replacement

    Can anyone help me figure out how I can get a replacement (new) starter for a 1974 D200? I'm not sure how I cross-reference from an old part number to a new replacement (if there is one). Thanks in advance for any guidance. Chris
  2. Repowering a D

    Nice project and great documentation of your effort, ...thanks for sharing!
  3. Filters Oil and Trans for D-200

    I have a 1974 D-200; thanks for the information above on the filters. Can someone tell me if the fluid to use in the transmission is Transmission Fluid, Premium Engine Oil, or Hydraulic Fluid? I can't seem to find that information online. Thanks. Chris
  4. All, Thanks for the information, I missed the thread mentioned above but will certainly check it out. I have a 1974 D-200 that I'm getting to know. I'm here in Albuquerque. It seems to run well, but I've got some work to do to make it "my own". I bought some paint I thought would like good, but it was too bright. I'll certainly review the thread above; thanks again!
  5. Does anyone know the red wheel horse color code? I can try to match a color, but wanted to know if there was a standard color code from a vendor.
  6. What model do I have?

    Thanks Gary!
  7. What model do I have?

    Kelly, ...thanks for the information. This is a bit surprising as the seller said it was an 1982; no worries. Do you know what the "9" stands for in the model number? brandonzz, KC9KAS, boovuc and Wheel Horse Kid, thanks for the warm reception as a join Red Square. I look forward to using my Wheel Horse and giving it some TLC. I think there is another forum to post refurb questions. I'll want to determine if I will be limited to specific years to refurb this D200. Thanks again all, nice to "meet" you!
  8. What model do I have?

    I just bought this old Wheel Horse. Can anyone help me determine what manufacturer, model and year I have? These are pictures that I've taken of the tractor along with a photo of the tag. Thanks all.