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  1. I have two tractors I'm looking to sell or part out. The first is a 1972 charger 12 looks to be complete has a mower deck not sure on the size and it has a rusted out spot near the side discharge. The next is a 197? C-141 no deck, looks to be all there. Both tractors are covered in surface rust but the sheet metal seems to be in good shape. Engines both are free and can be turned by hand. Asking $200 a peice for them.
  2. C-161

    Still needs some scrubbing and the wheels have some surface rust. Now I'm waiting on a fuel shutoff valve and an idler pulley spring, and we will be up and running. I've got the hydro draining as we speak and new oil and filter waiting patiently beside it.
  3. Smoking k-301

    Just got the motor running on my 1973 "no name" 8 speed. It's a k-301 12 hp kohler. I noticed it was smoking a little the first time I fired it up and the previous owner had mentioned it was smoking some when he parked it. The old oil in it was dirty and thick so I let drain for a while then plugged it and added about 4 oz of gas pulled out the spark plug and turned it by hand a few times. Then I let it drain for about 36 hours into a bucket. Nothing abnormal just a little bit of sludge. I capped the oil drain and added 1 qt Lucas and 1 qt rotella 30w trying to remedy the smoke. Well it's still smoking at the same rate it was on the first fire up. I even took it outside and let it run and get up to temp to see it that would help. Am I looking at a rebuild or could I have a valve guide issue?
  4. I'm looking for a spring that connects to the pump drive belt idler pulley. It's wheel horse part #9170 spring-extension. Anyone know where I can find one?
  5. That I did. Don't think that hammer wasn't on standby. Haha!!
  6. Alright gentleman I have a progress report. This afternoon I went into the garage and removed the nearly 30 year old battery, replaced it with a fresh one and proceeded to test the coil following the steps mentioned above. I removed the plug and rotated the engine by hand while taking a voltage measurement across the coil and voila, the voltage was cycling as it should be. So I slapped a plug in that bad boy jumped across the solenoid ( it hasn't been replaced yet) and it fired after 2 seconds of cranking. So apparently that bad battery was completely shorted inside. That's my best guess anyway.
  7. C-161

    I'm pretty excited to get it going I've had a 1057 for a couple years and I really enjoy messing around in the yard. I recently picked up a no name 12 8 speed and a c-160 as well but this hydro has me intrigued. I've also read that the red hood c-161 autos were rare is there any truth to that?
  8. I just picked up a c-161 auto and the guy threw this in the deal. It's a Massey 3620 snowblower that someone had fabricated to work on the c-161 and utilize the wheel horse mule drive. The blower seems to be well built and I know it's not wheel horse brand but do any of you all have any knowledge of them.
  9. C-161

    Well there she is. First a bath and then a fluid and filter change.
  10. C-161

    I ran up on a c-161 auto guy says it's been setting I'm his garage under a work bench since 1992. tractor seems to be in great original condition. To sweeten the deal he also has a snowblower and 48" mower deck to go with it. Any special steps I need to take when prepping it to run again as it is my first hydro model?
  11. I hope to be as knowledgeable on these tractors as you guys one day you've all been a great help. Now to do some tinkering and see what I can find out. I'll post my results and thank you all for your time and information.
  12. How does a person tell what ignition it has just by looking at it? Were all C-160s like that?
  13. Yeah I know not to tap the starter, there are some ceramic pieces in there that can break correct?
  14. I know how much you guys like pics I almost forgot to post