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  1. 520H Ignition Coil readings

    N3PUY you nailed it!!! I happened to have a test light on the coil when I bumped a wire and the light came on! Narrowed it down to a broken spade on the PTO switch on the PTO not making a solid connection. All other Ignition components checked out fine so I was getting baffled.
  2. 520H Ignition Coil readings

    Thanks for the input! I found a post about adding 12v to the + side of the coil then cranking to test and that worked, I have spark when coil is powered by an external source. So, the coil seems fine, now I guess off comes the shroud and start following wires.
  3. I'm having trouble getting my 1990 520H going after 3 good years, the Onan P220. Last mowing going up hill it started to sputter, lost power and died. Towed it back to the shop and got it running, idled fine still sputtered at high RPM, got to my spot and engaged the PTO and it killed. Replaced fuel pump and went to try it....no start. Looked like weak spark on the front cylinder and no spark for the rear. I found the specs for testing the coil and the primary is fine at 3.5ohm. When I go to test the secondary I get a reading of 21,670. The book says the high limit is 19,800, I'm wondering if this is enough to cause a bad coil and my problem or if I should be looking elsewhere? Coil is the 166-0820 Used a test light on the leads from the ignition module out of the stator and the light surged so I think that means that is alright.
  4. 1990 520H Hydro Change Procedure

    Awesome tips guys! I've usually lucked out with other forum topics (STV stuff) but this is great! I'm going to try rmaynard's trick with the bolt removal. I have the fender off already so much easier access to it from the top. Thanks to all who replied.
  5. 1990 520H Hydro Change Procedure

    Thanks for the tips! I didn't figure there was much to it, just didn't want to think I'm doing it a favor, and then overlook something and ruin my dependable 520H.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered, if so I'll delete my post. I'm changing the hydro fluid and filter on my 520H. Is there a special procedure to refill the system, or bleed out the air?
  7. Can't find a 44" dual stage like I want for my 1990 520H. But, a local guy has a 42" single stage 06-42ST04 for sale. Came off a 01-17KE01 tractor, it looks like it might fit but way different than the dual stages I've been looking at. Anyone know how to tell if it will fit? Should I hold out for a dual stage, I need to throw it!
  8. Post Pics

  9. Oil filter adapter torque setting

    Perfect, thanks Martin. Knowing that, I'll see if I can come up with a close number using ekennell direction...just to see.
  10. Oil filter adapter torque setting

    Thanks! And yes, the bolt is what I meant....good luck torquing a plate of aluminum. Great tip for all projects, when I get the bolt out I'll do some measurements and fire up the Google machine.
  11. Oil filter adapter torque setting

    Anyone know the torque setting for #1 in this photo? Taking it off to replace bad sending unit with a mechanical gauge, have new gasket but don't want to over tighten it OR leak. :-)
  12. Indicator Lights on 520H

    Looks like the light module behind the dash may be correct and "looks" original. The steering wheel was out of alignment and the roll pin half press in SO...maybe the just the dash shroud was replaced for some reason and isn't correct. Either way, the blinking light on mine, is in the correct spot for the oil pressure on Cleats image. If I'm going to have to take off the flywheel to get at/test the pressure with a gauge, maybe just install a gauge and know what the pressure is instead of a light? Not too concerned about the hours since they may be skewed already if this sender is bad and not activating the ground for the hour meter. So many "ifs"...
  13. Indicator Lights on 520H

    Nice find Cleat, never even noticed that! I've looked at the PDF owners manual but it isn't a detailed drawing to show each dash label. Until you showed me the other panel, I never noticed mine doesn't have a Hydro Temp light (standard like you said). Guessing there might be a wiring difference in the panels and my oil light sender might be fine?
  14. I have a 1990 520H and when I got it none of the indicator lights or healights worked. I just got all those gremlins figured out and now I have a blinking light NEXT to the oil pressure light. I suspected the pressure sending unit and tiggercl has gotten me the updated number for one but then I noticed there are almost 2 lights for the oil pressure? The one to the right of the words "oil pressure" blinks pre start and while running, the one behind the words only shows up when I press "test" Can anyone confirm the blinking right to the light or how to check the oil sender unit to see if its bad? Since it wasn't working when I bought it I don't know if it's always been on or not. I'm afraid to run it until I know there is good pressure. I changed oil and had to add some after a few minute start up so it must have something to run it through the filter. Photo attached of lights, I cought the blinking on while it was flashing on so you can see the two I'm talking about.
  15. Throttle and choke cable adjusting

    I have a 1990 520H and removed the engine to fix the oil drain tube leaking and a few other TLC items. I am putting it back toghet and my marks I made on the throttle and choke cable position are gone (Where the black cable was clamped down and how much cable was sticking out). I did a little searching and didn't see much on how to's for setting them up. Does anyone have a guide or a instrucions on where to start for setting these?