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  1. Has anyone ever put floor boards on a older model like a 1057 it looks like maybe from a charger would fit ????
  2. Hi can you guys tell me if any long frame plow and frame will bolt up to a 1057 I have a chance to buy a 1057 and a friend has the plow not sure what it is off of but it is a long frame setup. Thanks
  3. Wow I guess that answers my question thanks a lot have a good day
  4. Thanks is that from experience with one ii just want to know also if it will hold up thanks
  5. Hey guys i have been thinking about picking uo a 1057 i know about for plowing snow are these what you would call a heavy duty tractor is the trans and rear good enough for doing that THANKS
  6. has it been started yet
  7. Thanks but that is 4 hour drive too far thanks anyway
  8. looking for a good tractor 12 hp or more in decent shape near western ma or within 100 miles
  9. Hey guys can anyone tell me what they think of the engines on these machines don't hear much about them I believe it is a kohler twin good bad or stay away thanks it has about 800 hours on it Thanks again
  10. So am i to assume that some came with them and some did not ??????
  11. Do any of you folks know if a c101 has 1 1/8 axles in it thanks
  12. Can you guys tell me if c-100 rear wheels are the same as c -160 rears ?? I found a used set that i would buy if i know they will fit....... THANKS again
  13. Thanks but I would like to find one local or within driving distance
  14. Plow wanted western ma Ct area 42 inch complete setup good shape only.. long frame
  15. Thanks I am trying to figure out what other hoods will fit this tractor hard to find a clean c-160 will a raider or any other model fit this tractor thanks