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  1. Great info guys thanks
  2. Thanks for all the help good to know there is somewhere to get the info I need I am sure I will be asking more questions in the future Thanks again I will see if this thing runs maybe tommorow
  3. Thanks I will still trying to figure the wiring out so will that wire go to neg side of coil ??
  4. Yes so that red wire would go to the neg side of coil ?? With the condensor
  5. trying to figure out what that rectangular box bolted to engine is right next to fuel pump 1red wire not hooked up cannot seem to get pics to upload don't understand why It says jpg when it downloads from my phone never had problems with pics before only here Just uploaded again says jpg
  6. became a red square supporter still says failed to load photo
  7. From my I phone keeps saying problem uploading file
  8. That helps i figured there is no solenoid on this machine will have to find one that box is bolted next to fuel pump looks like factory box with 1 thick red wire not hooked up.. do you think that is a standard solenoid i could pick up at napa with the coil i took some pics but it says failed to download thanks
  9. any tips on how to add pics from my phone
  10. i see if i can dowload pics thanks
  11. my mistake i think it is condensor on back side of engine i am thinking it goes to coil ?? i ordered some books for this but am trying to see if motor will run i am very greatful for your help a few more questions if i could there is one wire on the starter i think it should go to a selonide correct but i dont see one if i use jumper cables the motor spins but wont stop until i take off cables also there is a box bolted to engine next to carb with 1 thicker wire not hooked up either thanks again
  12. Thanks then i guess the resistor on the motor will not be used correct ???? do u think napa would have a coil to work with it
  13. does anyone know if a c-141 coil is the same as a coil for a car from napa i am trying to see if this engine will run but the coil is missing any ideas would be great it looks like a small resistor is bolted to the engine
  14. Do you know the mounting gasket # ???