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  1. K181 carb adjustment

    anyone have any info on adjusting the carb on a k181 ??? Thanks
  2. C-81 no crank

    Thanks again I will look again tommorow but I did not see any switch I’ll will check it out I ran a wire from back of ign switch to selonide and it starts fine I am guessing it is pto or clutch switch never had a seat switch
  3. C-81 no crank

    I cannot find any switch on or near the clutch pedal or anywhere else in that area could it be somewhere else ????
  4. C-81 no crank

    thanks a lot where do they hide that pto switch I looked but it is bitter outside here I will look again tomorrow did not see it it must be behind the side cover I am thinking
  5. C-81 no crank

    Thanks does the switch for the pto interlock look the same hard to see were it is
  6. C-81 no crank

    Anyone know where the clutch interlock switch is near the pedal or at the back of the tractor
  7. C-81 no crank

    Thanks the red wire on the switch is hot at the back of the switch when key is in start position
  8. C-81 no crank

    Can I run a wire from the back of lgn switch Red start wire straight to the selonide and by pass the the pto interlock switch I don’t run a deck on the machine at all
  9. C-81 no crank

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a c-81 ????
  10. C-81 no crank

    The amp gauge works there is power coming out of the back of ign switch at the two orange wires when key is turned to start has black ground strap on motor to frame and are tight can I just run a wire from back of ign to wire on selonide I don’t know why there is no power there the wires look ok
  11. C-81 no crank

    No headlight on it pro is off I will check the fuse tommorow did not see a fuse is it something u can see or do I have to take amp meter out thanks for the tips
  12. C-81 no crank

    Is there. A switch on the brake or clutch pedal that would give me that problem
  13. C-81 no crank

    Yea that’s what I thought that wire is dead when you turn the key just weird because it started right up like always then died after a few now no power to that lug but if it lost power to that wire it should of stayed running correct I saw your post after thanks
  14. C-81 no crank

    I spent hours checking tightening all I could did not see anything from engine to frame will check tommorow was wondering if the small wire on the selonide should get hot when you turn the key only the battery side is hot when u turn key
  15. C-81 no crank

    Is there a fuse somewhere that could cause this that is what it felt like I could not find one