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  1. Iit is nothing like that when driving around the yard in any of the gears and open throttle it does not get up and go engine rpm goes up but tractor does not go any faster feels like a car when the clutch slips ???????? napa belts no good ?????
  2. Hi it seems like the clutch is slipping on my commando 8 it does not look like you can adj it only the pedal has an adjustment could it be worn out belt maybe ?????????
  3. No i will get some oil tommorow and try it again
  4. I fill it from where the dipstick screws into the block
  5. A little over a quart would be 21/2 pints correct ??? It says 21/2 pints
  6. Measurements r correct I am draining oil and will measure what comes out then go from there thanks for the info
  7. Can anyone tell me what is up with this k181.. I drained the oil added 11/2 quarts of fresh oil put the machine on level ground i get no oil reading on the dipstick wipe it with my fingers nothing.. The book says 21/2 pints of oil anyone have any ideas ???....... Thanks
  8. How did it push the snow??
  9. Does the 1 inch elbow come with it ?????
  10. Good call on the belt guard installed it today shifts like new ... THANKS for the info .....
  11. Yes it was a z tractor ..:
  12. Already found them but thanks....
  13. The commando I sent you a email too
  14. Hey ED can you tell me the size of those rear tires on your machine and more about those weights
  15. Thanks i guess i will see how it works when i get a look at it ....