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  1. Does Jim kemp have a web site ??
  2. Can someone tell me who. Makes the stack mufflers I see on this site can't seem to find them. Thanks
  3. thanks a lot
  4. Do you know why the chain is there
  5. Where can I get the lift rod I think that is what is missing there is a chain hanging under the tractor There is one on e slay for a raider 10 don't know if it is the same what's with the chain under there ????
  6. Can u guys tell me what hooks to the plow and to the lift arm I just picked up this machine the plow was not on it it has the rear axle mount but nothing on the arm that lifts the plow up and down what is the correct piece that should be there thanks
  7. Any more info when was it restored or repainted motor done trans done ect ect ??
  8. So is the sheet metal and axles and all the other parts the same ???
  9. Does anyone know what is different in these two models is it just the engine size 1057-1267
  10. Great pic thanks a lot I just use it with the snow blade I have a lot of metal in my legs it is just more comfortable for me not really a huge deal but if they fit off a different machine I would do it thanks
  11. I think the 1077 came with either style i was thinking the 1077 floorboards would maybe fit without a lot of work..Any thoughts ????
  12. Has anyone ever put floor boards on a older model like a 1057 it looks like maybe from a charger would fit ????
  13. Hi can you guys tell me if any long frame plow and frame will bolt up to a 1057 I have a chance to buy a 1057 and a friend has the plow not sure what it is off of but it is a long frame setup. Thanks
  14. Wow I guess that answers my question thanks a lot have a good day
  15. Thanks is that from experience with one ii just want to know also if it will hold up thanks