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  1. Frt rims

    Does anyone happen to know if the spacing on. A c series frt rim where the frt wheel weights mount is 4 1/2 or 4 3/4 my machine is in storage and would like to grab some frt weights I saw for sale if the bolt holes are the same thanks
  2. Frt weights

    Anyone have reasonable priced frt wheel weights to fit a c series tractor western mass area
  3. hood knob

    Ok thanks again
  4. hood knob

    tryed a heat gun did not move maybe glued on ill try the hammer thanks
  5. hood knob

    Does anyone know if the knob to latch the hood on a c model is suppose to pull off before i end up breaking it was going to cut it off but cant seem to find another one thanks
  6. Frt wheel weights

    How about adding fluid to the frt tires ??
  7. Frt wheel weights

    Do a lot of you guys use frt wheel weights for snow plowing I was wondering because u don't see them for sale very often and when you do they are expensive .......
  8. shifter knob

    I found a nice way to help remove those shifter knobs I took 1/8 inch drill bit drilled a small hole through the center of the knob and kept letting penetrate oil seep through after a while a rag and channel locks came right off I drilled until I hit metal then put a new decal on the knob to cover the hole if it bothers you
  9. shifter knob

    Anyone have any tips to remove the shifter knob off of a c series tractor will not move ..... thanks thanks i found some info on here i can try
  10. Ag tire chains

    I have new ag tires that is why I ask thanks
  11. Ag tire chains

    So I see some of you run ag tires with chains are they just reg two link chains thanks I am ready to buy some chains soon and see if I can get them to work thaks
  12. Ag tire chains

    Anyone use those duo style chains from tire chains . Com on your ag tires they look like they would work pretty good
  13. Ag tire chains

    Thanks sarge do those chains on your 1277 pretty much stay put is that a certain type of chain I would need never used them before but they look like they may work for me
  14. Ag tire chains

    Thanks for the advice
  15. Ag tire chains

    Does it do any damage to your driveway ??