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  1. Hi guys and gals, was just thinking how does the ACR on the Kohler Mags really work. What is the mechanical process and what controls it. Just something that I was wondering about,never to old to learn something new. As always, Thank you for your responses and sharing your knowledge. Bob UP DATE I did some more searching and found a post of Steves (Stevasaurus) that explained the ACR through pictures and words very well ! Thank you Steve.
  2. Best to support our venders they support us!
  3. Needs some red paint to complete the look.
  4. Thats what I use Rotella 30w Hd every 20 hours. 14 kohler mag. 1100 hours and counting.
  5. there should be a wire guide by the drive pully to keep the belt in the grove. Maybe broke ,missing or out of adjustment.
  6. I know my 414-8 has a "L" shaped bracket on with the clutch pully that will bind the belt when the clutch is pushed and stop the belt. I just replaced my belt ,broke while mowing week or two ago, 1989 original belt, put a toro wheel horse belt on workes fine.
  7. My dad has an 1946 A just a bigger brother to the cub. I guess it will be mine someday he is 92 years old and will be 93 in August.
  8. No sure but from your picture the last two numbers look like 04 worth a chance and try using them.
  9. you should have a spacer between the two pulleys on the mule drive so that the two pulleys do not touch each other.
  10. Mine does the same thing was going to replace with new ones but they don't look replaceable. DONO
  11. I had to do something similar on my 1979 c-101 a few years back, she is as good as new now, realy better than new.
  12. Now you need to go into mass production and start to take orders. I just prop whatever I am welding on anything that is handy, and will not burn! your way is the way to go, very nice. Now something else I don't have that I can wish for. Bob
  13. Was going to reply but can't improve on what Dave has stated with words and pictures!
  14. I believe the HC is a commercial model of the H.
  15. The oil is coming from someware probable the input shaft seal that the pulley is on. That being said, cleaning off the oil will only be a temp. repair. You need to find the source of the oil and fix it, most likely the shaft seal. I believe it should have a set screw and key way in the pulley and shaft. And thank you too all veterans for your service to this great country, and to my 92 year old dad, WW2 veteran Army combat medic, thank you Dad. Bob