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  1. Very good explanation and pictures. Should be saved for future questions about shifter problems.
  2. Deck height adjustment

    When you say you have rear deck wheels up all the way do you mean they are lowered down all the way, because up all the way will lower the deck to its lowest cut setting.
  3. I totally agree with all above posts. We in this great country take a great deal for granted, that was bought with the blood of our young men and women through many years of protecting our country and way of life.We should EVERYDAY remember the great sacrifice they and there families have freely given too this great land. Proud son of a WW II Army combat Medic.
  4. 16 hp engine oil

    Yeah that and that Welcome to the square.
  5. C101 Mysterious Part

  6. replaced 417-8 drive belt, Uh oh!

    I would say that the belt is to tight or not routed right. clutch depends on the belt getting slack enough to let it slip on the engine drive pully.
  7. Some days are good days...some not so much

    Sometimes you just have to take the hard road. I think taking your time everything will work out.
  8. Oil Capacity question

    my 1979 c-101 with shaker mount holds 1 and 1/2 qt. I just changed it if that helps.
  9. 1979 C101 Decals.

    Very nice c-101 Ken, mine looked like that in 1979 when I bought it new but not so much now. Still does the same work it did then. Wish it had an hour meter, would like to know how many 1000 hours are on this great tractor! Thats it in my picture aith my daughter that was also new to me in 1979.
  10. High octane gasoline

    My son has a 2015 Subaru WRX that is turbocharged and he has to run high octane gas because with the turbo it makes more heat and the lower octane runs too hot and can cause internial heat related problems, like preignition and burnt valves and pistons. The higher octane runs cooler and will not preignite. Thats what the book says anyhow.
  11. High octane gasoline

    I am no expert but I have always heard that high octane gas runnes cooler in a air cooled engine. I think it is less volatile than lower octane gas.
  12. Best model for parts availability

    I don't know but I have a 1979 c-101 that I bought new and have never had a problem with the shaker mounted engine. Plows snow in western PA and has for the last 39 years. Cut 2 A yard for 25 of those years also. It is one strong tractor and doesn't give me any problems.
  13. Deck 0542MR04

    Thank you Garry, that is the size I was thinking. Have owned Wheel Horse since 1979 and have never lost one, but now I can scratch that off my list. Not bad for an almost 40 year old tractor, think what all you would have to replace on the junk they sell now!
  14. Deck 0542MR04

    Hi all I need the size or part # for the E clip that is on the mule drive for this deck 0542MR04. I would think that it would be the same as many other deck mule drives. There are two, and they are on the threaded pin part # 101708, one on each end of it. The tension bolt that you turn to change belt tension is threaded through it. Hope this explains what I am talking about. I believe I have found the part # 105797 but I can't see what size it is. Thanks all for any and all replys.