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  1. 1976 A-100 Restore

    sgtsampay ... Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't seen the 5 speed. Maybe someone else will know. :thumbs:
  2. 1976 A-100 Restore

    Sugarmaker ... I apologize for not getting back sooner. I have two more trannys for the A-100. I would be interested if you are still in the need. Shoot me over a message. Thanks
  3. 1976 A-100 Restore

    Sorry I haven't gotten back. I have been busy with a home remodel. Anyway, these wheels are original. I just had the tires removed and took them to my sandblaster. He blasted the wheels and I repainted them and added the new tires. :notworthy:
  4. brian's 854 complete rebuild

    Not that my opinion means much, but you are doing a great job! As for what your dad said, mine told the exact same thing. That is very good advice. The other one that has steered me well is "never force anything, if it will not comply, you need to look deeper and solve the problem correctly". Thanks for the pics! :thumbs2:
  5. Dukes 1956 RJ-35 Restoration

    Beautiful! Nothing more to say :omg:
  6. 1976 A-100 Restore

    Well ... the old girl is finally finished. She is a bit dusty in the pictures, but you get the idea. I have decided I will be restoring another one just like it to actually use mowing and plowing snow. I will start another string for that one. :omg:
  7. Whats a good, affordable seat for a 310-8?

    I agree with Jim. I ordered one of these seats and it bolted right up to my seat spring holes. The seat is soft and well made. Just my 2 cents.
  8. A 100

    Kelly, I am in Ohio and I could use the parts if he doesn't want them. Do you have a picture of what you have? Thanks! :omg:
  9. just picked up an A-100

    Plowmaster ... I just finished completely restoring a 1976 A-100. It was my first Wheel Horse project, so I went completely overboard with it. I also have one more A-100 and two A-90's that I will be combining into one more restore. Then I will be moving up to a true garden tractor. Anyway, to answer some of your questions, although the A-series is a true lawn mower, they can perform light-duty tasks other than just mowing. One of mine came with a 36" factory snow blade for the vertical engine (A series). It is also supposed to be ok to pull a 24" or 36" lawn roller with them. This tractor chassis is made from 3/16" sheet steel which is pretty heavy. This is much stronger than todays (Home Depot) units. They are truely "stamped" from gauge steel that is easily bent or worn. You would not have a problem swapping out the engine for another vert, but I would be hesitant of the tranny. Any reputable Toro dealer should have an old tear down unit on the shelf somewhere. The tranny was manufactured by Peerless and is supposed to be maintenance free. The clutch depression issue may be due to a linkage that is out of adjustment or bent. This can be adjusted under the chassis, but the deck will most-likely have to be removed. When you look underneith you will see they use many linkages on these machines. Something doesn't sound right though - you grind gears going from second to third? Are you shifting this thing like a car? If so, there is no need to do this and that will solve your problem. Otherwise, if this was a clutch depression issue, I would think you would always grind the gears (i.e. Neutral to first, N to 2nd, N to 3rd, N to reverse). It almost sounds like an internal alighnment issue or a shift fork issue. I would suggest though - if at all possible, do not open the tranny case unless it is absolutely necessary. Just shift the machine lightly, if it does not want to go into gear, let up on the clutch very lightly while keeping tension on the shifter. It should shift right in easily without grinding. You can use the clutch to align the gears so it shifts smoother. The brakes are easy to repair. If you remove the two bolts in the picture that hold the cam in place, and unhook the linkage from the brake pedal to the brake cam arm, the brake rotor slides right off of its shaft. the rotor is keyed to this shaft with a square key. the brake pads are located between the cam and the rotor and between the rotor and the transmission case. I am sure the replacement pads are readily available. Post any other questions ... I will try to answer them. :omg:
  10. A good read!

    I got mine on Saturday. I read the entire book as soon as it arrived. It took me four hours. It is a very good read, especially for us newbies. I love any story of a hard-working person realizing the American dream in any situation, but this story was very special. The horses mean much more to me now!
  11. 1976 A-100 Restore

    I found out what the smoke issue was. I removed a diode in one of the wires while doing the tear-down. I reinstalled it and things were good. I put everything back together after the search for the issue and it fired right up. I took it for a couple of laps around the yard and the carb took a dump on me She is now going into the Toro dealer who is a friend of mine for a tune-up. I am sure they will get her running top knotch. All that is left is the final coat of paint then clear on the hood and she will be a machine. I will post further progress.
  12. 1976 A-100 Restore

    Here are some updated pictures guys. The pictures aren't that great ... I had the flash on and shouldn't have. Anyway, I have posted in the engines thread that I got it all back together and hooked up the battery and I am getting smoke coming out from under the flywheel. The engine is off and the light switch is in the off position when this happens. I think I have a short between the alternator and the starter solenoid or the alternator and the light switch. I have some digging to do tomorrow. Here are the latest pictures:
  13. RJ 58

    I work on mine in my country shop 6 miles from home and my wife gets upset. I could only imagine what would happen if I assembled one on the dining room table. Unbelievable Anyway, it looks nice ... love the tires also!
  14. Help !!!

    Guys, When I connect the battery on my A-100 I am working on, I get smoke coming from under the flywheel - from the alternator I assume. The engine is a verticle shaft 10 HP Briggs. The smoke does not show up immediately, it takes a minute or so. I think the alternator is still working because the lights light up with the engine running and they get brighter when I throttle the engine. There are only two wires coming from the alternator. One goes to the starter solenoid and the other to the light switch. As a side note, the smoke shows up with the light switch in the off position and the engine off also. This tells me that there is a short and that it is isolated to either the wire coming from the alternator to the light switch or the wire from the alternator to the solenoid. I do not think the wire from the light switch to the lights would short the system because the switch is in the off position. Does that sound correct? Has anyone seen this before? Could the alternator itself be bad? I want to try to fix this without removing the flywheel and I think I am stuck. Please !!! Thanks!
  15. 550 Before and After

    Very Very Pretty! ... Great work!