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  1. C-160 Frame Repair

    Good Eye. that's what I thought also. I recently got this tractor for cheap, it had a good sounding non smoking motor. the frame was folded in the middle, broken at the trans mount, and otherwise all cobbled up by PO. Surprisingly enough the trans is pretty well non leaking, including that filter, and It ran and seemed to drive OK. Rather hard to shut the hood with the bent frame. I had a B80 frame in my parts supply that was not broken and was of similar patina (rust), and so thus began another project. I actually did not need the frame repair plate on this, but I put one on anyway, and painted it flat brown to blend in with the color scheme. Yes, the trans filter gas been replaced
  2. C-160 Frame Repair

    Thanks ebinmaine. That square plate was a pre-cut I found at the local Alro Steel store Last time there they were raising prices, but they gave me the old price, so I got a stack of them to do the rest of the fleet as needed
  3. C-160 Frame Repair

    this is what I made to fix problem area of C120. I used longer bolts, and the thin piece was for the top set of bolts where there was no factory reinforcement
  4. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    I actually found this repair idea at: gardentractorpullingtips.com/ignition.htm lots of good ignition related information there also noted this page said to use two coil resistors, so I got one that had two resistors in one, but it would not fire when connected thru both of them. So it's connected to the one resistor, we will see how this works like this in the long run
  5. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    I got one that fit my car, just in case it didn't work on the tractor. 2003 Chevy Venture. They can be had for around $25 or so.
  6. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    Got it running on both cylinders now. Here are some pics of GM coil install. I made a bracket to mount the new coil, condenser, and resistor to the original coil mounting location. I made an insulator out of 1/4 plastic for between the bottom of the coil and the bracket
  7. I just realised the forum header says "International Wheel Horse Forum" Here is a poster child? Just kidding. Hudsonville Mi CL, blown engine parts tractor
  8. Check out these honkin lights!

    Here is a pic of how the lights fit the bezel
  9. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    So I took the coil off my c120, wired it in line with the gorilla coil, used that coil to run the other cylinder, and lo and behold it started and ran on 2 cylinders. Apparently the gorilla coil is more like a monkey. Bought it a couple years back, so most likely will run 2 separate coils or get a Delco coil w/ two towers. Thanks for all help and advice
  10. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    So I pulled the head, used a file and set the valve clearance. Reinstalled head, and it now has 90+ psi compression on the back hole. Now it starts and still runs on only one hole at a time. However, I can run either cylinder off the front coil tower, The back coil tower has spark, but will not fire a cylinder. It is a new gorrilla motors Harley coil. Changing point gap makes no difference. I tried connecting both plug wires to the front coil tower, and that was no start. Is it possible to run 2 separate coils thru one set of points? Anyway, I next will use my C175, which runs fine, and do some swapnostics. I think I already did this once, but that was before the one hole valve job. Also don't know if I tried switching spark plugs leads after installing the new coil because it was always the back that wouldn't fire. Now it's one or the other, but not both at the same time.
  11. Also note a bad ground in a circuit will cause it to seek a ground from somewhere else, which may be back through another circuit. This can cause strange behavior when there are multiple circuits that are sharing a common ground that has higher than normal resistance. Just as a for instance, an 1157 light bulb has 2 elements that share a common ground. If the ground is bad, it will seek a ground back through the other bulb element. This can be a common problem on trailer lights that work, but are dim, or maybe don't blink properly
  12. In addition to an ohm meter, you also can check to see if the wire can carry a load. At work I use a sealed beam as a "test light" to verify that a circuit is good A circuit may show voltage with a meter, but will not carry a load. generally if the circuit can carry enough current to run a headlight (5 to 7 amps), it is good
  13. Surprisingly enough, BWL had them remove a very large sycamore tree from my corner that was originally causing the sidewalk problem. Now I have a huge ground level stump that most likely will be there forever. Someone from the city was out looking at it, and I asked him about all the money spent on replacing perfectly good sidewalks to made them ADA compliant. The answer was that's all federal money they have no control over. Anyway, I no longer have to deal with the huge sycamore leaves anymore, so that is good as far as the modified blade edge, so far it works as intended, and I like it
  14. The "rare, one of a kind" comment actually came from the seller's listing. The adjustable v blade is awesome, and would be so much more useful Thanks Ed, I don't think I had seen that post before.
  15. Check out these honkin lights!

    I recently put these on my plow tractor. They fit the hole, but were loose, so I shimmed with fuel line. I like these because the lens area is small, and it all shines thru the headlight bezel. My tractor now has brighter headlights than my car. bought on that auction site at a reasonable price. sorry don't have night photo