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  1. what a picture

    That's the one that was previously listed as a "John Deere 400". At least it has some of it's dignity back now. Maybe someone went to look at it and wised up the seller
  2. Belated introduction

    Second that
  3. That was kinda what I was thinking also. Don't seem to be too much wheel horse action here, the same 10 different tractors have been posted for sale for the last 6 months it seems like
  4. There are things for sale on local CL that may be of interest to others on this forum, I do not have room or collect. Can these be posted, and if so where?
  5. Regretted Projects

    after wrecking the trans on the sand rail, i decided to pull the rough running engine apart, found one cylinder had nothing in it. I don't remember if there was any rod there, but no sign whatsoever of a piston. pretty much decided the fun was over then, and got rid of it all
  6. Seems to be a few of these poor fellows lately. Maybe we need a "wall of shame" to post them on
  7. Regretted Projects

    As an ex VW owner, I think l know the answer to that one. my projects were a sand rail (3 cylinder), dune buggy, Baja bug, old rusty beater. Enjoyed the fun, but not the fixing constantly. Finally got rid of all them for good
  8. Funny green and yellow tractor

    Did anyone else notice the horn? My mom has a JD lawn mower, and it don't have a horn!
  9. Funny green and yellow tractor

    I also thought the one eye thing was good on it. That custom grille is different too
  10. Funny green and yellow tractor

    Funny thing is, the wife and I were out for a scenic drive theSaturday before I had seen this ad, and drove down Coon Hill Rd in Munith. Had I only known...............
  11. Seen on Lansing MI CL "This was intended to be A competition pulling tractor.Has A good K321 14 hp single cylinder motor(not original motor for that year) tires hold air but have checks.This is A little bigger than A average garden tractor very solid. " So what forum should this go under? Customization & Modifications, Pullers, other brands, or off color humor?? I wonder if the seller knows it's not a JD?
  12. "Easy Eddie" and Al Capone

    Awesome, thanks for making my day
  13. Ugly Seat Contest

    How about some "crack spackle"
  14. LED Shop Lights

    When my florescent lights gave out, I replaced them all with screw in light bulbs. So when I updated the house to LED, all the CFL bulbs went to the garage. Yes a noticable difference in electric bill by going LED
  15. Boom box bought at yard sale for $5. Comes on with garage lights