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  1. Boom box bought at yard sale for $5. Comes on with garage lights
  2. Fixing my c120 auto

    Lansing CL currently has a 12 hp Kohler for sale in Perry $199
  3. Fixing my c120 auto

    I believe Joe's is somewhere around Marlette or Kingston
  4. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    I have been just leaving my blade up. Is that not a good idea? I put old newspaper underneath for when it melts
  5. Yes very good thinking. That was in my thinking also, then I figured out about having the lever come up through the tunnel area
  6. Been snowing daily here, had a chance to use this more. It actually works quite well. I've got a lot of spots that I could never scrape clean due to the blade floating. Now we have down pressure on demand to get those areas
  7. got "Rusty" all back together and raked leaves last Sunday. Monday was back to snow
  8. LED lights with turn signal flasher

    If you look at auction for Flashing motorcycle brake lights, you will find these I put one on each side of tractor for having to back out into the street to clear the driveway camera don't seem to like them, here is video flashing against the shed MVI_1376.MOV
  9. So, after plowing with this, I realized down pressure works best with back blading, which is helpful with a few spots I plow. Its a PITA to have to put that pin it and out, so here is second phase of invention. I threw it together and used it today, and surprisingly enough, it seems to work. If I hold the lever engaged, and drop the blade it stays in place, then when I raise the blade it self releases. Shocking to me that a quickie invention actually works on the first attempt. I did have to leave the tunnel cover off, may do something with that later
  10. Awesome work, too nice to get dirty. My Raider 14 has the older style of PTO lever. Is yours original to the tractor?
  11. Good way to solve a common problem
  12. That was back in the good old days Mean Ole Allis vs Screaming Demon
  13. When I this quote is from OILUJ52 "every tractor has a story", I thought that is a very profound statement. It seems to me, that when you put a lot of labor and love into fixing, repairing and restoring and modifying these tractors, they kind of become like a part of the family. Sort of like kids with their own personality. Most of the time you love them, but some times a good swift kick is needed also. That being said, here are my tractor stories (short version) 1983 C175 (Big Red) I bought this for $1500 when we moved into our current home in 1994. It came with mower, snow cab, blade, and snowblower. I have used this to plow snow since then. I did some cleaning and painting before this winter. Still my favorite tractor. Never have used the snow cab. 1974 B80 (Little Red) I bought this in 2005 for $700. It came with mower, blade, and snowblower. It has a gray engine, which I assume is a replacement. This was my backup plow tractor until recently. 1974 B80 (Little Red #2) I bought this in 2011 for my grandson, paid $100. It was a “restoration” in progress, and the kid selling it cut his price in half, I think just to make it go away. Last year I finished the “restoration” and sent it home to my grandson with a snow blade and tire chains 1972 Raider 14 I bought this in 2013 for $125, non running. Need an air cleaner, and a little TLC. I have a rototiller on it, and it gets very little use. I really like this tractor, especially the skinny rimmed steering wheel. 1988 414-8 I bought this in 2014 for $50, with a locked up motor. Other than that it is in real good shape. I was able to get the engine freed up, and started, and it smokes really bad. I replaced the motor with a 16hp B&S from a parted out GT1600. It now has a mower deck on it, and has been used regularly. 1978 C141 I bought this in 2014 for $250, with the intention of putting the motor in the 414-8. Decided it was too good of a tractor to part out. It currently has a snowblower on it, also I have a grader blade for it. Gets little use, but always starts and runs good. 1986 417A I bought this in 2016 for $100, non-running and a broken frame. Have fixed the frame, and got it running. It now has a blade and chains, and is the backup snow plow /trailer hauler 1977 C120 (Rusty) I bought this in 2017 for $150. The engine ran, but the frame was broken in the middle, front end all worn out, just a beat up and rusty tractor. I replaced the frame and seat pan and front end with parts from a parted out B60, which was equally rusty. Thanks for listening, you guys here on this forum are awesome
  14. Thanks for comments, now we need some snow to test it out. (Raining here now)
  15. I have areas of my drive that I can never seem to clean to the concrete because of the blade floating. I like to have the float because I also have a gravel area, and for piling the snow. I have been thinking it would be nice to have a lift link that would allow float, but could be easily pinned to provide down pressure. It was sunny, in the 40's here in Michigan Saturday so it was a good tractor day. This is what I have come up with. With a pin in the hole, we have push, with no pin it's float I'm going to add a spring to keep the link pulled back to the frame when in float