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  1. 312-8 resto

    Looking good. Just need a set of Terry's decals to make her look just like new.
  2. 416-H hyd/trans line leak

    Good looking tractor and also has the 48" deck. Best deck out there. Cleat
  3. 520 hydro tranny

    Yes, those photos look terrible. I can only imagine that rear end would heat up fast too. Cleat
  4. 520 hydro tranny

    That works well but I am always afraid of getting dirt into the system unless the top of trans is perfectly clean. Assuming the filter is new, there will not be any mess using it as a vent, just loosening a full filter causes a mess. That is all I do now, just drain, pull old filter (that makes a bit of a mess so have a container under it to catch spilled oil), clean up, install drain plug, add 4 liters or so of oil then install new filter. Run machine for a while exercising the lift up and down several times to ensure all air is out then shut down and check oil level. If it needs more oil, it won't be much at this point so just slowly add until full. Filter only actually filters return oil from the lift so that is why it will not run out when filling but it then returns the oil to the gearbox up high so it works as a vent with a loose or un-installed filter Cleat.
  5. Dragged home yet another 416

    Decals installed. I hope it will mow properly. This deck will likely be sold as it will not fit most of my 520's. Cleat
  6. 520-HC

    The 520HC does not have reduction steering. I would find out what is wrong with the Onan before just scrapping it, might be something simple (even a valve seat can be replaced so long as the block is still good). Cleat
  7. Dragged home yet another 416

    Deck has been assembled, just needs decals. Cleat
  8. This is the light. https://www.tscstores.com/RED-WITH-REFLECTOR-CLEARANCE-LIGHT-P137.aspx It is made by perterson. Better yet, they were 25% off last weekend just when I wanted to buy them. This is at TSC Canada, yours might be different. Cleat
  9. Tail lights from TSC installed with LED bulbs. Fender installed onto tractor. Terry's rear decal is here, just need to let paint dry some more then install that to be complete. Cleat
  10. Happy Birthday Terry. Cleat
  11. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    You can at least pull the idle jet out (count the turns to seat first) and spray carb cleaner in there and also clean the idle jet itself and see what that does. Cleat
  12. WH 516-H

    Just like swapping an engine from a car or any large swap, having a doner machine is always best as you get all the other little pieces required.
  13. The paint felt dry enough so I sanded it and applied a top coat. It is much smoother ans shinier now. Fender is just sitting on a 416, not the 520. I have new tail lights from TSC to install once paint is dry. Also decal from Terry will finish it off. Cleat
  14. WH 516-H

    Is the pump output pumped back to the rear axle somehow ? With just a valve, cylinder and some hoses you can have hydraulic lift (or keep the manual lift and work on your arm muscles). Actually, I would like one of mine to be manual for the mid mount grader to have a preset height. Cleat
  15. Well, I got the fender stripped of paint as it had many layers of flaking terrible paint. I used chemical stripping for this. Then it got wire wheeled and sanded/ Then the bottom got a couple of coats of high temp black (I like that paint for durability). Then the topside got a coat pf primer that was sanded then a coat of IH red. I will sand that and apply a second coat whenever this darn humidity clears and the paint will dry properly. Cleat