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  1. Sometimes, another issue with leaf pickup is that some of them get frozen down by the time I get a day off to do it. Then all you can do is wait until spring.
  2. Standard pipe plug will be the easiest to remove. Square head is OK. Hex head is best. However, If you use the rear attachamatic for a front or mid blade for example, it will hit the plug if it is not flush like the original.
  3. Front wheel bearings

    They look like good quality machined VS stamped sealed bearings to me.
  4. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    I had a 520 do that and the fuel line was resting against the oil filter getting hot. Just re-routed it a bit and all was well. Just re watched your video and it looks like you may just be sucking in air somewhere. Double check all connections and check the fuel line for a crack.
  5. 5060 Woes

    I can't see that happening for no reason. Did something get into the gearcase somehow ? Any other gears damaged ?
  6. New to me 520-8

    Any 520H will have that cover. It is more than just bling too, it helps keep you from touching the hot muffler.
  7. That is correct, a 42" rear discharge will fit. I have never used a rear discharge lawn tractor deck.
  8. My tube clogs sometimes as well. I thought that was just me. The left bag fills first and no issues but once it is full, sometimes the tube clogs prior to filling the right side bag.
  9. I mainly use a 520 with a 48" deck and power bagger. Bagger seems to mulch the leaves so they take up much less space. I then pile and push them over the edge of the ravine at the back of my property after dumping them into my little wagon and hauling them there. Cleat
  10. I have never found that cutting grass used a lot of HP either. Now blowing snow is another thing but that can be another discussion. Big thing for the monster 60" deck is fitment. One of my 520's has the straight front axle and the 60" deck will not fit it but a 42" will The 520's with the swept axle will fit a 48 or 60 but not a 42 due to the wide rear wheels. Wheel horse kept things fairly universal but there are some quirks. 48" deck seems to fit the most models.
  11. My mistake, I thought it was aluminum. Steel will be much better wear wise. Give it a good coat of paint (hate to see your nice work rust). I would still use never seize on the pulley to shaft and also on nuts on both ends. You could likely make some money if you were to make those up and sell them. You could also make the pulleys and spindles for the 48" deck as well. Thanks for sharing your work with us. Cleat
  12. Onan P220G Ring, Retaining

    If it is metric then 1.25" is around 32mm and 1.5" is around 38mm. So measure the diameter of the inside of the snap ring groove and see if you come up with a number between 32 and 38 mm.
  13. Very nice work. I am not a big fan of the stamped pulleys and yours look fantastic. Please keep us updated on how well the aluminum lasts. I hope you put never seize on the shaft so the pulley does not corrode to it. Great job.
  14. PTO Brake

    Mine are all gone as well. I have 2 good used ones and a new one but none are installed. When I disengage the PTO when running a deck or snow blower, they stop very quickly anyways.
  15. snowblower spring on a 416

    Not too bad. Rotate the shaft #9 until the spring pin is in the low position. Raise the blower with the tractor and block it up, (or put a floor jack under it to hold it up). Let the lift down to release pressure on the shaft #9. Slip the spring onto the pin and lock in place with the holding washer and hairpin clip. Rotate shaft #9 and this will tension spring, shaft should snap down into place as it goes past center. Remove blocking or jack and you are done.