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  1. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry.
  2. Vacuum bagger

    Mine was originally on a 416 with 48" deck and is now used on my 520's. That bagger would have worked that 14HP engine. My 20HP machines work harder with the vacuum unit working as well as the 48" deck. Make sure you get all the parts including the brackets that bolt to the back of the tractor and the special deck guard and it's bracket. You also need the double deck pulley and bracket that bolts to the front of the deck that holds the vacuum blower unit itself. Cleat
  3. 520H

    I have never had a major failure on any of my Onan's. I currently own 5 520's and have sold a handfull of 416's. Other than carb cleaning on a few, and one ignition module failure on the HC, they have been reliable. I have not gone through the latest 520 yet but it runs smoothly. I can't tell you hours on most as hour meters never seem to work when I get them (But I bet they are high enough due to the wear on other components). The latest one is showing over 3000 but that may not be right.
  4. Air filter

    There is a small square plastic vacuum switch located on the left dash tower beside the battery. It connects to that but likely the nipple is broken off. All it does is supposedly turn on the air filter light on the indicator panel if the filter is restricted. None of mine are hooked up as I routinely check the air filters.
  5. Yep, you are correct, unless you have a 88 or 89 with the smaller tires (I have one of those but still no interest in a 42" deck on a 20HP machine).
  6. 520 has according to the hour meter over 3000 hours but runs and drives well. Some play in the steering but otherwise good. Maybe hour meter is not working properly. 312 has just 212 hours and is very tight. Does not currently run. I have not gone through either of these yet as I just got them home. I work this weekend so hopefully I will know more next week. 520 has the 42" deck from the 312 on it. It looks to be OK but I need to clean it up to tell for sure. It sure does not fit the 520 properly and it will go back onto the 312. I don't know how it sounds, I never engaged it. I also got another 42" deck thrown in that supposedly was on the 520 but it should not have fit well either (sitting on the floor in front of the 312). That one is quite rusty but all other parts are good and spins nicely. I picked this package up for $600 Canadian (around $450.00 US). Didn't need them but they were just a couple of miles up the road. Cleat
  7. I am looking for  a mower  deck  for. A  308-8.

    1. cleat


      I don't currently have any decks for sale.


      I would not want any bigger than a 42" on your machine.


  8. Question about 1995 520H

    It will work fine. You will need the rear attachment point on your rear axle and the rear rockshaft and cable assembly for the lift.
  9. 520-8 vs 418-8

    If you get the thrust bearings between the spindles and axle cleaned and lubed well along with everything else it will steer just fine. My 520HC that has the identical steering to yours steers quite easy, not as easy as the reduction, but I can still palm steer it while mowing. Now, if you hang the 2 stage blower on the front that is a different story.
  10. 520-8 vs 418-8

    That looks like my 520HC setup. Swept axle with standard steering. Works great for mowing grass. Looking good.
  11. 520-8 vs 418-8

    The wire harness can be pulled out completely then laid out on a bench and gone through. I have done this with all 4 of mine. I also simplified and removed any extra wiring at that time. I have not had any electrical issues since.
  12. Yep, work it then give it a bath and put it away. No use having a nice tractor if it does no work.
  13. 1996 520

    Also, don't forget the simple things, Like is the PTO fully disengaged, motion lever firmly in neutral, your butt on the seat. I would also check to be sure you did not inadvertently bump a connector to the PTO safety switches or bump a fuse causing it to lose connection. Wiggle the relays to be sure they are fully seated, you can also swap them around I believe. Cleat
  14. 1996 520

    Here is the wire diagram. Later model 520 wire diagram.pdf If you trace the coil wire back, you will likely find your fault. Cleat
  15. Question about 1995 520H

    I get a tiny bit of black smoke when any of mine start likely from too much choke. Never need to add any oil. The K341 in my Ford LGT165 even after a rebuild still needed a top up of oil before every mowing. Fuel consumption is about the same ( The Ford only had a 42" deck so mowing time was slightly longer). I am sure you will get to love that Onan.