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  1. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Well, actually when it really gets down to it, it is really not my job that pays for the Wheel horses as much as buying and selling. I buy lots of Wheel Horse tractors and attachments and rebuild them and when a better one comes along I sell one and buy another. I have had 3 416's, 1 two stage snow blower, 2 single stage blowers, 2 tillers, 2 42" decks, 2 48" decks, a C160, a 111-6, a 210-5 that have been sold. I also do work on some other people's Wheel Horses on the side. This financed 4 520's, 2 48" decks, a 60" deck, a tiller, a two stage blower, a blade, a mid mount grader blade, a bagger, and a 17-44 which I have kept and restored. This is an old picture. The 2 little ones have since been sold and a 17-44 added to the herd. Last 520 in the picture is all restored except for the painting and decals on the hood and rear fender (decals are here, just awaiting paint). I figure I am either slightly ahead or just even so all I now have cost me nothing but time (lots of it but it is what I enjoy). Wife thinks I am crazy but when she knows that in the end they don't really cost me anything and she knows where I am all the time (out in the garage), it is fine with her. She even drives them sometimes.
  2. large black mule drive knob?

    A nice new knob will last a long time unless you hit something with it.
  3. What pays for your Horse addiction

    At work, all my work orders and equipment history is handled by SAP. I muddle through it but am not an expert in it by any means. SAP is a very complex program.
  4. What pays for your Horse addiction

    And we work with pure Anhydrous HF. Any moisture and it fumes and reacts like crazy. If, heaven forbid, the HF makes contact with a person then it quickly tries to absorb all the calcium from your body. We have the treatment kits on site and at the local hospital just in case. Keep it dry and it can be stored in regular steel storage tanks. Once the reaction in the process happens then the corrosion rate goes way up so at that point everything is made from Hastelloy C276. The HCL when it first comes out of the columns is also pure Anhydrous until we run it through a pair of 7 story tall water cooled Absorbers and convert it to aqueous. That is what is loaded and shipped offsite. A year before I started (1988) there was one fatality on site due to a release of HF. There were no treatment kits here then and he died shortly after arriving at the Hospital. He was walking past the base of the first separation column when a threaded instrument failed putting a cloud of HF vapours into the air. That is why he did not have on the acid suit.
  5. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I am a Millwright (Industrial mechanic) and work for DuPont. We make Freon 123 which is for large commercial chillers. Unfortunately we can't make it after next year because of environmental concerns so plant is shut down at the end of next year. There are two mechanics at our plant (including me) and our main ingredients are Hydrofluoric acid and PCE (basically like a dry cleaning fluid). Raw materials come in on rail cars. They are mixed together and heated with a catalyst at 500 PSI and the end result is freon 123 and HCL. The HCL is separated out in distillation columns and basically given away as it is a waste stream. HCL is loaded onto rail cars, 123 is loaded onto rail cars, tanker trucks, and ISO containers. My job is to do all maintenance required to keep the plant running including the rebuild of valves, pumps, piping systems, columns etc. I also maintain the company vehicles and snow removal equipment. Also maintenance hooks up the rail cars and makes sure they are safe to send out on the rails. Because of the toxic nature of the materials (especially the Hydrofluoric acid, a lot of the work is done in a fully encapsulated acid suit with breathing air. That is not a lot of fun at -20 when all you have on your hands is 2 layers of rubber gloves and your face mask fogs and sometimes frosts up so you can't see. Because of the breathing air or respirators that require a good seal to your face, you must be clean shaven at all times. Cleat
  6. I would add the lift too if possible. If you get the parts from a donor machine, it should be pretty straight forward. I would not want to use a manual lift after being spoiled with hydraulics. Either way, the 1100 is the way to go, don't know why Wheel Horse put the 700 in a 500 series. Cleat
  7. Two stage blower

    I wish I could find that writeup. Seems to have disappeared.
  8. The Newest Arrival—

    Well, to make you feel better I did a quick calculation converting Canadian to US $ and can tell you that to buy that much fuel here at our price would cost you $112.45 US. Just went up today by $0.30 per US gallon in US $. This happens weekly. A lot of my buddies have got rid of their trucks and large SUV's and are driving little Honda's. I am still driving my F150 with the 5.4 engine but don't take it very far (I average around 3600 miles per year). Most of my Wheel Horse purchases are hauled home in a trailer behind my wife's 1998 Sable with a 3l engine (that car just turned up 42000 miles equivalent) . Back on subject now, your new tractor looks great. Cleat
  9. Snow Plow Install

    Mine is roughly 36 7/8" long end to end but I made up my own handle assembly. I also made the rod adjustable with a connector in the middle.
  10. Finally got a 520H

    They should work as long as everything is strong enough so nothing bends.
  11. A 2 stage will lift very crooked without the big spring hooked up on the right side. With the spring hooked up, the 2 stage should lift properly. Cleat
  12. 310-8 Idle Problem

    My old Ford LGT165 with a 16 HP Kohler K series ran that way when I bought it. Governor was completely trashed. I had to take the engine apart to replace it. Worked fine after that.
  13. wheel horse 516h question ?

    The Onan charge system is very similar to the Kohler. You can run it with the regulator unplugged. Just keep an eye on your battery voltage and charge it before it dies.