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  1. Onan carbs from china.

    There are cheap Chinese carb kits available as well. I may order one of those and see.
  2. Onan carbs from china.

    Onan sourced at least the Carb, coil, and (I think) starter from Japan. I just put a Chinese coil on my latest 520 and it fired right up. $40.00 including shipping straight from China and it arrived in about a week (faster than expected). I hate giving jobs away but I think in the case of our old Wheel Horses, not much is made here any more.
  3. What does the test switch do?

    The test switch on a 520 or 416 or 312 all do the same thing, just light up all the indicator lights to prove they will light up. Does not mean they will work as intended, just that the bulbs (LED's) are good.
  4. 1054

    It holds more oil that way.
  5. I know that I am going to stir a hornet nest here but has anyone tried one of these China / Hong Kong carbs. They are on ebay under onan carb. I don't need one myself as I have spare OEM ones but just wondering how they work. Cleat
  6. New coil installed and she runs. Machine is now all done except for painting the rear wheels, and pulling the hood & fender for paint at a later date. Matt's foot control will be added later as well. Cleat
  7. Twofer: two 3xx Series for $100 (pics added)

    As JA said, and also bushings wear in the steering block. It can be drilled and re-bushed with bronze bushings. Also the lower steering shaft can be shimmed out by adding washers behind the cotter key at the steering block end. Some later models had a nut there that you simply pull a cotter key then turn a nut to adjust and reinsert the cotter key. I do this with all my machines and tighten things up until there is no play in the steering but also no binding. Make sure the steering wheel is straight when the wheels are straight ahead while doing this. Cleat
  8. Mower Deck underside

    A stainless deck shell would be great for rust. Cracking would be the biggest issue. I love stainless and would make one if I could. Cleat
  9. 3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    I use Heavy Duty detergent 30W oil in all my small engines year round (I have a heated shop for the winter).
  10. Also you get the non-emissions carb.
  11. Yes, that is what I meant. Actually for cutting grass with a 42 or 48 (yes you can also run the 42 on this one since it also has smaller back wheels) the standard steering is quicker and works very well.
  12. Briggs & Stratton 11hp on a GT2500 issue

    I would pull the flywheel and make sure nothing is jammed under it, maybe stuck to a magnet.
  13. There are a few plusses to this generation. SW gauges (if they work). Steering wheel that says Wheel Horse on it. Wheel Horse logo in center of steering wheel and on engine shroud. No levers on steering column makes removing plastic trim much easier. Console shift is easier to put Matt's foot control kit on. Wire harness is simpler with no added relays. Charge wire goes directly to solenoid keeping it out of the 9 pin connector. Straight axle and regular steering will work fine so long as you don't use the 60" deck or 2 stage blower on it. You can add bushings to the spindles as well to reduce friction such as these. http://classickitchensandmore.com/wheel-horse-tractors-parts-c-42/wheel-horse-toro-lawn-tractor-34-inch-spindle-bearing-kit-new-p-5115.html I made some out of Teflon for my one 520 with straight axle and it steers fine. Cleat
  14. Onan 16 hp surging at low idle

    Just needs a good carb cleaning. Any plugged passages or jets and the surging begins.
  15. Did a quick compression test and is now 125 on both cyl. Down a little from before the cleanup (was 130) but that is likely from removal of carbon and/or slightly thicker head gaskets. Exhaust heat shields installed, oil filled, spark plugs installed. I broke coil removing it and my spare is no good either so I am now waiting on a new one. If I get real excited about starting it I can take a coil from another 520 but I will likely just wait.