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  1. onan crank trigger

    If it ran good before then I would check everything you touched and make sure you did not mess anything up. For the trigger to fail at the exact time you de-carboned it seems like a real coincidence.
  2. If you get the entire setup from steering wheel to front wheels and swap everything then it really is a bolt in. I added a gear reduction swept axle to one of my early 520's that did not come that way and it was a bolt in except for drilling 2 holes as mentioned above. To complete the look and have the front and rear the same width, you could also add the larger 520 rear wheels. Easiest and likely cheapest way to do all of this would be to find a complete 520 with serious problems that you could get cheap then swap all parts at your leisure from one machine to another. You could bolt your old parts back on the 520 and re-sell it.
  3. Ignition switch connectors.

    Excellent. Thank you very much.
  4. Is there an alternative or cheaper option to the 33-351 snap in connectors ? I just want to have some on hand. I can get these for $12.76 for a pack of 10. Thanks, Cleat
  5. Perfect replacement is this one. Strong arm F4673 14.99 at Advance according to website.
  6. 520 club members!

    Yep, my HC is much faster. My 11 year old daughter loves to be towed around the yard in a wagon with that one hitting as many bumps as possible.
  7. Those parts are the same as my 17-44 tractor with 44 inch deck uses. That is a 44" side discharge deck on a Newer Toro Wheel Horse lawn tractor. Good parts, just not for your deck.
  8. Here in Eastern Ontario, I lost power for 2 weeks during a large ice storm back in 97 or so. Had no money for a generator so I had no water but house was heated with wood so we kept warm. Quickly learned how to cook on the top of a wood stove. Food in refrigerators was warming up and thawing so we made up big stews and invited the neighbors over for meals to use it up. During these types of events you quickly learn the character of your neighbors and friends. Hope you are powered back up soon.
  9. 520-HC surging at idle

    You can just carefully lift carb top up and while being careful not to bend brass tube coming down from top into a hole in the main body, carefully tilt top and the small link will unhook. Carefully remove this link and just reverse for reassembly. Do not drop or lose this link. Once you have done this once or twice it gets easy.
  10. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    I bought an old Simplicity years ago with a broken axle. I was able to order a new one through simplicity for a good price. I would think someone would have an old rear end with a bad hydro but a good axle shaft for you. You will need to split the case to replace it however, or just replace the whole rear end.
  11. Adjusting a mowing deck

    Deck should remain level at all heights once adjusted. The 60" and some newer decks require adjustment to the front gauge wheels but level should be fine once set.
  12. 416-8 finally here are pic's

    By the looks of the guard on the deck, it had a bagger on it at one point. Does the original owner happen to have that as well ?
  13. Yes, in the same direction the shaft spins in normal operation. This locks the center of the bearing to the shaft keeping it from spinning in the bearing. Cleat
  14. Mower deck storage rack / pallet.

    So long as you promise not to use them.
  15. 520h "surging?"

    Never seen one on any of mine.