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  1. My 520's all have the horse on the engine and steering wheel. All traces of Toro slowly being erased. Like your blade sway bar. Cleat
  2. Good thing about Matt's kit is the tractor is always at a safe stopped position unless your foot is on the pedal. This pretty much eliminates the real need for a neutral safety switch. None of mine have this any more. Seat switches go as well, I like being able to get off the tractor and move obstructions while mowing. Also handy when mowing ditches where I am actually off the seat sitting on a fender because of the angle the tractor is on. Cleat
  3. Our big press at work has a large expanded metal guard that is closed and latched when pressing tight parts. Have not needed it yet (used it, just nothing has exploded) but good to know it is there just in case. My 20 ton manual press at home has no guarding so I use a face shield, safety glasses, steel toed boots, and long sleeves with leather gloves when I have that one pushed up really tight. Same thing when using a puller. Cleat
  4. As Garry said, you should be reading battery voltage there. Make sure you have connection between the battery and B+ on the regulator. Early 520's had a wire go from the regulator directly to the starter solenoid battery cable with a 30A inline fuse. I have wired mine all this way to take that load out of the 9 pin connector.
  5. There is also a spring attachment point on the lower lift rod as well but I have never seen one used there. #40 in the attached diagram. Wheel horse snow blower parts manual.pdf Possibly for a machine with manual lift ? Mine are all hydraulic lift so no spring required. Belt tension spring and the vertical spring as shown in the above pictures are required.
  6. Which horse is your favorite

    I really like the 520's especially the HC.
  7. I see Wheel Horse offered a 3 bar deck leveller as an upgrade for 42" and 48" decks with bagger attached. I am too cheap to buy one so I made it. I cut a bar from an old worn out leveller then welded up and filed the wear points. This is a standard 2 bar leveller. This is the leveller with the third bar just sitting loose. Here is the completed leveller. Here are the plans that I drew up to locate the third bar. 3 bar deck leveller.pdf This is a deck from the internet with the 3 bar leveller installed. I have not installed mine yet. I guess time will tell whether this was a useful upgrade or not. Cleat
  8. Shiny new boiler

    Looks great. I had to get rid of my oil furnaces in both the house and shop as no insurance companies around here will take on oil any more for fear of leaks. Even brand new double wall stainless tanks do not make them happy.
  9. Whenever I get off of any of my 520's while they are running, I always lock on the brake. Hate to see one roll away. I have Matt's foot controls on all of them and they do a great job of returning to neutral but why risk it. My little 17-44HXL has a factory foot control and never moves on it's own but I lock it's parking brake on anyways while it is running and I am off of it.
  10. Just a thought, do these transmissions have any sort of air vent ? I would think as it heated up, it would build pressure that even a good seal might have trouble coping with. Cleat
  11. That harness you picked up looks great. You may need the engine harness as well if that has been destroyed also. Other than that, download the manual and carefully follow the wiring diagram. I would begin with the basic stuff like run, start, and charge, then work up to things like warning lights etc.
  12. Rock Shaft Removal

    One of my 520's had a rock shaft seized on so bad the only way I finally got it was to cut the shaft on one side to get it out. I put it into a 20 ton press then heated and pressed at the same time until the shaft finally broke loose and began to move. I needed a new shaft at this point but found one on ebay. As 953NUT said, clean shaft and rock shaft until they slide together nicely and apply never seize. It should just slide apart next time.
  13. 312-8, fresh paint and decals

    Nice job. Swept front too, I see. That stack looks nice, I hope you don't have any low tree branches.
  14. 312-8 Seat support repair

    I have never had an 8 speed so I can't comment and will take your word on that. But as far as the plate goes, I had one of my 520's with the flat plate and unless you looked really close, you would not notice. I later bought the proper plate just because I am sort of anal about details.
  15. 312-8 Seat support repair

    The later 520's came with a larger seat / fender support which may help with this. I have converted all of my machines to this style. It is a direct bolt in replacement to the original using the 2 rear bolts that secure the tunnel cover plate as 2 additional support points. Tunnel cover is then supposed to have a step in it to go over this support but your existing cover will still work. Here is your regular seat support. Here is the larger support. Here is a picture showing the stepped cover and larger support installed. The larger supports are on ebay (not by me). Cleat