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  1. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    Do you have the little end seal ? Is it in the proper pushed on position as shown ? These do tend to fall off. Also, the cable outer sheathing can get damaged. I slip on heat shrink tubing then shrink it on tight. 2 layers of this will work best for added abrasion resistance. You can just make out the start of one on a throttle cable on my 520HC just forward of the battery. Cleat
  2. 314-H snapping drive belts

    As far as the flapping goes, at least 2 of my 520's are actually worse than yours. Don't wear the belts though. The bushings in the belt tensioner tend to wear and when they fail, the tensioner itself gets worn. This will cause the tensioner to sit at a slight angle instead of being parallel to the belt. I would double check that everything is good with the tensioner assembly as that would likely be the only thing that could be causing your issues.
  3. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    Pulling the cable or at least disconnecting and dropping the engine side down do it can drain then heating it so the ice can melt first will be a big help as well.
  4. This will likely fit many other models as well. They tend to wear where the motion control block rotates on it. Toro has just discontinued it so I decided to make up my own. Since I can't easily cut the slots for the E-clips, I decided to just use cotter pins and washers. I used all 316 stainless steel since I had some left over scraps at work. Here is the pin cut and drilled. Here is the mounting plate cut and drilled sitting beside the pin. All welded up. This is my pin and a worn out OEM pin for comparison. Here are some more comparisons between the two. That is a used nyliner bushing sitting between the washers as if the block was there with the bushing installed into it. Since I have 4 520's, I made up 4 pins. I am unsure if a horizontal or vertical pin placement is better or easier to use so I made 2 of each. I hope there is enough room to install the cotter pins. Here are the plans that I drew up. Wheel Horse motion control pivot.pdf My writing is not the best. From the center of the first hole to the inside edge of the mounting plate is .77". Cleat
  5. 520-8 pto arm clevis

    Those of you with eagle eyes probably noticed the different lower hole position in the rod itself. I did some comparisons on my machines and found out why. The early 520's used a motor mount plate that stayed flat where the PTO rod passes through and is held. Later 520's have the plate slightly stepped up. Rods are identical except for the hole being drilled further up around 1/2" on the later models. Just something to watch out for if you replace or swap out this rod and or motor mount plate. Cleat
  6. 2017 Last Walk

    The first truck I drove growing up was a 72 Chev. Looked similar to yours and had the 350 with a 3 on the tree. Manual steering, no radio. It was a coppery colour. In 1979 it was traded in for a new truck. I think it had around 23.000 miles on it. but the rockers were gone, rust holes through the doors etc. Rust proofing was not the best back then. A shame, these really are pretty trucks. Good luck with yours and have fun with it. Cleat
  7. Likely........ Oh well.
  8. I made a little collage to show the difference. Now if it would only warm up, melt the snow and grow grass then I could try it out. Cleat
  9. 520-8 pto arm clevis

    I forgot to mention the spring pin itself. I used a 5/32 x 1-1/4" with a 3/32 x 1-1/4" nested inside to increase strength. Small one is installed first into the larger one then the larger one is installed into clevis (this is right from the manufacturer of these pins). Start the pin into the clevis then place over the hole in the rod and drive in until it has the same amount protruding from both sides. Same hole is used in rod, no new hole was drilled. I put a little piece of 3/4" wood in the open end of the clevis so it does not get bent down when installing spring pin.
  10. 520-8 pto arm clevis

    Well, I thought I would have a go at designing something. This is what I came up with. Here is a comparison with the swingaway on the left and stock on the right. Standard OEM clevis installed. Swingaway clevis installed in normal running position. Swingaway clevis in open position. Both styles of clevises shown. Swingaway clevis in open position partly swung to the side. Complete unit with PTO disengaged. Complete unit with PTO engaged. Here are the plans. Wheel Horse swingaway PTO clevis.pdf
  11. Clevis hitch for the 520h!

    And also includes most of the parts for the lift for a tiller. Great deal. Cleat
  12. If you do load the tractor backwards then make sure the hood is fully latched and the seat is tied down. Don't want the wind to flip either up and cause damage.
  13. Red Wheel Horse Hydro Filters

    We have a 48" aluminum pipe wrench at work. I have only used it a couple of times, it is a beast (could not even imagine a cast iron model). 36" I use all the time. You must have lots of room around the filter to fit in a large pipe wrench like that.
  14. Plastic belt cover on pto 520H

    I like safety as well and am on the joint health and safety committee at work. However, the only time a belt will be spinning in this area would be when the deck is engaged. I don't know why you would be up in this area with the deck running. The deck itself would be as much a hazard as anything.
  15. 520-8 pto arm clevis

    I am interested as well. I see 3 listed on ebay right now for a 312A, C-161, and C-165. Will any of those fit ?