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  1. I have a 10 pinion rear end that is blown (wipped out the pinions) I was wondering if you could swap the 8 pinion carrier and axles into a 10 pinion housing? The 10 pinion is 1 1/8" axle and I found an 8 pinion carrier, no axles on ebay for a reasonable price. Will the axles from the 10 pinion work with that carrier? The ad says they were 1 1/8" axles but were sold separate.
  2. 8 Pinion Transmission

    Sorry I am looking to build a second puller and not have to deal with the 10 pinion rear ends. I like the 8spd trans because of the hi/lo so I was wondering if there was any way of telling between a 10 pinion and an 8 pinion without splitting the case? From what I have heard the 10 pinion is limited slip and the 8 pinion is not, so in theory, Dave's plan should work by spinning the wheel?
  3. 8 Pinion Transmission

    P.S. I blew apart 2 10 pinion rearends in one day about a year and a half ago. Didn't know that they were weak, lasted a while actually. But, they eventually broke, so I started doing some creative welding on one, but unfortunately the other one had aluminum end caps on the carrier, so I couldnt weld that one. Looking to have a wheel horse tranny hold together without any creative welding! lol
  4. 8 Pinion Transmission

    How can I tell if the transmission is 4 pinion, 8 pinion or, 10 pinion without opening the case? Is there dead giveaways that it is not the 8 pinion? I have found an 654 with a 3spd trans, along with a c-160 with a 6spd trans. Would either of them be 8 pinion? How to the 4 pinions hold up? I believe the 654 would have the 4 pinion? Are they any good? Thanks!