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  1. Another pricing question

    Does anyone need a copy of the original operator's manual for the 520/522Xi including a separate one for the Kohler command 18-25 HP engines? I also have the original sales brochure with all the specs for the 300, 260 and 5Xi series before the horse gets hauled away this coming weekend? Semper Fi
  2. 520Xi

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Another pricing question

    Much appreciated. I guess it was good, SOLD. I will miss the old horse Thanks all Semper Fi
  4. Another pricing question

    Thanks for all your input. I increased the price a wee bit to $1,800. My son came over with his welder and fixed the mower deck so it is good to go! Semper Fi
  5. Another pricing question

    Thanks dells68, I appreciate it. Semper Fi
  6. Greetings folks, So if you have browsed the classifieds you might know I have decided to sell my beloved 520Xi. The details are in the post. I also have it listed in the local CL for $1500 and have had 1 interested party. Am I out of line with the price? I think the Dozer blade cost me between $300-$500 alone, and I had to drive to New York to get it. I see a few 54" mower decks but not the 60". The deck does need to have the weld repaired where the front left wheel tube attaches to the bracket. The tractor is in good shape, new battery, tires, headlight bulbs, chains, runs great with no leaks, or dents. Anyway, thanks in advance for any input. Semper Fi
  7. 520Xi

    With a lot of hesitation I am offering up my hard working, reliable 520Xi. My growing small farm needs required me to get something with a FEL. I bought it five years ago from the original owner. I have all the original documentation and Operator's manuals for it: Details: Model year 1999 Hrs. 899 60" Mower deck model 78395 48" Dozer blade (model 79355) with all the Rear Attach-A- Matic parts (part number 100-3390) Rear TORO wheel weights New AG rear tires and front Turf tires New Battery Couple of extra PTO drive and deck belts. Starts up strong and runs great no leaks, no smoke, does not burn oil, regularly maintained. Thank you Semper Fi
  8. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Howdy folks- Thanks for all your input. I really liked the Mahindra's but lack of good local dealer support I had to pass on them. I did find a great deal (13K) on a 2017 Massey GC1715 with 72hrs, 60" MMM and a FEL with filled rear tires.. I pulled the trigger on it this weekend. The only thing I was not keen about is the entire seating area shell (wheel wells, etc) is thick plastic. Something I had not noticed before. Overall I think it will be a great tractor for my needs. Now that I have it next to my old 520, the poor old horse looks dull and washed out in color. What do you folks use to clean and shine them up? Thanks again and Merry CHRISTmas Semper Fi
  9. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Thanks for your input. I went to look at the Kubota's today, particularly the BX2680. Very nice, ergonomic and smooth. Only thing I am not sure about is how sturdy it is and the single cylinder bucket system. It almost Seemed like an overbuilt garden tractor as compared to the Mahindra Max26 I also looked at, which seemed more like a "real"tractor". I understand the Mahindra is more in line with the B series Kubotas but not sure if I want to get an eMax. I also stopped by the local Massey Ferguson, very nice..decisions, decisions.. Semper Fi
  10. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Ok, great thanks, that is what I was thinking. When did they start adding emissions stuff to these machines? What years should I be looking at? Happy Birthday tomorrow!! Semper Fi
  11. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Howdy- Thanks for the replies. I just found a 1999 Kubota B2400 (the other one was sold ) with 1350hrs on it for 6K. It does not have a FEL but does have a 60" mower deck. I figured I could save from buying a newer one and attach a FEL to it. The gentleman bought it used (he buys used tractors and sells them on the side). No service or use history. He said everything runs as it should. Not sure if this is a lot of Hrs. for a Kubota Diesel engine but the lack of service history concerns me. Anyway thought on the HRS for this machine? Semper Fi
  12. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Nice, thanks. The fellow that is advertising it emailed me and told me he would sell it to me his 2016 eMax251 for $13K. That seems pretty good deal with a FEL and a Belly mower with only 25hrs on it! He said nothing wrong with it just the house he was getting fell through and he ended up with a smaller property. Semper Fi
  13. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Thanks, I will keep searching I just found a 1999 B2400 with MMM and a LA351 FEL, only 160 hrs for $11,000. Seems like a nice tractor Semper Fi
  14. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Thanks for all the feedback folks...I used to have a Kubota B7800 so I am kind of leaning to the B25x. Someone around here has one for sale for $16500 and it has 105hrs on it. Semper Fi
  15. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Howdy all! For lack of being able to find a FEL for my 1999 520Xi I am thinking of upgrading to something that has one. I have been looking at the Kubota BX series as well as the Mahindra emax or Max series. They seem compatible in size to my 520. Does anyone haveany experience with these? I love my 520 but more and more I seem to be needing a FEL. I have the 60" deck and a plow. Semper Fi Andrew