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  1. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Nice, thanks. The fellow that is advertising it emailed me and told me he would sell it to me his 2016 eMax251 for $13K. That seems pretty good deal with a FEL and a Belly mower with only 25hrs on it! He said nothing wrong with it just the house he was getting fell through and he ended up with a smaller property. Semper Fi
  2. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Thanks, I will keep searching I just found a 1999 B2400 with MMM and a LA351 FEL, only 160 hrs for $11,000. Seems like a nice tractor Semper Fi
  3. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Thanks for all the feedback folks...I used to have a Kubota B7800 so I am kind of leaning to the B25x. Someone around here has one for sale for $16500 and it has 105hrs on it. Semper Fi
  4. Maybe selling my 520XI

    Howdy all! For lack of being able to find a FEL for my 1999 520Xi I am thinking of upgrading to something that has one. I have been looking at the Kubota BX series as well as the Mahindra emax or Max series. They seem compatible in size to my 520. Does anyone haveany experience with these? I love my 520 but more and more I seem to be needing a FEL. I have the 60" deck and a plow. Semper Fi Andrew
  5. Which fuel filter 520xi

    Thanks for all the advice folks! I ended up using a Wix 33011 fuel filter and Wix 51410 Transmission filter. Filler her up with Mobil1 10W30 Synthetic (tranny) Engine Mobil 1 5W30 with Purolator PureONE PL10241 Still running smooth at 851hrs Semper Fidelis
  6. Which fuel filter 520xi

    Cool, no worries. I was placing an online order and figured I would try to get everything in one shot. Semper Fidelis
  7. Howdy folks, I have been searching but cannot find an answer so thanks for your patience. I am getting my 1999 520xi with the Kohler Command engine ready for Spring. Changing all the filters and fluids. I cannot read what is on the inline fuel filter. Last time it was serviced by a Toro dealer so I do not know what they put in there. Thanks in advance Semper Fidelis
  8. I am also looking for a transmission filter for my 1999 520XI. What is on there now is a Rotary 6680/Wheelhorse 79-5270. I crossed checked and a Baldwin BT8486 or Baldwin BT8301 came up as well as NAPA 2205 and 1410. Any ideas which are good one? Baldwin is only $10 on Amazon Do not mead to hijack this post. http://www.oilfilter-crossreference.com/convert/TORO/79-5270 Semper Fidelis
  9. To Sell or not to sell

    Understood. Good tips. I have done some research and the prices are pretty spread out. Anywhere from $2000-$4500. I was also shocked to see what the prices for just the Attach-A-Matic stuff runs! Semper Fi
  10. To Sell or not to sell

    Howdy folks, I realize now that I really need a tractor with a FEL, but have been thwarted in my search for one for the 520Xi I am looking to sell or trade What would you all pay for a : 1999 520XI with the Kohler command engine 815hrs 60" Mower deck 48" Dozer blade All attach-a-matic parts for those implements All documentation, instruction manuals, services even original receipt (over 11K) New rear 23 x 10.5 - 12, 4-Ply Lawn Tractor Tire Chains (used them 1x then never needed them with the new rear tires) Toro/Wheelhorse rear tire weights Garage kept and very well maintained. I know I have posted some pictures of her on here. Thanks! Semper Fi
  11. Hahaha, no joke. I have not taken the blade off my horse yet.. Semper Fi
  12. Kubota G2001 Snow Blade

    Kelly- Thanks. The thing is a beast It has been a champ through this crazy winter. Had a little problems when we got the 18" but I never really got stuck, just a lot to push Great idea about deflating the tires than pumping them up! Thanks again Semper Fi
  13. Kubota G2001 Snow Blade

    Hi Ibaskerville, It was in the Frederick area CraigsList. I did not see it anymore he must have sold it.Sorry Semper Fi
  14. Mid-Atlantic Snow Storm!!!!!!!!

    Well, 17" is a bit much for the blade but the tractor did it in stages!! Driveway nice and clear now....yikes Semper Fi