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  1. Neil, it was great to meet you and Carolyn and a pleasure talking with you. Hope you can make next years show.
  2. Butch likes takin' me shoppin' and spending my money. Brought a C-105 home with me.
  3. I remember that well,Doc. We had that massive tent of Eldons and handed out cards promoting Redsquare. I believe the banner we all signed went to Karl. Thank You Karl for all you've done for Redsquare and it was a pleasure talking with you at the show. Hope to see all of you at next years campfire.
  4. steve's pics WHCC 2014 - 2

    Nice pics, Steve. Great seeing you again.
  5. Great pics, Bill. Like always great talkin' with you and yet another fantastic show.
  6. Cruise Night Friday 2014 Part 1 & 2

    Awesome video Duke and MJ. Great to spend time with the both of you.

    Steve, It's been awhile. It's guys like you and many others that still make this forum the greatest. Looking foward to seeing you at the show.

    We'll be there early Thursday mornin' camping under the sap trees again. Bringin' the Suburban 550, 701 and a '73 8 4 speed I picked up over the winter. All loaded and ready to go.
  9. Happy Birthday Ray!

    Thanks Guys. Another day older and I don't think I got any smarter. Well it's off to work today and hopefully work on the 753 Saturday and Sunday.
  10. 5th Wheel Camper Vs. RV

    Our camper stays permanately at the campground, so when we had to replace our other one, we decided to go with a 41 ft. park trailer with 2 slideouts. Not a trailer you would want to pull around all the time, but it's like a home away from home.
  11. Sandy has my attention

    Be safe guys. The wind and the rain is really bad here. Really worried about the big trees with the wind.I don't want to have to call the insurance company again for another tree down on my house or camper.
  12. Anybody ever seen these

    Well, finding the kit on a tractor is pretty rare... which I've always found odd since they're on the price lists through 1964. (I don't think the HL-5 kit that everyone is goo-goo for came out until later in the 1964 model year.) One member (not me) even has an NOS one though. Probably the only one. I'll let him remain nameless, but here are the pictures posted many years back. Good part was, it came with the instruction sheet. I know one thing Jason, that is definetly the mounting bracket for the light switch mounted under the gas tank on mine. When I brought it home I was wondering where you turned the lights on until I followed the wires back. Very cheaply made lights being all plastic but for some strange reason or the other they really look good on the tractor. One light was broken completely off and was nowhere to be found. Wish I could find another set.
  13. Anybody ever seen these

    Thanks! Like I said they looked like they were made for it and installed when the tractor was new by the looks of the paint on the hood underneath the lights.
  14. my 50.00 haul

    Super deal for $50.00 !
  15. Anybody ever seen these

    On the 753 I got yesterday, there were a set of headlights (one was broken) and I was wanderin' if these were an optional kit sold through wheel horse back in 1963 or an aftermarket set that someone put on. For some strange reason or another they seem like they were made for it.