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  1. Blower for bagger system

    This style is driven off the PTO. I also have one that is driven off of double pulley
  2. Just picked up another one of these blowers for a bagger system. Anyone else ever own or use one of these? They look into the rear quick attach and on to the hitch point
  3. 516-H Mower Deck needed - 42"

    I have quite a few in CT
  4. Mounted the front sneakers this morning, gonna get the backs done tonight if I have chance after this snow we've got! These are 4.00-8 tires stretched on wide wheels
  5. Sneak peak of getting wheels back from powder coating yesterday!
  6. Looks like this one is going to be extended more than a couple weeks time! Getting cold in CT again and it's hard to keep the garage warm enough to paint! Will post updated pictures soon
  7. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Thank you, this one is gonna stick around a little while! Wash it up, go through it mechanically, paint wheels and put it to work
  8. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Thank you, definitely converting to points soon
  9. 54" large replacement Snow/Dirt blade NOS

    Still have???
  10. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Okay so my thought is to leave that stator. Run those 2 wires from stator to rectifier, rewire machine to run points, condenser and coil. Just remove the coil and magneto from behind flywheel as well. Just need to remove the plug, install parts, gap points, rewire and done
  11. Another one hopped on the trailer

    What is original stator rated for?
  12. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Thank you, can't wait to go through it and get it going!
  13. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Thank you @953 nut , very resourceful post. I will be doing that conversion shortly. Need to finish up my resto on my C-145 first.
  14. Another one hopped on the trailer

    Looking to see who else has done conversion and if I need to replace stator as well
  15. Another one hopped on the trailer

    I have coils and other style ignition switch here, and I just found a junk 8 horse k181 I can pull all of the parts off