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  1. C-105 Fender

    I have a pristine condition original fender pan removed from a C-85 if you are interested, depending on condition of yours
  2. Turning out awesome! Can’t wait to see it done!

    Very nice 702 Kyle! Looks like a nice survivor, I have a couple mower decks that would fit that machine not too far from you if you were interested
  4. Picked up another one

    Keeping the others going with parts machine
  5. Picked up another one

    Picked up a parts 856! What better way to move it around the yard then use my other 856
  6. Looking good Chris!!
  7. 1999 314-8

  8. Trailer tuesday

    My 6.5x12 PJ trailer and one of my dump carts
  9. The 854--Comanche

    Nice looking 854 Caleb!! I think @Sparky was just trying to put that new trailer to use some
  10. Tobacco Road GT14

    Heck of a transformation! Nice work
  11. Blower for vacuum system

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Blower assembly that was on a C series. Is intended to use with a trailer. Spins freely and smoothly. Will include 2 hoses as well. Can bring to PA show if buyer is seriously interested
  13. Looks awesome @jabelman , hope to get my 701 looking that nice soon!
  14. Ahhh...the smell of fresh mowed grass!

    Damn in kicking myself getting rid of that one but glad you are enjoying it
  15. 42 inch SD or RD

    I have a nicely refurbished 42 inch side discharge from a 1997 314-8