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  1. Crazy how things like that work out! Steve, remembers back when I was one of the first 200 members on here. I remember my mother contacting some of the CT guys on here coming to birthday party at my house years back hahaha. And I definitely like the look of those tri ribs but I agree on the $$$$ part. These should serve there purpose and help that front end steering
  2. You got a point there, guess I'm a little addicted to these horses
  3. 10 years later and I'm working on picking up where I left off. Just little bit older and wiser
  4. Those were the days, well before I had my license too haha going on 10 years ago
  5. Thank you! And thank you Steve, definitely my favorite machine I've had yet! Been my work horse since I got it from you
  6. Got some more work done on the project. Cleaned up and went through the engine then repainted. Also got the frame, dash tower and transmission painted as well. Figured I'd throw the front wheels and tires on as well
  7. Blackhood kinda weekend

    Glad that 105 went to a good home and nice looking 165 as well!!
  8. 15 inch split weights

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. First Haul of 2018

    Had a feeling that you grabbed those haha contacted the guy and he said someone that collects RJs came and grabbed them..... Hmmmm 🤔🤔
  10. 15 inch split weights

  11. 15 inch split weights

    Set of 4 15 inch split wheel weights. Fit 953, 1054 and GT14. Will post pictures later. Will ship on buyers dime or can meet at show
  12. Fenders and tool box

    Do you have a seat spring by any chance?
  13. Amazon has them for $30, I have a few used ones. What's the part number on stack?
  14. I have one of those mufflers in stock lol
  15. Blower for bagger system

    This style is driven off the PTO. I also have one that is driven off of double pulley
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