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  1. 308-8 Wire Harness

    Sorry for not responding sooner, I hadn't had the chance to get back to things until recently. After browsing a bit, this post gave me all the courage I needed. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/39830-wireing-help-need/?do=findComment&comment=360879
  2. 308-8 Wire Harness

    Hi All, Saving my 3rd Horse - I also have a 310-8 and C101. This one needs some electrical components (wire harness, brackets, solenoid, relays, etc.). The guy before me basically created a hot wire configuration. The wires were smoking when I went to start her up. Anyone interested in selling some components?
  3. Drilling into the frame

    Just to close the loop. For whatever reason, the Rigid and DeWalt drill bits weren't cutting it. I bought a Bit Doctor, sharpened them up and still no-go. Since I had the Bit Doctor I decided to clean up and try some old Black and Decker bits that I had since before I was married (over 25 years). Bingo! Go figure. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  4. Drilling into the frame

    Thanks All, I'll sharpen the dulled bits and give it another try... Silly question - would the temp of the steel have any bearing? My attempts were on 20 degree days.
  5. Drilling into the frame

    No, the drill is not in reverse. Kelly, what type of drill bit?
  6. Drilling into the frame

    No, not a welded section. I wish it was, that might make more sense. I'm using the Rigid Cobalt and the DeWalt Titanium brand drill bits.
  7. Has anyone had success drilling and tapping the frame? I've used Cobalt and Titanium bits w/oil. I've tried with pilot holes first - slow and steady. Nothing! I just dull the bits.
  8. Make sure you file down any burs that you may have around the hub key. Grease up the end of the axle really good. And this is what I did that some may not agree with... As you are pushing the end into the seal, take a toothpick and gently pursued those parts of the seal that want to fold out - to stay in. I opened and closed the transmission that I just re-built so many times, feels like I've rebuilt 10 tranny's already. This was my first She climbs right up a mountain of snow now. Keep at it, you'll get there.
  9. Thanks Desko, I'm going to see if I can get my hands on one and take it apart myself. Does that cage look riveted?
  10. Steve, seems to me that the trickiest part of rebuilding the ball bearing would be to figure out how to re-rivet the cage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6svVy1lYOA
  11. Thanks for clarifying. I have the 1533 ball bearings and although they didn't look pretty, they spun nicely. So I didn't mess with them. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever been successful in rebuilding the 1533 bearings? Or is that not an option?
  12. Is this shaft-input to knarled

    Not a problem - they were $80 total ($20 each). And this was the design I borrowed from a member here. Mind you now, the cradle does take a bit of finessing to get into all four mounts, but when in and tight, the motor is nice and solid. And there is no noticeable vibration. Good Luck!
  13. I think you mean "needle bearings"? I used a socket that was roughly the same OD as the outer needle bearing - and drove it from inside/out. Just to be sure, the ball bearings are fine - correct?
  14. Is this shaft-input to knarled

    I just finished plowing my (+ 2 neighbors/friends) driveways with the newly rebuilt transmission. The c-101 is strong!!! Other improvements: Installed solid aluminum motor mounts. I took one of the designs - posted on this site by one of our UK brothers - to a machine shop. Rebuilt/installed brake system. Installed new tie rods. Dipped and rebuilt carb - spark plugs - oil - fuel lines - full lube. Installed new battery. Repaired tire chains - ordered the Terragrip rubber chains.
  15. Is this shaft-input to knarled

    Hey All, Even though I may not have carried on the dialog, many of your posted conversations gave me the courage to rip in and rebuild an ailing tranny. A special thanks to Steve for his videos and Racinfool40 for supplying me with the parts to piece her back together. Thanks All, Randy