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  1. Sundstrand 90-2046

    Would you sell just the pump and not the transmission
  2. GT14 transmission parts

    I need some parts for a pump for a 90-2062 transmission pump. 2-7051 spring seat 2-7050 cone relief valve 2-7049 sleave (valve seat) 2- 7753 check valve spring If I can't find these parts I may need to find someone with a good pump.
  3. GT 14 cigar lighter

    I may be interested how much is not cheap?
  4. GT 14 cigar lighter

    I am looking for a nice original cigar lighter for a 1969 GT14
  5. 1969 GT 14

    I have a 1969 GT 14 It goes fair in forward but slowly moves in reverse. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  6. 1969 GT 14

    I am looking for a gas tank for a 1969 gt14 .. Does anyone have any idea where to get one?