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  1. Missouri Mule-GT14

    In addition to fuel starvation, make sure that the Hydro is disengaged when you attempt to start it. Otherwise your starter and engine are fighting uphill so to speak.
  2. #6720 Mower Deck Slide Blocks

    These are GREAT.
  3. That’s a priceless quote! Awesome 👏
  4. Iola Car Show ‘18

    My second vehicle is still a favorite. 68 Rally Sport Camaro, with 327 and 4 speed. However, I would likely take the car that I was trying to purchase at the time which my father vetoed. 2 seater AMX with 390 4 speed. I want to say it was also a 68 but memory is fuzzy. Father probably made the correct decision as I imagine I would have gotten into even more trouble with that one than I did with the Camaro:-)
  5. Tobacco Road GT14

    Nice save!
  6. Got frame strengthened and motor swapped out. Hood is banged up and a prior owner drilled a bunch of holes along the bottom edge for some reason. So I don’t feel too bad mounting the old school style throttle to the side. Won’t win a beauty pageant but the motor is fresh rebuilt and this thing should be a reliable grandchild magnet for at least a decade:-) My grandaughters helped me. Disappeared after we pulled the hubs. No worries. They have some sweat equity in it and have the wheel horse bug now:-) Alrhough they like the restores C160 better....Which means I’ll end up stripping down this round hood likely next summer and making it pretty.
  7. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

    I put it up for adoption and you ante’ed up.
  8. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

  9. 551 Frame discussion

    Much appreciated John. But I will likely modify this and make it a bit more robust. It it sounded like Garry may be starting from scratch though so you or Dick offering that back plate may be handy for him.
  10. @gwest_ca , @953 nut , here are are some pics with measurements to get Garry pointed in right direction. As side note, the awefuld prior owner repairs I cut out seemed to be done for a failure mechanism that did not occur. The real issue is that the thin metal for the half inch clutch rod the run through had given way. Anyway, here are some measurement pics as requested.
  11. Absolutely. As partial repayment of the support you offer everyone else. I’ll try and get the measurements for you in next day or so. Also, you may want to reach out to @953 nut as I know he ended up with a 551 frame that similarly was hack welded by a previous owner from me at the show. I don’t recall the shape of the backplate but he might be willing to cut that free and send to you.
  12. Almost too hot to work in the garage. Mid 90’s. But like @Sparky, I managed a few hours with the granddaughters working at repairing the hack job frame repair some prior owner did to the 551 I picked up at the show. Managed to get the welds removed. Will work in an appropriate repair while we wait on axle seals to arrive.
  13. Hope you fellas had a great Day!
  14. Rim blanks in 8" diameter

    My go to for rims is miller Tire. not sure if they do 8 inch blanks though. 12 and 15’s I am pretty certain of though.
  15. This may be the one and only time where I can honestly say, “I’m a 10! lol Aldon Trimble