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  1. Name change

    Had same issue on same tranny. @fast88pu had to bring in higher grade easy outs to break it free at @stevebo last fall meet and greet. With right tool he made it look easy.
  2. The best things in life are FREE

    You must be living right! Nice snag.
  3. Two that are equal in my opinion out a couple dozen that come to mind. Additional steel bracing under the rear fenders of the Restomod GT14 build I did. Really makes a huge difference. Adding more modern attach-a-matic brackets onto my Gt14’s ditching the original style Mule contraption. i guess converting to points is a good one as well.
  4. My GT14

    Nice! I just subscribed. Hopefully in time should they print this soon.
  5. On some reproductions, sunlight can soften and you get occasional twist. I would Fab an aluminum plate and contact cement the reproduction plate to it, making a laminate prior to install. It will hold up and stay more pristine looking. the llink Ztnoo copies does work well. But the white paint will wear easily in my experience...as such, either baby it once done or be prepared to touch up occasionally. Of of course that’s my feedback. Others may have different feedback and your mileage may vary.
  6. Exhaust options for a GT-14

    Thanks @19richie66, for covering for me:-) exactly.
  7. Exhaust options for a GT-14

    For my GT16 Restomod I used the muffler off 400 series tractor with only slight mod to the mounting bracket. The 341 and 321 are basically same. So same set up would work on the stock GT14.
  8. Missouri Mule-GT14

    In addition to fuel starvation, make sure that the Hydro is disengaged when you attempt to start it. Otherwise your starter and engine are fighting uphill so to speak.
  9. #6720 Mower Deck Slide Blocks

    These are GREAT.
  10. That’s a priceless quote! Awesome 👏
  11. Iola Car Show ‘18

    My second vehicle is still a favorite. 68 Rally Sport Camaro, with 327 and 4 speed. However, I would likely take the car that I was trying to purchase at the time which my father vetoed. 2 seater AMX with 390 4 speed. I want to say it was also a 68 but memory is fuzzy. Father probably made the correct decision as I imagine I would have gotten into even more trouble with that one than I did with the Camaro:-)
  12. Tobacco Road GT14

    Nice save!
  13. Got frame strengthened and motor swapped out. Hood is banged up and a prior owner drilled a bunch of holes along the bottom edge for some reason. So I don’t feel too bad mounting the old school style throttle to the side. Won’t win a beauty pageant but the motor is fresh rebuilt and this thing should be a reliable grandchild magnet for at least a decade:-) My grandaughters helped me. Disappeared after we pulled the hubs. No worries. They have some sweat equity in it and have the wheel horse bug now:-) Alrhough they like the restores C160 better....Which means I’ll end up stripping down this round hood likely next summer and making it pretty.
  14. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!

    I put it up for adoption and you ante’ed up.
  15. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!