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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Lots of little although important stuff is being accomplished behind the scenes not much worth posting except this. Check out what Terry aka @Vinylguy is working on for my decals! Gonna be sweet !!!!
  3. Pm sent
  4. You might flip just the K341 for that price. And I like the looks of the MF line. Had a MF12 for a while.
  5. Hopefully this which is in larva stage: Or possibly this, also has some assembly required:
  6. You do nice work. The tractor is passable as wel! LOL seriously, just a reminder I have dibs on that 416-8
  7. Do you by chance have the drive pulley 1609. It's a double pulley - 2.5 inch diameter with 3/4 ID.
  8. Seems like more than a bit.... thanks for the pics
  9. The Vredstein 5 rib set up is nice. I use them on my GT14's. these are the 18x8.5-8
  10. I like tractors. Am averse to closets:-) id like to have that one in my stable. Would like it more with a 3 point through.
  11. Personally the higher value for me would be less due to lack of 3 point. I'm thinking you may get that but it would be a Cub collector trying to fill a void in collection. Unless the 3 point hardware is available. That's almost always a 3-400 uplift regardless of color. Red, yellow, green etc