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  1. I grew up in Roanoke/Christansburg VA. nice pic!
  2. Jay I am sorry to see that you suffered through this. But glad you are all OK. Bummer!
  3. Tractor came out nice! Thanks for letting me hang out in Squonk's Corner for the short time I was there this year!
  4. Martino is there! Minus about 75 pounds! So pay close attention as you may not recognize him. Btw. Jason offered to assist me with detailing a special RJ35. In the pic, Hadin is detailing the RJ35, that Martino brought to first show. Thanks Jason. That's my buddy sitting in pic hat has opted out of the wheel horse phenomenon for the moment. But his favorite model is GT14.
  5. Stevebo is awesome but he has not yet paid the tab so it's first indication that steve on a stick is not actually steve. Not to mention some very direct feedback from Chris who is the actual puppet master.
  6. I have to tell you Steve, the comfort inn lobby bench is just not as happening a place without you or the MN boys.
  7. This tractor will be awesomeness!!! I truly appreciate that your are doing such a great job of documenting it all. At at some point a newcomer to the wheel horse hobby will land on the site in search of info and you thread will be immensely helpful. kudos to you! cant wait to see the end project
  8. Checked in and doing recon at the Comfort Inn/Suoer 8. So far no sign of friendly's.
  9. May take you up in that. im only brining one to TEH show and it's a wee one at that:-)
  10. No but the smokey hat is:-)
  11. Only taking one small one and can manage to bring what I'm buying back with some creative effort. Or fast88pu will lend me some space for one of my acquisitions.
  12. War wagon is loaded and ready to roll out! Heading to the annual big dinner in Chambersburg on Wednesday. Might as well stop in and check the activity at Faitgrounds as long as I'm in the area:-)
  13. I think the weather is incentivizing Thursday over Friday. safe travels all. Cya there!