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  1. RJ-58 Restoration

    The wait will be worth it👍
  2. Mine will have muffler but hope it retains some of the rumble. Fabricating a wider fender is plausible but it would be really difficult without a metal brake.
  3. Steve on a stick with a twinkle in his eye! LOL
  4. In order to squeeze the Predator into it however the hood will have to be modified. Although I hope to retain enough of the look that it will still look GT14 like.
  5. project pud puller build

    How's it sound with that set up?
  6. Howdy

    Welcome and nice choice for your first horse.
  7. Nice. Old school. Return it in better condition than borrowed.
  8. Upper fender is connected to the forward piece which in turn is connected to foot rests. Not to mention I'd have to stretch the back piece as well. I have pondered how I was going to clear tires for months. I had pretty much concluded I'd have to fab custom. This should suffice and is a lot less trouble and keeps the GT14 look.
  9. Repaired GT14 pawls and cut fenders to clear oversized AG's on my GT22-8 project.
  10. Since I want this thread to be a reference for GT14's in general I figured I'd post my days work in repairing a couple GT14 parking pawls that I'll store for potential needs later. I think pictures are self explanatory. Weld, clean up and paint.
  11. Waiting on an engine mounting plate and a couple other odds and ends. But decided to trim some fenders and fit to see if I could get by with stock fender vs total customs to clear the rear tires. While it's close, I believe it will suffice for my needs.
  12. Yesterdays Haul

    Your take is the same for all but 1 of my tractors. I dont need them, I want them! Ultimate Wisdom!
  13. project pud puller build

    That's some nice tread!
  14. C145 or 175

    PA if his data is still correct.