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  1. My sister lives in Staunton VA. Works in Harrisonburg VA. May have to do a trip back home one of these days and meet up with all the Virginia fellas! My brother lives towards FarmVille these days. That Little Giant is my favorite as well.
  2. No. Like this
  3. Very nice. I like the look of AG tires on the front.
  4. It may be a while before I post anything of significance although I'll respond to questions. As of tonight I finally cleared the latest significant hurdle. And I am embarrassed to say how happy I was to accomplish such a simple feat. I have wrestled on and off for weeks and tonight I finally managed to break that danged hitch pin loose from the larger half of the tranny case. I was concerned I was going to crack the casting but it finally gave up!!!!! And since it seems silly to post such a minor event, I'll post a couple pics of the D-series hub for those not familiar with them. The 4 threaded holes on the backside are where I am considering mounting a go-kart disc brake set up to act as turning brake and assist as a poor mans limited slip diff.
  5. Actually I was comfortable using the 1533's if I could not locate the correct ones. I had planned on using the green loctite and using a punch to deform the edge as I expect new bearings to far outlast my needs. However since I was directed to correct bearings, Ill use them and save a potential future owner the hassle of having to heat the bearings and extra effort to remove the punch areas. This is the product I had planned on using but will not require now.
  6. Excellent feedback Steve! In fact, read your PM:-) Once I have consulted with the swami again, I may yet go with limited slip. It would save a whole lot hassle with developing turning brakes. So as mentioned previously, to get the ball rolling on non-tranny stuff. Just prior to winter I made a parts tractor run with @fast88pu so as they sat on the trailer when I returned and dismantled waiting for spring thaw to get started. Tentative - waiting on @Shuboxlover - swept axle, reduced steering set up. Highly probably this will be part of this build. 3 point procured from fellow member here who is selling reproductions on Ebay. Not sure if he is set up as vendor on the square. 22HP Predator procured. Plan is currently to use 29x12.5-15 AG tires on rear. For a couple reasons I decided to go with D series Hubs. 1, easier to do turning brake using go kart disc if I go that route, 2, more importantly, easier to build wheel to custom spec due to insert availability. Both the blank and insert available from miller tire. Shout out to Kyle who has helped me with this stuff quite a bit. Now the pics:
  7. @meadowfield I posted on your original thread but you did an awesome job and I for one very much appreciate that you took the time to document for the rest of us. Kudos Sir!!!.
  8. the bottom two look like Drew Barrymore in "Excercist". LOL
  9. Thanks. Much appreciated. I think I spent all my time trying to find the bearing elsewhere using the S875B part number on the bearing. ***** I just ordered a pair ! ***** For those interested, here are some pics of the bearing comparisons, along with what I was able to measure them.....disclaimer "I am not a machinest" as such, take that into account. also a couple pics of the broken shift fork and the NOS parts. I will capture tractor stuff in the next post for those concerned that this thread is too Tranny heavy LOL Pics of GT14 Hydro Diff vs 8 speed 8 Pinion Diff before modification.
  10. The tranny is a 8 speed 8 pinion. But the blessed maker likes to challenge me. So somehow I ended up gettting one of the few 8 speeds that they ran out of 1533 bearings for and used a unique bearing on. @Racinbob and @stevasaurus identified as a 110995 if I recall. Some pics of the state it was in when I got's not obvious but the hi-lo shift fork was broken. I have new parts ready to install as it goes back together. Also a pic of the unique bearing. I have been been unable to locate new bearings to replace. If anyone knows of a source, send me a note. Thanks
  11. Hmmmm. Well if I run across a parts tranny from 953 or 1054 before I start mocking things up, then there is still a chance this could end up with a limited slip. Otherwise, I plan to try and mount Go-Kart disc brakes to the backside of the D-series Hubs as they have 4 tapped holes conveniently located on backside. Spaced 2 3/8" inches apart. I am not absolutely certain this will work until I mock it up and custom set wheel backspace. But it works in my head! LOL The brakes, essentially turning brakes, can be my poor mans limited slip.
  12. I saw that video. As I was searching for a thread. Could not find it so resorted to Google. Up came the video. I need to watch it again or perhaps a few times and see if there is enough detail to reverse engineer it.