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  1. Finally warm enough I can manage to work for extended periods in garage and outside. Did post winter clean up of the garage and got the GT22-8 situated to finish the last couple mini projects, hydraulic pump/independent 3 point and the Turning brake controls. Like to have at least one of those done before mid May meet at greet in CT. Stevebo started a thread on that one. And I started accumulating the long list of @19richie66 GT14 parts to tire to the show.... I can’t start working on tractor in earnest until May as I’ll be out west for work and my Son’s wedding for 10-12 days.... Last year I had been working on tractors for at least a month by now. Or at least that’s what it seems like.
  2. @RandyLittrell Thanks for the compliment though!
  3. Sarge quoted my post. so I still have those tractors. Sarge, The Predator Generator has been great but I can’t say how durable as I’ve not run it very much. But from research it appears to be a decent generator. Especially as it’s less costly and I can swap another predator in if need be.
  4. I have had some interest in the front reel mower. i know of only one issue for certain and that is that at least one of the wood rollers needs replaced. Otherwise I am not able to articulate operating condition. I bought to restore. Price is 225 prepaid if you want it deliver to Big Show.
  5. Well they are calling for up to an inch of ice here so I finally quit procrastinating and set up house to connect to the Generator I have had for over a year and a half. Side benefit that I had to mount the restored deck on the restored C160 8 speed:-) It getting colder by the minute but it warms me to look at the beast. Now if Spring would ever get here I could try the combo out. Since I finally spent half the afternoon setting up the generator the storm is almost certain to skirt past us or be a non issue. Murphy must be a huge fan of mine:-)
  6. swisstrac

    Ray, i have a spare tank tank as well if you wish to procure it you have my number. However, I would go route of the repair I documented in thread linked above by @cafoose
  7. swisstrac

    Combination of above. Loosened the bottom bolts. Removed the bolts from where too hood rails attach to the nose. try to implement your repair. Still not enough room then slide the engine back.
  8. My options are becoming limited....as such I know I am bringing the beast, regardless of whether its painted and complete....
  9. project pud puller build

    Too purdy to pull with:-)
  10. Thursday Night

    The mexican place was worthy!
  11. What's in His Mirror ???

    Last one(I still have 3) is now headed to new home. now the return leg
  12. What's in His Mirror ???

    One more out for adoption. One more on return trip.