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  1. Several are Lowell. Plan is to do an Italian dinner for those who get in town in time.
  2. project pud puller build

    Looks great. Need to ad a decibel meter:-)
  3. I had this happen and used a steel chisel to get the cam started. Let me knwo now if you need. Any spare parts as I have a couple sitting in pieces on my basement bench.
  4. What is it???

    Very cool. I’m late to party. So most of what I could Glean has already been covered. Love the idea of the rear and the differential....
  5. 10 Pinion Spring issues

    I’d be interested in ponying up cash for a few if the tempering is figured out. If I had one, id look for a BLACKSMITH and have him give it a go. Or a knifesmith.
  6. My GT14

    Just EXCELLENT!!!
  7. GT 14 new to site.

    Welcome! Nice tractor to start with, albeit one of the more unique in wheel horse family. Good luck with your restoration. i too have had a few:-)
  8. My GT14

    Another great upgrade idea!
  9. CL something different

    Love the color combo!
  10. what is it?

  11. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

    Happy B’day Steve. hopefully B had a great day as well.
  12. I don’t see any reason to block the CEO/CFO’s of our hobby from the Italian dinner:-) thats just crazy talk...
  13. Steve may have Chris. I think @19richie66 may be there in time to loiter along with the rest of us:-)