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  1. I will take the 5th on grounds that my statement will definitely incriminate me as being wholeheartedly addicted bordering on troubled! 12plus hours, 24plus round trip
  2. I've decided to go with 3/4 pin. Ordered some stock this evening. The pin that came with the swept axle being a bit short. Will use several of the ideas provided to fab up a good set up. thanks to all !
  3. If you click the link on Torque on the page @953 nut provided it takes you to a page that shows the top of the head and bolt patterns.
  4. I agree. If only I had the ability to drill out the axle myself. Paying a machine shop makes that idea less desirable. I have a nice drill press but it needs several days effort and parts to get it functional and would still need to get a 1 inch drill bit. Torn but leaning towards Flanged bearing idea. I can retrofit later if need be,
  5. Thanks fella's. The difference is 1 inch. Meaning the GT14 is set up with front to back brace distance of 4 inches. or the thickness front to back of the axle at the pivot point is 4 inches. The Swept axle is 3 inches. As such, I am a little concerned in the unsupported span of the 3/4 pin. Although the pressure should be transferred right at the braces. Although the idea of using bushings and not having to relocate the braces is attractive. The bushings seems to have ability to resist a lot of pressure but I imagine their tensile strength is questionable. Onlyt real reason for concern is that I am already thinking of my next long term project of adding a loader and potentially a back hoe to this beast. But not sure I want to go through the extra hassle on a possible plan still in fuzzy stages.
  6. As some f you may already know I am in process of building a GT 14 with 22hp Predator and a widened 8 Speed tranny, I have decided to use a swept front axle on it to widen it a hair and lengthen it as well. The opinion I would like is this. The swept axle and a 3/4 diameter axle pin and the GT 14 frame is set up for a 1 inch axle pin. In either case, I will need to do some frame modification as the the swept axle is thinner from front to back when viewed from the top. So if I go with 3/4 pin, I would either need to add a bushing in addition to moving the rear support brace forward. If I bore the pin out from 3/4 to 1 inch, I still need to move the support brace forward. I am leaning towards boring the axle out. But wanted to see if anyone on the forum has experience to share that would add leverage to either plan or an altogether different option I have not yet thought of. Regards, Aldon
  7. That should work. As as long as the coil and condensor work it should allow you to get the k321 running. It makes sense to keep expenditures to minimum until you prove out the Hydro tranny.
  8. That's looking very nice. Would love to see it in person some day.
  9. I bought the fellas 551. Was tempted to load up the 1045 too. Owner was a real nice fella.
  10. Thanks for the update. Just thinking out loud but fully tearing it down to machine the housing sounds like a real PITA. Maybe it would be easier to dremel grind the edges of the fitting so that it clears the countersunk edge. A potential work around to a complete disassembly. Adding Lowell, as a heads up. @wheelhorseman1000
  11. added 2 stage blower to wish list