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  1. I totally missed seeing your question in all the tumult. Very sorry. And the wife vetoed me selling them since I posted.
  2. Looks like she will have a real nice tractor when you guys are done. And your working at a blistering pace:-)
  3. @squonk, I finally got value out of my Harbor Freight hoist. This puppy is heavy. And the Superduty is tall.
  4. And the last couple RJ items as I lean out and focus on the 3 tractors I hVe are both reproductions. tombstone weight and the foot rests. 275 for the tombstone and 70 for the footrests. Id take 325 for both in prepaid package deal.
  5. Perhaps for someone wanting to restore an RJ.... I’m finally ready to let go of my K91 and peripherals if someone is interested. the engine was bought from someone on this forum that had the engine rebuilt by a machine shop. i have a Scnacke rebuilt by Papke, a NOS schnacke that I picked up from Jake and a Fairbanks Morse that’s on it at the moment. Also have an original oil bath set up on it. This all amounts to significant coin. i don’t want this to get into a public debate on whether you can find cheaper. Other than the Fairbanks Morse, it’s all pristine functionality wise. PM me and I’ll send you the Lot price. Don’t want to break it up. Might trade for suburban. Something for the Granddaughters to tool around on.
  6. Flywheel for 14/16 hp K series Kohler. 40.00
  7. Reel mower and Push blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Reel mower and Push blade

    Now 160.00 This stuff will find a new home soon or I’ll take to metal scrap. I can’t keep it.
  9. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    54 inch blade
  10. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Trailer is loaded. Now I have to load the truck.
  11. Not sure how I missed this thread but I’ll be there
  12. I personally like the look. And with a 16 thumping as it’s heart, non of the other tractors will dare to tease it:-)
  13. Price dropped..... I posted this in the Big Show sale thread as well. Need to clean up the home so I can list it for sale. So this stuff is priced to get gone. This price is for the lot. I don’t have model numbers nor have I used these items. They were gathered long the way for potential future projects. either pick up in next couple days, pay for and I’ll deliver to show or i will gift them to a local small engine tractor fella. the frame is off a 551 but has had a poorly done weld repair by a prior owner at some point.
  14. Sold!!!!Fire sale! Price dropped - now $160 paid by PayPal gets the lot. RJ push blade. Reel mower. 2 snow thrower shafts. And misc parts and jury rigged 551 frame. Must pay otherwise I will not bring with me. Must take the entire lot.