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  1. Thanks for the feedback. The muffler will need modified or the frame will. One or the other. Or both:-) I am still pondering options but it does seem that flipping it over by cutting it free of manifold flanges and re-welding seems best option if I go route of using stock muffler. I don't like exhaust pointed backwards into me. As for the generator, it had been on our wish list for a long time and I kept kicking it down the road. Then we had a power outage that lasted almost an entire night. Not significant as outages go as they have been as long as 2 weeks where we live but not since we moved here. The one night was a reminder that we are more dependent than some for power. Heat, water(on well) and medical equipment. So it got bumped way up priority list. Basically it was my wife and i's Christmas gift to ourselves this year. Peace of mind.
  2. I'm widening the rear by at least 4-5 inches. A lot of the space to the one side is plastic housing. I would guess its about 1.5 inches from perfect center if you were to go through the trouble. However in addition to the muffler that is it will get the belt cover, belts and electric c PTO. So probably only a few pounds heavier off to the one side when all is said and done and I am confident that rear will manage that slight off center amount of weight.
  3. The notch in the plate I am adding is to allow the tranny dipstick.
  4. I've been working on rebuiding Hydro pumps as it's been on the to do list for way too long so I am not making a ton of progress on this project. But I have made some. A pic with the engine in close proximity to its home position. Note that the engine drive pulley is installed. Used sleeve spacer and key obtained off eBay. Looks like it will work excellent. The swap from Hydro to tranny means the support structure needs modified. The piece that supports the rear no longer mates up directly with tranny. There are a thousand ways to skin the cat. I chose to use a similar spare part as donor for material to fab a cross brace or ?? To weld in place. Then I will drill two holes to attach to manual tranny. I plan to install hydraulic pump and independent 3 point so I am going a bit beyond to assure the rear and 3 point is solid. My hope is to add a loader and I want the read to survive the weight of counterweight on the 3 point. Here are some pics. If weather holds and I can figure out my issue with welding I hope to get this piece finished this weekend.
  5. I would prefer Raider 12 of the two but I like the look of tractors as they are.
  6. Small Engine Load Cell:
  7. I did a similar test rig last summer and also had plans to improve it for longevity. I never got around to it and may never do so. Handy though when you need it.
  8. It can't be seen on my pics since I painted tranny black, however I pilfered your idea and similarly added orings to the high low shifter. Kudos!
  9. I like the Zerk and the thought process behind self adjusting fan gear. I am following this for a enjoyment but I'll borrow any good ideas you come up with!
  10. I'm going to resurrect this thread. Anyon who has installed a HF22 HP, what is your experience with fuel consumption. Can it be compared ballpark with any of the Kohlers? trying to decide if I can go with a smaller fuel tank than stock on my project without too much negative impact.
  11. Nice looking stallion!
  12. Welcome to the fold!
  13. Had to spend half the productive daylight hours assembling chicken coop for the great chicken experiment my wife and I are planning for this spring. But I did get to some tractor stuff eventually. Started mocking it up. I can see already that the steering I plan to use is going to be very challenging and require major cosmetic surgery. Hope to try and fit engine to frame and see what ripple effects that is going to trigger on Monday.
  14. Awesome job so far. Cool little project. If I read correctly on the article you linked it has a type of turning brake set up. Beyond it's time.
  15. A less than earth shattering update. But hey! it's winter and any progress is good IMO. The proverbial cherries on top came in today.