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  1. Nice looking GT14! A custom GT14 project will certainly test all of your patience and skills. But they are such a nice platform once you get it all ironed out. Good of luck and keep us posted. p.s. I similarly seem to delay a couple years before starting the projects in earnest and due to work and weather delays it seems it routinely takes me 18-24 months to reach the goal. Usually another 6 months to work out issues that surface once you get it done. I must have already assembled and broke down my GT14 8 speed project a half dozen times and I am guessing I'll do so 2-3 more before it's finally done.
  2. project pud puller build

    The headers look sweet!
  3. Been working on getting blower mounted. And I'm ready for next opportunity to spend all day playing with tires...
  4. Locking a Axle

    I think you can reverse the pinions and it will semi permanently lock the diff. This can cause handling problems and occasionally not insignificant crashes when pullers do this for competition. But it can be done. Making it so that it can be locked or unlocked easily is intense project as in the links provided. @pfrederi installed limited slip in one of his which may be your best compromise.
  5. Tree’s down

    I imagine that's a pricy service. But necessary.
  6. My GT14

    Plasma is handy stuff!
  7. Craig's video sums up the update. Still have a lot of work to finish it like turning brakes & hydraulic pump and reservoir. Not sure how much I'll be able to work on it this spring. Depends on my potential relocation. Pretty happy with it. Kyle @fast88pu got the predator hooked up for me a few weeks ago. Shout out to him for his assistance!
  8. Go to the redsquare herd forum and look At thread by @stevebo if your Redsquare your welcome. It's tomorrow.
  9. Yes, new Milford I think...
  10. In addition to installing etrack and brake controller on the horse hauler, I did take a moment to fire up my RJ35. It fired on second pull. It had sat since June untouched. Pretty satisfied. That cardboard under it was coincidental and not purpose driven. If I'd noticed I'd have slid it off to side. I did take a moment to install the special showerhead muffler that @VinsRJ helped me get spiffied up. Now it's back in it's hibernation cave and I'm ready to head to the Ct meet&greet at @stevebo IMG_1547.MOVIMG_1547.MOV
  11. For the stratosphere they are generally priced at, you would certainly expect that as standard option
  12. So what system do you use to lift them to top shelf?