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  1. HY-3 Hein Werner

    Pm sent
  2. Nos Kohler pull starter

    For sale is a Nos Kohler recoil starter 85 plus shipping
  3. Nos Kohler k90/91 head

    For sale is a Nos Kohler k90/91 head 65 plus shipping
  4. Nos wheel horse slot hitch

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Nos wheel horse slot hitch

    For sale is a Nos slot hitch #3926
  6. 5053 transmission

  7. 5053 transmission

    Will upload pictures for you If I could see a picture of the 1232 seal it would help or had the dimensions of it
  8. 5053 transmission

    I'm replacing the axle seal and bearings in my 3 speed unidrive and need to know if the old seals and bearings were originally one piece because the book shows #1232 seal and #1528 needle bearing the ones I removed were one piece the brake shaft is the same way
  9. 5053 transmission

    Check with a local dealer and they had two in stock thanks to everyone that replied to my post
  10. 5053 transmission

    I'm looking for A gasket part number 3912 for the 5053 transmission was hoping someone would have one or know if someone on here was making them
  11. 1960 Suburban with snow plow

    Would like to see a picture of the serial plate for the number on it
  12. 2017 Calendar submissions

    rj 58
  13. Rj 58 or 59

    Thanks for the info
  14. Rj 58 or 59

    Yes I just didn't want to say it was a 58 and it would be more correct to say it was a 59
  15. Rj 58 or 59

    I have a question about a RJ I have maybe someone on here can answer for me my question is would my RJ be considered a 59 and not a 58 because the date on the transmission is January 15 1959 the tag on the frame is missing and the transmission is original to the tractor but the tag on the frame had rj 58 on it the original owner told me but he didn't remember the serial number on it