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    1968 Lawn Ranger with mower deck and snow plow, 1963 633 with mower deck and a yet undetermined year Suburban, suspect 1960-61. I also have a sweet 4 wheel wagon. I added an 857 to the herd in October of 13. Thanks to my good WH friend and fellow RS member (bowtieguy) I now have a nice plow and chains for my 857 WH as of late November 13! Along the way I also added a mid mount grader blade that I have not yet decided what it will be going on.
    June of 2016 added a 1976 B-100 with mower deck and plow to the herd. I have seriously ran out of room for all my toys at this point. I never planned to buy this many of them it just sorta worked out that way! Cannot buy more horses, must not look into the light again!
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    Topeka, Kansas

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I have a serious love with most things mechanical, even things I know very little about! Interests are tools, both hand and power, especially metal lathe, milling machine and related for home shop, welding and fabrication, auto/tractor painting, Antique car's trucks, tractors, trains, motorcycles old and new, vintage airplanes, black smith stuff, guns, antique restoration and really many old things interest me.


I am indeed an odd duck. I love to see the home shops of other guys. I like seeing how they lay out their work area and if allowed I am so snoopy I enjoy going through the roll cab/top box drawers to see how the guy utilizes that space for the storage of tools. While this is odd for sure you would be surprised how many great ideas you can take home and use to improve your own shop space!