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    1968 Lawn Ranger with mower deck and snow plow, 1963 633 with mower deck and a yet undetermined year Suburban, suspect 1960-61. I also have a sweet 4 wheel wagon. I added an 857 to the herd in October of 13. Thanks to my good WH friend and fellow RS member (bowtieguy) I now have a nice plow and chains for my 857 WH as of late November 13! Along the way I also added a mid mount grader blade that I have not yet decided what it will be going on.
    June of 2016 added a 1976 B-100 with mower deck and plow to the herd. I have seriously ran out of room for all my toys at this point. I never planned to buy this many of them it just sorta worked out that way! Cannot buy more horses, must not look into the light again!
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  1. Paint Guns on a Budget - Who has what?

    I cannot bring myself to spend money on guns to replace my old Sharp, Binks and DevilBiss JGA and MBC guns. My old guns waste more paint, but they see so little use it is hard to justify replacing them based on wasted material. Granted, paint is getting stupid high, but I don't spray automotive grade paint but about once every 10-15 years so I just stick with my old guns. Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness when it comes to maintaining a gun though. Can never be mentioned too much.
  2. What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    I agree with this, great quality, you can always find parts too. Hopefully you will find one that is not just totally beat though. A SB Heavy 10 would be high on my wish list though for sure.
  3. What Size Lathe to Buy? What do You have?

    That thing is a real honey!
  4. Subconciously Creating a Scrapyard

    My wife would have a cow, she hates my horses!
  5. Tire/rim size question

    Thank you! That tells me what I need to know! Looks great. I am going to do the same thing for mine! 4 x 8 it is then!
  6. Blue Ford Explorer and a C-100...who was it??

    Whoever he was, at least we know he has great taste!
  7. Suburban followed me home

    Those are few and far between in my area. I drug one home that has to be at least that bad if not worse that I intend to resto some day. I look at that one as a future resto, certainly not one to rust away as lawn art. Mine rests gathering dust in the shed until the time I am able resurrect her.
  8. Tire/rim size question

    I have front wheels with an original rim size of 5.50 x 8 with a turf type tire mounted to it. I want to use either a 3.50, or a 4.0 x 8 tri rib with tube on this rim. Will either one fit and work well? I use this tractor with a blade, rear weights and chains for clearing snow. I like the narrower looking tri ribs on the front, but suspect that to get that look I will need narrower rims to start with. I will settle for the wide tire "bloated look" if I must as long as the tires will fit this rim.
  9. Off to a roaring start there!
  10. 4 wheeled wagon

    Thank you, I will check that out. I really need to do a restoration on mine too.
  11. Snow plow interchange ability

    Ya, I suspected as much. I was just trying to be lazy. I think I already have everything I need. The axle bracket was attached to the B-100 when I bought it. The a frame and blade also came with the tractor when I bought it so I am fairly certain that I will find everything fits up just fine. I was just hoping that it was not as I suspected. LOL I will just leave the 875 set up and set up the B-100 to push snow too. Maybe I can coax the wife or son into a little seat time when the snow flies, or I suppose have one as a backup to the other should I experience a break down, mid season or something.
  12. Favorite hand tools/brands

    I am married to no particular brand of mechanic tools so my box is filled with some of everything, almost all of it USA made brands with a small amount of HF stuff that has found its way in as well. Probably 40-50 percent of my tools I bought used so many of them are older than I am. Of the remaining 50% I bought new, most of that was USA made Craftsman with a mix of brands on the remaining tools that are not Craftsman. Fortunately I bought most of my tools before Craftsman tools started going down the toilet about 10 years ago or so. I have a wide range of pullers too, most of which are old, USA made, Proto, OTC, Snap-On, and Blackhawk. My precision measuring tools, mics, dial calipers etc. are Lufkin, Starrett, Brown & Sharp, Mitutoyo, and assorted others. I am still not a fan of most import tools and probably never will be. I will almost always choose used USA tools over new cheaper import tools every time. I feel the same way about my machine tools. My machine tools are without exception machines from the 1960's and earlier, all made when I was a kid riding a bicycle. My floor jacks and hydraulic lifting equipment has also all been bought used. I have rebuilt my hydraulic stuff too. Yup, I like that stuff old and USA made too. BTW: The best buy, and most overlooked screwdrivers available at modest cost today are the Williams hard handles, (copies of the old Snap-on screwdrivers) Like those sold in this link: https://www.amazon.com/Williams-100P-8MD-8-Piece-Premium-Screwdriver/dp/B002NH5F30 Another overlooked choice would be these: https://www.amazon.com/Stanley-66-158-8-Piece-Plus-Screwdriver/dp/B000NIGJMM Not many Stanley brand tools I would buy these days, but the drivers in the link shown would be one of the few exceptions.
  13. I was looking at my 875 and B-100 (1976) tractors today and it occurred to me that my plan to transfer my snow blade and mount from my 875 to my B-100 may not work. Am I correct in this assumption? The B-100 looks like a longer wheel base tractor and it appears as though the blade direction control lever would not clear the footrest step on the right (drivers) side of the machine. This will not be that big of a deal if it doesn't work. I was just trying to get a blade on the larger machine the easiest way. If it won't work I will just have to clean the junk out of my storage shed and drag out the blade and mount that came with the B-100 and use it instead. I want confirmation from the WH guru's here first before having to do all that rooting through rusty stuff. LOL
  14. 4 wheeled wagon

    Where did you get your tires? I need a set for my 4 wheel wagon too. Looking good!
  15. Snow blower, or plow, which to use??

    Don't have any tractor mounted snow throwers. I only have blades for my horses. The first snow that I ever used a blade on one of my WH tractors was a 13" snow. I had rear chains, no weight either front or rear. I found I could push the snow as long as I had the blade pushing snow straight (no angle pushing) I was very impressed with this performance considering I was doing this with an 8HP Kohler. I have since added plastic weight to the rear and have big plans for adding weight on the front one of these days. I love blowers, but have grown to love plowing so much I doubt I will ever add a blower.