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  1. D160 Won't Start

    Well after patiently waiting for the new coil to arrive and finally getting a few minutes to install it, there is no change. No spark still. I have tried just about everything and I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. Any other ideas? I would really like to get this thing running again..
  2. D160 Won't Start

    Well I've tried just about everything with no success so I guess I'm going to buy a new coil and see if that's the problem. Don't know what else I can try .
  3. D160 Won't Start

    I don't know if the coil needs an external resistor. The coil in it is fairly new and the number on it is 166-0804. Does anyone know if this is the correct coil for a 1977 D160 with the Onan engine?
  4. D160 Won't Start

    Haven't cleaned the ground connection but I'll try that. Thanks.
  5. D160 Won't Start

    I understand that current will be flowing when the points are closed but I don't think the amp meter should drop several amps. Another indication I found that leads me to believe I have a short is that at certain spots I'm only seeing 10.5 - 11 volts instead of 13v. Also, the electric PTO, which worked intermittently but recently stopped working completely works perfectly if I run 12v from the battery directly to it. So the 10.5 - 11v reaching the PTO is not enough voltage to energize it.
  6. Thanks. It looks like mine is partially broken. I don't know if I'll be able to loosen it at all. Someone must have tried to loosen it with a flat blade screwdriver and half of it broke off.
  7. D160 Won't Start

    I discovered something interesting while troubleshooting this. I notice when I turn the key to the run position (not running the starter) that the amp meter on the dash goes down at least 3 or 4 amps. This only happens when the points are closed. If I open the points I don't see the amp meter go down. To me, this indicates a short somewhere. Any advice on troubleshooting a short on the D160? Thank you!
  8. Great. Thank you. I'll try it tomorrow.
  9. Does the hydro on the D series have a release valve that would allow you to roll the tractor if it's not running? I don't see anything in the basic manual about it. Thanks in advance.
  10. D160 Won't Start

    I did this test as you recommend. It worked as expected. What else is left but the coil? Coil is basically new though.. Just checked the resistance again and it reads: Primary 1.6 ohms and secondary 29.8k ohmss
  11. D160 Won't Start

    Well I verified I have 12v to the coil. There are only 2 fuses and they are both OK. Also ran a separate wire to the + of the coil. Tried cranking it with the condenser disconnected, no spark still. Only thing I haven't tried is messing with the points but I don't know what else it could be other than coil or points but as I mentioned, they are both fairly new. Any other troubleshooting ideas?
  12. D160 Won't Start

    I was plowing with my D160 in our first snow of the season. After about 20 minutes it shutoff and won't start. Looks like I have no spark. The PO I bought it from replaced the coil and points recently. Coil looks new and is a 166-0804. I checked the ohms on the coil and the primary resistance looks good. The resistance on the secondary between the plug holes reads about 28k ohms. (Manual says it should be 14,500-19,800 ohms) Does it look like I have a bad coil? Thanks in advance.
  13. Cab is on !

    Does the installation of the cab require drilling into the sheet metal at all?
  14. If you've never...

    I keep an eye on the Boston CL and I haven't come across that one. Can't seem to find it now either...
  15. Tines for 50" Tiller

    Great. My email is: paul@girouard.us thanks. Paul