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  1. chris11 puller pics

    I got the frame cut and extended 10 inches. Waiting on the steel the to get cut for some reinforcment. I still need another hood to cut and extend the current one. Should have it powder coated in a couple of weeks I'll post some pictures then.
  2. 18hp Magnum potential

    Thanks for the tips. Chris where did u get urn pistons at?
  3. 18hp Magnum potential

    My kid wants a puller so I found a B-80 and I have a 18hp Magnum. What are the hp prtential out of one of these and what kind of mods are guys doing to them. Thanks
  4. chris11 puller pics

    What carb set up are u running on your 18 magnum. Any tips for that motor would help.
  5. chris11 puller pics

    My son recently went to a truck and tractor pulls a few weeks back and now that is all he talks about. He found a picture of ur WH Chris11 and was decided thats what he wanted. So now we have a B-80 and a 18hp Magnum for his to cut his teeth on. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.
  6. Breaking axles???

    I'll crack it open then thanks for the info.
  7. Breaking axles???

    Mine is an 8 speed with 1 1/8 axles.
  8. Breaking axles???

    How can u tell the difference. I am currently building a B80 for my son does anyone know what they come with stock.