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  1. Hi folks, I have an 1987 212-6 that seems to be in fine working order, except for the starter. When it's cold, the starter works reliably. But run the tractor for a while, and shut it down, the starter will not engage again. It seems like it is simply overheating. Let it cool down, and it starts again without a problem. The entire starter/solenoid assembly is very close to the exhaust on this tractor. There is a heat shield between the two, but apparently it is not adequate. This seems like a design flaw, but maybe it's a bad solenoid? Does anyone else have this problem, and what have you done to resolve it? Thanks Ron
  2. Brakes on 212-6

    Just a final note to say thanks for your advice. The assembly was actually simpler than I expected. The strange thing is that the pins were really not frozen. I think the whole thing was simply so far out of adjustment that it couldn't possibly work. Still, I cleaned it up, greased the pins, reassembled and adjusted according to the service manual. I now have brakes. Now, on to an electrical problem...
  3. Brakes on 212-6

    Thank you all! This is just what I needed to gain the confidence to disassemble the brake. I'll let you know how it turns out. Do you know the brake is not even in the drawing from the toro/wheelhorse web site for the brake and clutch linkage?
  4. Hi folks, I'm new here, but I've been scouring this site and others for information on a 212-6 that I recently acquired. I managed to find and replace front axle for it. Otherwise, it seems to be in really good shape. One issue is that it doesn't seem to brake effectively. It goes just fine, but it doesn't stop well. (Found this out the hard way.) Finding information on how to adjust the brakes hasn't been easy. I did find the following site that has a neat little description on page 21 (page 25 in the PDF), but the pictures are pretty grainy, and my attempts to follow the directions haven't worked out so far. http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Tractors/Tractor_1986_200-300-400_OM_810399R1.pdf I've attached a picture with a pointer to the adjusting nut. Turning it several turns to the left, however, doesn't seem to allow the wheel to turn freely as described in the manual. And, it seems like to get more braking power, I would want to turn the nut to the right anyway. Anyone have any experience adjusting the brakes on a 212? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ron