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  1. my new horse

    Looks great.
  2. New to the HERD from a local estate

    Woe, that's in great shape.
  3. Work Horse????

    I don't know how strong the hydros are, but I was pulling a 12-14 foot 18 inch diameter log with my 310-8, no problem at all. So I can't see a 520 having issues with working.
  4. Wheel Horse Virgin

    Yeah, didn't think of that. It's quite possible. Oil change and flush in one week.
  5. Wheel Horse Virgin

    Well, I got the new clutch plate. Took the old one off, it still had a lot of meat on it. But it was so glazed that it looked like metal. It was so shiny it reflected light. I will try to grind the glaze off later. The new one works great, got it adjusted, it works like a charm, I hit high heavy grass the mower deck sound doesn't change, but the sound from the engine sure does. It cuts like a beast.
  6. Gas Fumes

    A woman brought a car into my brother's garage last week because it had a strong smell of gasoline inside it and she couldn't figure out why. While driving it into the bay, he heard some sloshing in the back, opened the trunk to find a chainsaw and 3 cans of gas in the trunk. Hmmmmmm, wonder where that gas smell was coming from?
  7. Wheel Horse Virgin

    Then that's what I'll do. Thank you. Can't wait for the part to get here, I want to see what this thing will do when it's working properly. I don't know if it's the way the cut grass lays from the RD deck, or what, but I have never saw a smoother cut by a mower with 3 blades. It looks like the grass was cut by just one blade.
  8. That is awesome. Start 'em young. Never under estimate the power of early brain washing.

    I don't know for sure, but I talked to some guys at a Indiana State Highway Maintenance garage. They had to take bids and do demo's for the type of oil that they were going to use. Lucas Oil, Mobile 1 and a few others were used in the trial test that they conducted. They settled on a local company that reconditions and recycles old oil. They said that it performed better. I don't know if it actually did or it was just so much cheaper that they went with it. Maybe some pockets were lined, I don't know, that's just why I was told they use recycled oil over Lucas.
  10. Wheel Horse Virgin

    So, the PTO clutch plate was completely worn out. Uppon further inspection, I do not think that the trunion was adjusted right, I don't think it was able to disengage the clutch completely. I have a new part ordered. Found one on Amazon for $59.99+ $6.50 shipping. I can figure out how to replace it, I have had the PTO clutch off and the pressure plate is only held on by 4 bolts, but I have now idea of how to adjust it once it is on. Apparently there is a 0.016 gap between the brake shoe and the clutch when engaged, but do I adjust the trunion until the clutch meets the preasur plate and go one more turn? Do I just do trial and error, try it, if it slips, take it one turn, try it if it slips take it one turn? Thanks for your help in advance. You guys are a wealth of knowledge and many of you seem to have infinte patience with those of us that are new to the Wheel Horse Addiction.
  11. Was given a C-175 wheel horse

    My neighbor has a C-175, don't know if it is a gen I or II, but he grades the gravel of our gravel road, and plows the snow off of it with the tractor. It's a private road owned and maintained by the people who live there. He mowed with it until a bearing in the deck gave out and spiderwebbed the deck around it.
  12. New Tractor Club

    That is fantastic.
  13. God, I remember using the old front tine tillers when I was a kid. My dad had an old Cast iron beast that when you engaged the tines, the engine moved to tighten the belts. Hated using them in this hard packed Indiana Clay. They would beat you half to death sometimes.
  14. Updating the puller

    LOL, I have a hard time getting back to the shed on fumes. He finishes the pull and comes in first after he runs out of gas.
  15. What's the toughest of the big WH's?

    If you were going to use it mainly for ground work, plowing, dozing, etc. Couldn't you mount a hydraulic pump on the tractor and power it from the pto? The pump and resivoir hanging on the front of the tractor could be used as a front mounted counter weight. I don't know, I'm no mechanic, so just a wild thought from my wild mind,