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  1. I have a new old stock K 181 for sale in the classified section of this site. You can see the ad here:

    Contact me if you are interested. My email is egharris@ymail.com

    1. mr_speegs


      Thanks for the PM, but that's a pricier engine than what I was looking for. Nice specimen though... with a heck of a story behind it.

  2. WANTED: Working Kohler K181

    I'm looking for a working Kohler K181 of any variant that has good compression and little/no smoking on start up. I do not necessarily need a carb, generator, or fuel tank. Cosmetics are not a consideration. I would be interested in picking up the engine at the PA show in June (or any other reasonable or local arrangement). Please PM me with any pictures/video and your asking price. Evidence of good compression/no smoke would be much appreciated. Thanks! Tim
  3. After consulting the forum and trying to fix something on my own, here I am... My 876 got a flat in one of its front 16x5.50-8 tires (originals). The tube was not salvageable and I know that this particular tire/tube size hasn't been manufactured since the 1970s. I tried using a 16x6.50-8 tube in the tire but probably ruined it due to wrinkling/pinching. So now it's flat again. Short of getting all new wider tires and thereby longer spindles too, does anyone have any suggestions? My Horse is a worker and the original front tires are perfectly serviceable, so I'd like to keep costs down.
  4. K181S Ignition Coil

    All I have is a bare wire end. Any ideas how to get the brass cap out of the coil?
  5. K181S Ignition Coil

    I just (almost) finished a rebuild of a K181S on my 876 Wheel-A-Matic. Everything was pretty much going to plan until I realized that I had no spark. My ignition coil seems to be heating up (I assume it's working), but my plug won't spark. My plug was good before the rebuild, but the plug wire was always loose where it went into the coil. Now the wire comes completely out of the coil housing. I cleaned off the end of the wire and the socket inside the coil as much as I could, but still no spark. Is there a way to repair this or do I need a whole new coil/wire set?
  6. To buy or not to buy? An RJ(?) dilemma...

    Thanks, everyone. I think I'm walking away from this one. I don't think someone asking $250 can be talked down to $100 or less. This is going to be too ambitious of a restoration for me until i gain some more chops.
  7. To buy or not to buy? An RJ(?) dilemma...

    Okay, good to know. Here's some other pics. I have yet to hear back from the seller as to whether or not the transmission feels seized or not (or even still shifts). He's asking $250 OBO, which seems a bit higher than I thought it should sell for.
  8. So I found this chassis on CL and it is missing a few notable items, namely an engine, appropriate steering wheel, etc. The seller is not a WH guy and can't identify the exact model, but my untrained eyes of pre-1964 tractors tells me this is probably an RJ, maybe a later 551. So my query is twofold: 1. What model is this tractor? and moreover... 2. Will I be able to scrounge enough parts to restore this thing or should I hold out until I find a complete tractor? Thanks!
  9. K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    Oh, and one more thing...do I have to worry about any timing issue between the camshaft gear and governor gear above?
  10. K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    Thanks a lot, rmaynard! I will hopefully follow up with a successful update and be on my way to a running engine again.
  11. K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    Anyone know how to remove the camshaft from a K181? The Kohler service manual isn't exactly clear. It states as follows: 1. Drive the camshaft pin (an cup plug on bearing side plate) out of the crankcase from the PTO side. 2. Remove the camshaft pin, camshaft, and shim(s) on bearing plate side of camshaft. My issue is that, to my novice eyes, there is no obvious external means by which to access or dislodge the camshaft. What am I not seeing or understanding? On a similar note, does anyone know what to look for to find the timing mark on the crankshaft? I know it's difficult for these engines, but I'm not positive what I am looking at is correct.
  12. K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    Well, I know that the oil got too low, likely through bad seals. That's the obvious cause. The bearings are definitely spun too, given they way they sound and feel. Looks like I'm in for a long weekend...
  13. K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    So...my 1966 876 Wheel-A-Matic snapped a rod a number of months ago and I've been stumbling through the engine rebuild since. I think I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but I may have finally gone in a little over my head. The connecting rod broke as a result of (or cause of) two worn crank bearings. I've removed the bearing plate side, but am a little apprehensive at what I'm seeing on the PTO side. The large valve/timing gear is blocking me from knocking the remaining crank bearing out. Is there any way of me getting that bearing out short of complete engine disassembly?
  14. 1967 876 Wheel-A-Matic 8HP Kohler won't start

    Well, upon further inspection... 1. I am getting plenty of fuel to the carb. 2. I am getting compression out of the muffler. 3. The spark plug is dry. 4. The K-181 piston head is not visible through the spark plug hole. Therefore, I am thinking I have an intake valve stuck shut and exhaust valve stuck open. Being a small engine mechanical novice, is a valve job something I should attempt myself?
  15. 1967 876 Wheel-A-Matic 8HP Kohler won't start

    I had a sinking feeling it was just an empty carb bowl. I'll dig into it this afternoon. Thanks everyone!