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  1. 42" SD Mower Deck

    Got your message. What can I help you with. I have a 48" mower I use and the 42" is just sitting. I have to keep it outside. All the spindles are in great shape, the blades are old and could use new ones but the cut fine. Where are you located?
  2. 42" SD Mower Deck

    42" SD Mower Deck, good shape, decent blades but could use a new set, mule drive but knob is broken in half, will be at the big show Saturday for sure. Can be there earlier.
  3. 48" side discharge deck, model 78361

    Still available.
  4. Onan rebuild

    Got the inquiry. Got another engine, just haven't had the time to change them out. If you are interested in the old engine it can be yours but not sure when I will get it out.
  5. C145 Steering Wheel Broke

    Will do. Thanks. Now need a steering wheel too
  6. C145 Steering Wheel Broke

    Got a C145 the the steering wheel has broken off. The wheel had been split for quite awhile and now it is split in half and can't steer. Where can I get a replacement and how hard to fix it. Long situation about how this happened.
  7. Onan rebuild

    I'm going to wait till after the Big Show. Give me a chance to see what's put there as I got my 145 going. Been sitting for 3 or 4 years. Knocked off the spider webs and the squirrel nests and it runs great. I am wanting for the show as I have never heard of it. Sounds like its gonna be something.
  8. Onan rebuild

    Thanks for the info.
  9. Onan rebuild

    Found an engine but its in Minnesota. Only for local pickup and I am not ready for a trip up there right now.
  10. Onan rebuild

    How do I get with the guy in Harrisonburg. I will get with him and go from there. I'm not surprised at the price either from what I can tell. I may look around and see is I can find another engine or a used tractor. I plan on going to the Big Show next month. Hope to do a little shopping while there.
  11. Onan rebuild

    Has a knocking noise in the front of the engine. Seems to be around a valve. Haven't had a chance to check for leak down or cyl pressure. I am short on tools these days and I really don't have a place to do much of that kind of work. It uses quite a bit of oil and I'm pretty sure it needs a look at internally. I'm gonna look at it tonite an see if I can find the problem. I am really looking to find somebody who can rebuilt the engine.
  12. Onan rebuild

    Onan motor needs rebuilt. I want to keep an Onan in my 520-H. I am in the Martinsburg WV area so I don't want to travel to far.
  13. 520 Onan governor

    OK when you remove all the springs and cables is the governor lever supposed to be very loose or should it have pressure against it? Mine is very loose and cannot get the motor to idle down. Surges badly and have no control over engine speed.
  14. 520 Onan governor

    I have a 1986 WH 520H. The governor seems to be out of control. It is wide open or idle. Can't seem to control it. Where can I find more info on it.