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  1. Caption This..

    "Faster than a speeding train!"
  2. KT17 II overhaul

    I'll get you some fresh photo's once I locate my camera-it may be a few more days. I'll get you some fresh photo's once I locate my camera-it may be a few more days.
  3. KT17 II overhaul

    I've been mowing 40+ hours and not even a hickup - the Kohler engine runs great!
  4. Battery Prices

  5. Battery Prices

    I use the 425 CCA batteries from Advance Auto. The price has increased recently to 56.99 I ran into a lucky treat at the local Krogers grocery. Their meat cooler had failed an they were peddling ground chuck for $.050 a pound, needless to say I took all I thought I could store in my home freezer. I now have hamburger for most of the summer!
  6. KT17 II overhaul

    Still running great after first mowing of the season!
  7. I rebuilt my KT17 II last year and it ran about $1000, new rods, pistons, valves, cylinders, bearings, sleeves. Some of the parts are becoming difficult to locate. Documenting my KT17 II overhaul:
  8. Strange/Onan Oversized Valve Seat

    I believe someone mentioned the seat had been replaced twice, hence the extra peen marks from the first installed replacement seat.
  9. Opened The Onan

    It appears the rear cylinder intake valve is open in the picture, giving it an odd appearance. What I quickly notice about this engine is the excessive piston to cylinder clearance.
  10. 30 tractors

    Dibs on a clevis hitch setup~! Dibs on a clevis hitch setup~!
  11. new to the wheel horse scene (417 A)

    I really enjoy my 1985 417A. I think you will enjoy yours as well! You may or may not wish to change the transmission oil and filter before you use it.
  12. Geno's Meet + Greet

    Did I read "car collection photo's?" Here's a picture of me standing behind my 1966 Mustang I restored a few years back.
  13. Geno's Meet + Greet

    Wishing I could have made it to the Meet-N-Greet. Instead I have to work this morning. I'm sure all of you will have a very good time, and I'm pretty certain you can find a dry spot indoors next to Geno's Wheel Horse collection. Later in the day I'm thinking all of the full bellies and fold up chairs will come out! "Be Safe"
  14. Geno's Meet + Greet

    I'm near the stanton/clay city area. If my date cancels out dinner I'm going to the station for gas and hitting the WH mowing til dark thirty.
  15. Geno's Meet + Greet

    I worked at Osram Sylvainia in Versailles (At the end of the BG parkway) many years ago in research & development. Since our fuel price increase some years ago, I have curtailed many of my non necessity motorized travels outside of town. I had envisioned the final mowing and leaf mulching taking place today but it's still wet and cold.